in high school, is an avid cheerleader and sports enthusiast.

Eileen has always been a devoted church worker. The knitting and crocheting she used to enjoy so much has lately been restricted by a nervous rash on her hands. Her main enjoyment now is her visits from grandchildren who are with her a great deal. “She loves grandmothering”.

Doreen JesselBev Cheetham

Doreen Jean Jesse - 1931

Beverley Jack Cheetham ——- 1929 ~ Married 2 Apr. 1955

0.14.231 Richard -——- 1956

0.14.132 Kenneth -— 1953 -

Doreen, the third daughter of Doris and Alfred Jesse, was born in Regina and became the first of the family to complete a high school commercial course at Balfour Technical High School. On graduation she found work as a stenographer with the Saskatchewan Government in its Department of Highways where she continued to work until she married Bey Cheetham, who was a surveyor for the same depart- ment.

During the first years of their marriage Doreen and Bev made their home in Regina where both sons Ricky and Kenneth were born. However, since the majority of Bev’s work was in the northern part of the province, the family decided to move to North Bat- tlcford where he would be able to have more time at home. Here the boys grew up and attended public and high school.

Doreen was always a devoted church and com- munity worker, a choir member at Grace Lutheran Church in Regina and later in North Battleford. With assignments which demanded much time on the road, Bcv was less involved in the home community. Following Ricky ’s completion of high school and his move to attend university in Saskatoon, Doreen and Bev have obtained a divorce.

Doreen has ”landed on her feet" , as they say, and has obtained a good secretarial position with the administration of the Northern Alberta Institute of Technology in Edmonton. Kenneth, who is with her, has begun a course in computer technology at that same institute. Ricky who has now completed his pre~medical years at the University of Saskatchewan, is pursuing a degree in Pharmacy, while his new wife, Darla Kasper, armed with most of a Master of Science degree, is continuing her training as a nurse. Clara JessefCarl Heinrich Clara Louise Jesse 1932 -


Carl Michael Heinrich 1931 - Married 10 July 1954 Cheryl Louise ~— 1957 -

O. Catherine Clara— 1961 -

0342.43 Carl Alfred—w 1963 -

0.14.244 Christopher John ~— 1965 ~

Clara, the fourth daughter of Doris and Alfred Jesse, was born in Regina when sister Doreen was just a little over a year old. Like her sister she got her high school commercial training at Balfour Technical School. Following graduation she became secretary at Grace Lutheran Church where she also sang in the choir. Four years later she married Carl Heinrich, a fellow choir member.

Carl has worked with Trans~Canada Pipelines for over twenty—five years, where he went to work soon after high school graduation. By the time Cheryl was born they were living briefly in Winnipeg before being transferred to Toronto for eleven years where Cathy, Carl and Chris were born. In 1968 the family returned west to settle in Calgary where they seem to be permanently located and the young people are starting into careers of their own.

Cheryl, who started with Amoco Oil and also taught dancing for seven years, has now been a secretary at Orbit Gas since 1979. Sister Cathy, who trained as technician at Southern Alberta institute of Technology, is now with Alberta Energy Resources Conservation Board in a new sixteen—storey glass building. Young Carl has begun a course in welding engineering at the same Institute of Technology. Chris is still in high school.

Cheryl was married in November 1981 to Edward Alan Knowles.

Donald Jesse/Sylvia Grohowsky

Donald Andrew Jesse ~——- 1935 -

Sylvia Lorna Grobowsky 1939 - Married 17 Oct. l959

0.14.251 Douglas Carl— 1961 -

0.l4.2.5.2 Brian Donald 1963 -

0.14.253 Darrell Ronald-m 1964 ~

0.14.214 Brenda Michele ... 1968 -

Donald, the oldest son of Doris and Alfred Jesse, was the fifth member of the family to be born in Regina. Following graduation from Balfour Techni- cal School he earned a certificate in Business Admin- istration at the University of Saskatchewan (Regina Campus) which he has supplemented with university classes in psychology and sociology. His work has been with the Saskatchewan Government on special assignments as a business consultant to several dif- ferent departments. He has travelled to both Ger-