looking through agricultural implement shops and tool shops but we made no purchases as we were only wanting to compare the prices. Went home very tired and slept again under canvas. A very wet night but none of us any the worse of it.

15th: Went up town determined to do some business today. After a lot of running about we bought our ploughs, waggons and other tools and hardware that we were going to need, also our bollocks. ( When I say ”we” 1 must explain that eight tins who come out together are going to the some place and we get the use cry” a guide at the expense Qf the Government.) Looked outfor a house and rented one for the use of my family and the Rutherford family, as we have agreed to leave them here. It is a nice little house at the side of the Red River, just on the outskirts of the town . We pay ten dollars a month for it. Slept comfor— tably in it tonight. (Names of men: Jock Rutherford, Hugh Ramsay. Jn. R. Ramsay, John Harper; 7‘. Thomson.)

16th Sunday: Got up and after brealg’ast went and had a look at the bollocks and walked down to the tents and saw our other friends and came home to ten.

17th: Got up aboutb’ am. , to see {two could not get a duck and killed onejust at the back cf the house. Went down town after breakfast and bought our stock of provisions.

17th: A very wet day so we cannot set out on our journey as we intended. Streets about knee deep in mud.

1831: Still very wet so we are again disappointed with our start.

19th: Fair today but the roads are in such a state that we agreed to wait another day.

20:11: Set out on our journey about 10 am. and travelled until about 1 p.m., when we stopped for dinner about an hour anda half. Got yoked again and travelled on till about five through terribly bad roads. Our waggons were often stuck to the axle. Slept very soundly under canvas all night.

let: Started about 5 a.m.. and travelled until nine when we breakfast after which we set out again and travelled till ! p.m., when we stopped for dinner: Started again about half-past two and went on till ahout five when we camped for the night. Shot some ducks as we came along so we had a splendid supper. 22nd: Started about 4 a.m., and after travelling for about half an hour came to a marsh that we had to cross. We had to drive the bollocks through first without the waggons and then we yoked four into each waggon with ropes and we managed in this way to get through but I broke one of the axles of my woggon. This was a terrible job as I could not go another inch till I got a new one. Fortunately there

was a joiner in the company (In. Ramsay) and with his help I managed to make a new one on the spot out of a piece (3‘ new oak that we found lying on the prairie and it has ran first class all day. Reached a farm house aboutS p.m., and as it was very like being a stormy night we stayed here as we could get plenty of hay for the cattle.

2311!: Sunday, so we agreed to rest all day. The guide told as we might notfind our my ifwe did not come along but we were determined to have a rest so he went away without us out we did not care as we did not like his company and he did as little good. Hod prairie chicken for dinner which we shot yesterday and it was very fine. Turned out a very wet night. 24th: Started at 7 a.m., and got onfirst class all day - roads not so bad but broke one of my homes. 25th: Started (flat 6 am. Had some stiffworic today going through mad holes. Got within two miles cf Portage la Prairie where we compedfor the night. Lost myself in the mist coming from Portage where I had gone to examine the road, and mnderedfor two or three hours before I found the wagons.

26th: Very wet morning so we did not start till about 11 mm. Went in by Portage and bought some more bread and some extra chains as we were told that the roads were something fearful. Ytavelled about four miles out of town where we camped for the night. 27th: Started about 9 a.m., and travelled all day through very bad roads. C ante through holes with the oxen where pairs qt horses were lying floundering in the mud. .

28th: Roads worse today than we have ever seen them. Got stack in a mud hole and had to take bollocks out and yoke them to the back of eager: to draw it out and then we found a better place and managed to get through.

29th: Started at 7:30 and in half an hour we were stuck in a mud hole that took as about two hours to cross. Continued wading in mud all day till about six o'clock when we camped on the edge of a wood. When felling wood to make afirefor supper! came on a wild duck nest with eight eggs and we had a fine supper of ham and eggs.

30th: Sunday. Got up a little before nine and had brealg’ast after which i plucked four ducks that we had shot the day before. We agreed to rest all day so we set to work to cook our ducks and had a splendid dinner.

315i: Got up at 3 a.m., and started in about half an hour as we knew we had only about three miles of very bad road. We had a terrible job with this bit of road. It took three and a half hours for the three miles. Most qt" the way we had to put two pair of cattle into each wagon and they had quite enough to do even with that. Stopped for one and a half hours to have break-