Miss Margaret Cumming 1944-1946 Miss Margaret Cumming came to Cheval School in 1944. and taught two years, and boarded with the (LA. Cram family.

Doreen Alvis Ferris 1945-1947 -— My two years of teaching at Cheval School No. 1124 commenced August 28, 1945. I remember travelling to Morden from ' my home at Boissevain via the Grey Goose bus, and being met by the AL. Barkley family with whom I made my home both years. At the time of my arrival, harvest was in full swing. Though I do not recall how the crops were yielding, I do know that the gardens were very good that year. My first meal with the Barkleys included fresh corn on the cob, and ripe tomatoes. Mrs. Barkley was ironing the school curtains which she had laundered for the corn- -- menccment of school the following day.

Signatures of the local board members on the contract (which I still have) were CA. Cram, Chairman, and AL. Barkley, Secretary—treasurer. Students at Cheval School at this time were from these families: Barkley, Cram, Rohatynski, Rempel, Wiebe, and Peters. Enrolment must have averaged about 14, but the grades ranged from one to eight. Beginners in 1946 were Abe and Fred Peters, and Bud Barkley. Henry Rempel was in charge of lighting the fires and sweeping . the floor during the'winter months. Older students took turns {in pairs) to carry water at morning recess from Cram’s pump. Favourite winter sport was sliding on the banks of Dead Horse Creek, and in spring it was baseball.

We had some exciting exchange ball games with Burwalde School. The an- nual school picnic was held in conjunction with Parkhill School, and the chosen spot was at J. Shore 5. Teachers at Parkhill during these two years were Jean Bracken and Leona Day.

My class were members of the Junior Red Cross, and were involved in a bazaar and sale at which woodwork items made by the children, plus donated miscellaneous articles were sold. The first community social that I attended in Cheval School was a farewell party for the Keir family who were leaving the farm to live in town. It took the form of a card party.

Victory in Europe had been declared the previous May 8, and so the fall of l945 saw the return of many war veterans to Morden communities. I attended, with the Barkleys, some of the Welcome-home Socials, honouring these men and women. 1 joined the Ladies’ Auxiliary of the Morden Legion.

Highlight of my life in the Cheval District was meeting my future husband, Cliff Ferris, a Veteran returning home in October of 1945.

From Cheval I went to teach at Stony Mountain, where l commenced being in charge of my favorite grades-primary. This work has continued to this day. I call it my Labour of Love.

After two years at Graysville, I married Cliff on November 7, 1950. Here on Section 30-66 at Stephenfield, Man. we have been farming for 27 years.

Dur family consists of:

Nelson Clifford, born January '3, 1952, now married, and in construction