My father came to Manitoba from Saskatchewan, and married Maria Loewens, June 30, 1921. They lived with his parentsin the Shannon district until the fall of 1924 when they bought the farm 27-3—5 from Grandmother Loewens. My father worked the land, and besides he was a blacksmith. This he enjoyed and he spent many hours pounding that anvil, also working on motors and machinery. In this work he had great pride and a sense of successful achievement. My father, Abraham A.

Doerksen. and Mother lived on this

farm from 1924 to mid-summer of

1963, when they sold it to their nephew, T:

Arnold Dalke. They moved to Winkler

to retire. My father died suddenly from

a heart attack, Feb. 6, 1965. My mother

lived alone for a few years, then went to

live with my sister Helena and her hus- DR and Mrs- Johann Loewens band Corny Kroeker in Richmond, B.C.

l-Iere she passed away on April 29, 1973.

Our family consisted of five children. Katharina (Tina) now living in Morden at 355 Nelson St. I was married October 9, 1955 to Stefan Rajbar. We have one daughter Maria born December 2, 1957. Maria graduated from Morden Collegiate and is now attending Red River College. learning the art of photography. hoping also to get into journalism after this course. My husband Stefan works at Quality Communications in Morden.

Johann (Johnny) bought the farm where Henry Krutz lived. 30-35 neighbor to Austin Henderson, in l943. In 1952, he married Irma Rossol and settled on this farm. They have four children, two boys and two girls . Alvin married January 6. 1973 and lives near West Banks, B.C. Lilly is attending Bible School and hopes to take nurses training. Victor is working with his father as a Contractor. building and also repairing buildings. Caren is still in high school. John moved to BC. in the spring of 1963, is living at West Banks. He is a con- tractor. and has some 45 men working with him, including his own two sons.

Helena. trained as a Licensed Practical nurse. In 1959. she married Corny Kroeker from Manitou. He was a widower with two boys. They lived in Winkler for awhile. then moved to B.C. in 1961. now living in Peach—land. B.C. She is working as a nurse and her husband works at upholstery. They have three adopted children. Garry. Caroi and Abraham. all of school age. Corny’s two boys are married and each have two children, and iive in Vancouver.

Mary. was married June 7. 1958 to Jacob Goertzen. from St. Laurent.


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