Thornhill Planters

This club was organized in 1963 under direction of Agricultural Represen— tative Howard Barnsley. First leaders were Mrs. Betty Sandercock and Mrs. Verna White with a membership of 17. In 1966 Mrs. Edna Lumgair replaced Mrs. White.

Each year members planted a vegetable garden plus flower projects of gladioli, dahlias, zinnias and marigolds. In August an achievement was held where members received awards for their vegetable and flower exhibits.

A display was constructed each year and shown at both the DistriCt and Inter-District Rally and also at Winkler Fair. One of their displays on “Seat Belt Safety” won a provincial championship. '

Members from this area were Marlene, Shirley, Albert, Lorraine, Joan, Raymond and Norman Peters, Donald and Norman Henderson, Earl Ferris, Karen and Norma Wiebe, Mark and Lynn Sandercock, Evelyn and Delores Petkau. This club was active for 10 years

Morden Trail Riders

Morden Trail Riders were first organized in 1965 under direction of Agricultural Representative Howard Barnsley. Meetings were held in members” , homes. Edgar Sandercock and Clarence Mayert were leaders. The club had eleven members in its first year, with Lynn and Mark Sandercock from this area listed as members. Earl Ferris, Donald and Randy Dyck, Karen Cram and Allan Toews joined the club in later years. Their achievement day was held in conjunction with Stanley Fair in August. This club is still active today although there is not any membership from our area.

Morden Sewing Club

Carolyn Cram joined the Morden Sewing Club after the Four Corners Club had been disbanded. Her mother, Mrs. Robert Cram was a leader in the Morden Club.

Through the years many championship awards and ribbons have been won by members of our area too numerous to record. The following is a list of some special awards to members and leaders.

1921 Jack Shore and Dave Bartleman - Manitoba Champion Stock Judging team.

1942 Don Cram and Bert Sandercock - Provincial champions hog judg— ing- Trip to Toronto Royal.

1954 Patricia Shore - Gimli Camp Award and Winnipeg Week

1955 Patricia Shore - Gold Watch Award for 4- H proficiency.

1956 Marnie Barkley - Gimli Camp Award and Winnipeg Week.