Mrs. Jean Cumming —- 1963-1965 Mrs. Jean Cumming taught three years at Cheval beginning in 1961. Then she joined the staff of the Morden Elementary School where she continued her teaching career.

Ronald Pauls 1964-1965 I taught at Cheval in 1964—65, the last year of operation for Cheval SD. Because this was my first year of teaching, it was a year of hard work, but the school had a fine group of students and it was an en- joyable year. Although the one room rural school may not have been as efficient in teaching the three R’s as the larger schools, it has other features which com- pensated for this deficiency. I have never since that time seen a group of students as capable of working independently, taking on responsibility, and making creative use of their time, abilities which I am sure will ultimately be of more - value than any academic knowledge which may have been gained.

Since that time, I have taught elementary school in Winkler and high school in Winnipeg. I have now left the teaching profession and am completing a graduate degree in Zoology. ,

Cheval Bus Trip to Assmrbo ne ' ' Ron Pauls Park, 1965.

In 1965, Cheval School District consolidated with the Morden Elementary School System. At this time most of the rural school districts consolidated wrth Morden and from this time the children in the rural areas were transported to school by bus.

In the Cheval area the bus drivers were Pete Unrau and J ohn Dalke. These men supplied their own buses and were paid for driving the children mto school in Morden on a per pupil basis. _

The trustees at Cheval at the time of Consolidation were Abe Petkau, JR.