ty had many house parties. There was little money involved. People brought lunch, those who played an instrument would bring it to play for dancing or singing. Many had good games and contests, and all helped out. i remember par— ticularly a sing song at Stewarts. Thelma’s father loved the Scottish songs and was so pleased to have someone who could play for him. I always feel that peo- ple enjoyed the social life far more in those days than they do now.

I remember driving with some young people to the lookout south of Morden. such a beautiful view. This is probably near the present beach area. I was given a lift once on the road and had a ride in a real “bennet” buggy.

I remember Morley Cram’s big collie dog which he hitched to a toboggan and took for a run up to the creek and back, about '/2 mile. He insisted on me having a ride and I finally agreed. However, I had heard previously that the dog . was in the habit of making a very quick turn at the bridge and an unsuspecting person would be dumped off and have to walk back. I leaned in and hung on for dear life, and much to the surprise of the boys I made the return trip._

While I was at Morden the Dionne quintuplets made history. The Bruno Hauptman trial went on for months and was reported daily in the paper and on radio (murder of Lindbergh Baby).

Every fall the Barkleys would get their radios ready to go to listen to the World Series baseball, and to this very day when I hear the baseball series it brings back warm memories

I taught one more year near Bowsman. I was married in June 1937 to Renouard James and we farmed here until 1967 when we sold our farm land. In- 1974 we moved over to the village which we find more convenient in the winter. Our daughter Helen is married to Jim Clark and they have a son Gordon, age IO. Helen teaches in west Montreal, in a school system that has come a long way from the old “country” school days. Alex is a graduate Engineer from Universi~ ty oflManitoba (Masters E. E.) and is working in Ottawa.

_ My husband and I seem to be as busy as ever in our retirement. Ren enjoys many hobbies. among them being his painting, especially wild life and animals. He used to raise Shorthorn cattle, now he paints them for a hobby. He loves to garden and specializes in lilies and other flowers.

I was very active in Women’s Institute work for many years and am still a member at local level. I became Provincial president 1967—69 and was for several years on the Federated board. My other hobby is music of course and I teach piano lessons six days a week. With a very successful Festival near by, the appreciation of good music has improved over the years.

In schools in many towns near us, my former students are leading or ac- companying choirs which gives me satisfaction.

Lorena Houston - 1936-1938 —» As Lorena’s sister, Florence, who shared many experiences with her, I shall attempt to write this account.

Lorena boarded in the lovely home of Mr and Mrs Clifford Cram. During the autumn of 1936 a polio epidemic raged causing Cheval School to be closed