Back row Wayne, Murray, Walter, Arnold. Dale, Brian. Second row Barbara, Audrey, Ruth, Ann, Rosemary, Terry.

Seated Gary, Mr. and Mrs. Lewis Krushel and their two great grandchildren, Dana and Christopher.

three sons, Wayne, Murray and Garry. Wayne married Barbara Dressler of Morden. He also is in the manufacturing business. Murray married Audrey Junke of Vermillion Bay, Ontario. He is now connected with Credit Union Cen— tral of Manitoba in the loans department. Garry married Anita Kutcher of Morden. Garry is data-processing supervisor in the computer division of NCR in Winnipeg. All three wives are nurses.

Ann and Arnold Krushel and Family

On May 20, 1925, a second son, Arnold Henry; was born to Lewis and Olga (nee Wiedman of Starbuek, Manitoba). Krushel then residing on the ‘Williams‘ farm just east of the"! Canada Agriculture Research Station and south of the CP rail line. In 1930. despite financial hardships, Lewis Krushel was able to purchase a quarter section farm just a mile north of Morden. Here through much hard work Mr. Krushel was able to clear enough land on which to make a living. It was at this farm home that Arnold spent a pleasant childhood and attended school in Morden. From an early age Arnold helped his father with the farming operations. Lewis Krushel, who was mechanically inclined, managed to establish a modest manufacturing business in approximately 1939. As he grew up, Arnold together with his brother Walter, began to take an active part in their father‘s manufacturing firm which came to be known as L. Krushel & Sons, an organization producing shop equipment. eventually to be marketed across Canada.