Cheval Shhool History and Teachers 1901-1965 compiled by Mr. and Mrs. A. Barkley Mr. and Mrs. D. Cram

1901—1902 Retta Shanks Miss Retta Shanks had the honour of being the first

Cheval School teacher. She commenced teaching October 21, 1901. 1 The trustees were Mr. M. Pirt, Mr. H. Johnston, and Mr. J. Huchison. Her

salary was $40 per month the first term and $42 per month the second year. The pupils attending her school were:

Flossie Saunders Age 7 _

Maggie Saunders 9 Margaret Pirt 9 Martha Saunders ll Wilfred Pirt 15 Mary Saunders 14 Lawrence Topley 10 Fred Rombough 10 George Topley 12 Austin Pitt 12 Willie Graham 11 Claudia Cram 8 Merle Rombough 7 Charlie Barret 7 Percy Rombough 9‘ John Graham 7 Leah Rombough 11 Minnie Graham 9 Ethel Pitt 11 Wilfred Graham 12 Alice Pirt 17

She had 22 pupils in her first year and William Keir, age 8; Laura Topley, 6; Mabel Armstrong, 13; and Lizzie Topley, 15 were enrolled in 1902 making a total of 26 pupils.

1902-1905 Nellie Borthwick and Bessie Borthwick In 1903 Nellie Borthwick taught at Cheval School from January 5 to May 18 at a salary of $480 per ana num.

Bessie Borthwick then taught from May 18, 1903 at a salary of $480 until the end of 1905.

Her trustees were H. Johnston, Uriah Jickling, and William Keir, Senior.

1905-1906 S. A. Magnire followed Miss Borthwick, and taught the term of 1906. His trustees were Henry Johnston, Uriah Jickling and George Cram.

1907 Bertha M. Patterson taught at Cheval in 1907; enrollment then was 18 pupils. A beginner that year was our next door neighbour for many years, Mr. Clifford Cram.

The trustees were the same as listed for the previous year.