Evelyn Finn -— I929 In 1929 I was appointed to teach in Cheval School. As I was engaged to be married, I wanted to live at home for a year. My memories of , the school are happy ones. Gordon Cram‘s son, Morley, was attending High School in Morden, and he drove into town in the morning and I drove back to their farm and left the horse and cutter. Then after school I drove into town to the Post Office, and Morley drove me home and then went on to his home. This seemed an ideal arrangement for the winter months. In summer I walked oc- casionally from home, or borrowed Dad’s car, in which case I would give a tilt to some of the students from west of Morden, who walked three miles to school.

How we loved the Cheval Creek. The girls used to walk to the bridge to meet me in the spring. This was the only school I taught in, where we thoroughly cleaned the school and the grounds on Arbor Day. Everybody pitched in and we really worked. The older girls and boys were far more experienced than I was in what to do. Then we had a lovely picnic outside, when all was done.

I have always lived in Manitoba. We were some years in Brandon, but spent many years in Winnipeg. My husband died a year and a half ago. We have four sons. all married, four lovely daughters-in—law, and ten grandchildren. The two oldest of these have just turned sixteen and are busy acquiring driver‘s licenses. - -

Miss Renatta Doem w 1930-32 ._ Miss Renatta Doern taught at Cheval from ,3 l93D—32. She married Mr. Norman Wilde, and they have a son, who resides in ' * Columbia. South America. and a daughter, now living in the United States:

CHEVAL 1931-1940

TEACHERS: Mabel Gillespie, Laura Lovatt, Loreena Houston, Phyllis Wagner.

STUDENTS: Nettie Martens, John Hoeppner, Anne Thiessen, Lorne Topley, John Dueck, Bob Cram, Glenn Topley, Hazel Ferris, Edna Martens, Annie Rem-pol, Annie Dueek, Lena Dueck, Susy Rempel, Don Cram, Dorothy Wiebe, Martha Rempel, Mary Dneck, Ruth Keir, John Rempel, Eileen Barkley.

Records show that Miss M. Gillespie taught at Cheval during the years 193264.

The Thirties at Cheval School

Miss Laura Lovatt 1933—36. I was interested in going to the Morden area to teach as my grandparents had spent a year at Nelson and they often spoke of their experiences. They had come from Bracebridge, Ontario with two small sons and came up from St. Paul to work for a year at the mill at Nelson. A daughter was born there. The next year they moved acrOSS country by ox team to the Souris area where they took up a homestead. My father, Torn Lovatt was the first baby born there in 1884. His younger brother still owns the original farm. Grandfather used to ask me about Dead Horse Creek and I was able to tell