He passed away on January 23, 1974, at age 63. Mary now resides in Morden and still maintains a keen interest in Corn— munity Affairs.

Eric Penner

Eric Penner. son of Mr. and Mrs. J. J. Penner now of Morden, was born in Winkler, raised in Kaleida area, attended Kaleida, Winkler, Linda], and Manitou schools. He took an upholstery course at Red River College in Winnipeg and is self employed.

He married Clara Born, November 18, 1967. Clara IS the daughter of Mr. H. H. Born, formerly of Morden, and now residing in Altona. She was born and- raised in Morden and attended Morden schools. She is an accomplished musi— eian and teaches piano lessons.

The Penners moved to the Cheval area in 1969, having purchased the former Joe Patterson house and other buildings, with five acres of property on 16-3-5. They began remodelling the house in 1971, and spent several years of hard work and ingenuity in achieving the show place it now is. To further enhance the property, they enclosed it completely with an attractive white wooden fence, which required one hundred and nine gallons of paint to give it that look of elegance.

They have four children, Joel born in 1968, Philip 1969, Charlotte 1971, ' and Graham 1975.

The three older children attend Morden Elementary school.

Eric and Clara'Penner children - Philip, Joel and Charlotte, 1972.