THE WINNIPEG 1951 I St. Boniface Le par-dessus Album Lambert lei L'Heure Gardiner to Weigh Artistes oe i tin ues Emissions l Nouvelles THE MB ON Wheat Compensation Winnipeg News This the Story Family Theatre 9 00 Obsession Calvary Temple By S. ROY MALEY The Gospel Hour News Sports Final 11 10 Weather Report Mission Music Before Sign Oft Information on programs is supplied by the Individual radio The Winnipeg Tribune print corrections and at submitted and duet not assume responsibility tor Incorrect listings sports Quiet Placa News on the Jim Sealed Book The Avenger Sports The news Bulldog Drummed The Damon Runyon Saskatchewan John Fisher Religious News jour Ask Weatherman National Winnipeg Weekend My uncle Louis Special Little Series Stage 51 News Review American Broadcasting Fargo S Revival Hour Walter Harry Sunday night with The Black of Wullie by W. O. Tune in at 8 p.m. March Stage 51 will present Hoagie's a family comedy with a light Author Joseph describes It as story of hard warmhearted lady who has her troubles trying to do and the one on the of March will be The International Service celebrates its sixth anniversary this Sunday with mall from list eners in all parts of the proof that its programs are being accepted far and in record Since the service was inaugurated on well over letters have reached the studios In Last were with the European broadcast In Norwegian and German heading up the list of in arsons Modern Music Land of the Free George Paul Harvey Lutheran Hour Greatest Story Ever Told Waxworks Mystery File Stop the Mune Mutual Broadening Chicago Roy Rogers Mediation Board Vance Nick Carter Dance Orchestra Edwin C. Hill Peter Salem W. A. Dance Orchestra Singing Marshal We Hall Sign Off that This was a Training Now Is subject of Columbia Broadcasting Escape Benny Corliss Archer Music for you Amos Horace Heldt Charlie Wild Bergen-McCarthy Contented Hour Our Miss Brooks Red Skelton National Broadcasting Country Salutes The Biz Show Dak Tractor Harris Quiz Kids Hedda The Falcon Theatre Dance Orchestra News C. Hill Wayne Howell 64 U Round Table Hopper Guild Question for violin and orchestra and Strauss' Death and three candidates will be heard on Singing Stars' aired over at 8 p.m. They Doreen of Sault Ste. Theresa- Monaghan of and Cabriel Fecteau of Quebec Four broadcasts with a total of 48 before semi-final programs are Do we Need Compulsory count and Counterpoint series being aired over at p.m. Speaking will be James representing 1 Canadian Legion Speaking will be William president of the Young Association or The Jewish Caravan heard over urn at p.m. will present The Charity an drama based on a short story by David radio adaptation by Joseph This is a gripping story oi material nun ger and hunger of the First of a new weekly series of barn dance programs broadcast from a local will be broad cast over Saturday from 7 to a p.m. a will be the terson with in and Andy on Charbonneau is Son of Mine Is the Family Thea tre presentation on Sunday at starring Ward Richard with Eddie Cantor as With William Kapell as the New York orchestra will broadcast Concerto In C minor with Leonard Bernstein at Tune In 2 p.m. Romeo and Juliet and Stravinsky's Sacre du will be orchestral Three original Canadian plays are lined up for Stage begin- MONDAY Manitoba Allison Grant Devotions Kay Road of Life Big Sister Front Farrell Laura BBC Newt Aunt Lucy Brave Voyage March Messages Farm Broadcast on Parade Weather on Parade Weather Family Worship on Parade Weather 8 Ger Kent Sports Breakfast Club sugar spice Weather Kindergarten Don Juan In by Len Pe Fur auctions and marketing in general will be subject of the talk by Kay next at over Charlie McCarthy hanes ud his shingle as an income tax and his client is the lovely film Star Deborah on Sunday's Bergen-C h a r 1 1 e McCarthy show to be heard over at 7 p.m. Under the able direction of Don Wrights dynamic leader of the famous Don Wright Chorus a half hour of smooth graceful music comes to listeners over each Sunday at p.m. The entire show is arranged by Don as and perfected by his Lillian as John Fisher's story this week will be an inspiring and touching one which he entitles of At Sunday over the Gay Classics will highlight the exotic vocal interpretations of Yma the voice with the range of four Miss Sumac will be heard in Inca music conducted by Leslie Baxter and written by Mois-es By popular demand the Hawai ian Program Song of the formerly heard on as a late Sunday evening has moved to p.m. unusual music highlights An evening With the Stars Sunday at over Listeners will hear compositions by Harry Ravel and Miklos Rosa along with the background music for Duel In the St. Nouvelles Sans Club Nouvelles Pierre du Matin Alio Sans Eli Nouvelles Diner que familiars Manitoba Vedette en Winnipeg Newt on the Hour Gems News Ladles Farm Roundup Linger Wake Up Hi Wake Up Earry Up Bonny Gospel Singer Musical at Lowe's Neighbor and Betty Bread Menu Sports 24 Agri culture Minister Gardiner Friday made it plain thet he has been un able to persuade the British govern ment that prairie farmers are entitled to any price under the Anglo-Canadian wheat Obviously Gardiner told a press conference after four days of negotiations with British officials that Britain feel under obligation to make any new a representative of the farmers who participated In the talks said he regards the British stand as a breach of contract In an estimated The farmers John Grain Market Vote Claimed Burden in Tax to The Winnipeg 24 The pro- board of the Manitoba Farmers Union has hit out at the projected provincial government plebiscite on marketing coarse grains by the wheat board as an unnecessary expense to all tax- I 1 At a recent board meeting in a resolution to this effect was passed and sent to Premier The board outlined a action policy for the coming year based on the resolutions enacted at the recent convention In The policy will be sent to each local for The board alto laid plans to organize a further 60 locals of At the meeting It was reported that there are now approximately paid up President J. Schulze of Grand-view Others present Included vice-president P. E. J. R. Charles Swan N. H. Winnipeg Beach and J. N. Action policy points Producer control of the wheat board on all policy transfer of the wheat board to the federal agriculture wheat board to cease using the futures market of the grain exchange for sale of coarse wheat board adopt a policy of selling wheat on te domestic market at a price not less than on a basis of 1 wheat delivered at the a system of parity prices in which the selling price of farm products shall bear a relationship to the prices farmers must pay for other a system of grading based on milling a plan to provide payments for farm-stored grain until delivered to the a final settlement of the four- year pool of not less than 25 cents per Other points brought out In the policy provided for a of farmers to go to Ottawa and Interview members of the government on the pool If Interview members of the British The policy seeks re-Imposition of price controls after farm produce prices have been revised In relation to commodities which have to be Duchess Improves NEW 24 The Duchess of who underwent an operation is reported In good She spent a quiet night in 09 mm SU BACK ON Winnipeg's famous by W. H. return Trans-Canada network In broadcast over at p.m. Three programs are March 5 and 12 are other Rol-ine will be Program for Monday includes works by Purcell and as well as an arrangement of traditional song by Vaughan West Watches Grain Voting j 24 Agri culture in one t saia in me Saskatchewan legislature Friday that when Manitoba farmers vote in the plebiscite to determine how their coarse grains will be market they will also be deciding for the farmers of Saskatchewan and said Walter Sas Liberal should advise the Manitoba government against holding the If It It he the marketing of coarse grains through the wheat board and possibly the wheat board method of marketing itself might be He said that in the the Liberals had voted down a proposal to place coarse grains under the of the A year pressure from the organized farm the federal government passed a bill permitting the wheat board to market coarse Defending the government's lease policy on agricultural crown said the foremost problem Is to keep the pattern of settlement under private ownership on a sound unit Increasing mechanization of farms hat the of farm decreased the number of farms and multiplied the problems of rural community Opportunities for farm youth He estimated that about farmers in Saskatchewan needed re-establishment or more farm Farm loan board of previous provincial administrations had lost said there is between and acres of potentially rich farm land in the Carrot River Valley In northeast Ride Ice Cakes FORT 24 Daring youngsters are riding cakes of ice down the swirling Niagara Chief Constable Andrew Griffin said here Parents ere warned to discourage the Winnipeg Hit Parade George Murray News Three Sunt Waltz Time Voices You Know News club News Crosby Show News Road Report On Trap Line Prairie Newt Walker's Wigwam Walker's Wigwam Newt Road Report Jack Walker's Wigwam Newt Walker's Wigwam 9 30 Kate Can You Tell Mt Newt SATURDAY EVENING Manitoba for Strings Dance Orchestra the Wealth John Sturgess News Chorus 11 ln 1 This Week Weather Share Musical Program sports Memo Organ me n-aine Music Vesper Hour Weather Speaker Assignment B.C. 1st Piano Quartet Weather Calvary Accent on Melody BacK Home Sign Off Bismarck Events Fave News Utley Dance Orchestra Smith Show Dance Orchestra Sign Off Musical Kitchen Weather The Happy Gang Saddle Rhythms Is Beautiful Ma Perkins Pepper Young Rite to Happiness School Arthur Godfrey Talks for Women Here and There Concert Hour ou Noir Marche du Grain A Concert Miniature Ranch 1250 Ranch 1250 Sacre-Coeur FM from Shows To Sing About Choice Western Hour Request Show News Show T Time with Stars Newt Digest Gernt of Melody Songs Western Hits News Guest in House Double or Nothing Barry and Betty Musical Program Gospel Singer News When Girl Portia Facet Life Aunt Mary Lett Start Warren 11 Jim Thorn Meant 00 Parade of Sports a Miss Parade of Hits Farm-Home Hour 00 Plug lor Portage Ranch Call for Music Brown Clubhouse Farm Broadcast Saddle Rhythms Life Is Beautiful Ma Pepper Young Rite tu Happiness School Broadcast Arthur Godfrey Talks for Women 4 00 Musical Program Concert Hour EVENING 10 00 Wild Report Talk Melody from Sky Weather Court of Opinions Sports Serenade At Home with Lionel Barrymore Good Newt from Hollywood Sign Off ia Carte Homme et Peche Social Colette et Roland Match L'Heure Nouvelles Sports Town Crier My Serenade Words Divine Sports Weather Watchman Sign Off Favorite Husband 11 Report from 15 Talk 30 Melody from Sky 00 News Weather News 15 Musical Program 30 Winnipeg Winnipeg Sports f Crystal Ball Musical Program Weather Vox Pop Parliament Hill Sports Stars Serenade Airs Leicester Square J. W. Questions News Kite Party Parade Begins at 40 1 Sign Off News on the H Porky's Inn Music Porky's Inn Money News Hits Porky's Inn Easy to Hymn Porky's Inn Melody News Backstage Porky's Inn Porky's Inn News Remember for Dav Lane 3 Wife Winnipeg News on the Hour Art Or News Saskatchewan The 10 30 Front Farrell News Laura News Breakfast Club Aunt Lucy The Kindergarten Club 1340 Music Dance Bandt News Dance Bands Dance Friendly Tavern Ted Komar Recital Weather Schooner Varieties ACT Amateur Dreamland Party After Owl Club Social du Les Value L'Heure Buckaroo Nouvelles Marsh Sports Leon Quintet Watchman Sign Oft family St. Boniface 5 05 carnet du Jour Lea Sports Tour de Prairie interlude Time Signal Timely Tunes Happy Gang Musical Kitchen weather Weather Morning Music Road of Life Big Sister MONDAY Monde Sport O Canada H. Wesson oi the Saskatchewan Wheat that in view of the alleged the farmers expect compensation from the Dominion who returns to Canada by air taid such compensation might be one of the mattert he will when he gets Regarding other food it was made clear that except for wheat there will be only a trickle of Anglo-Canadian trade until the present price difficulties are view Is that Canada faces no immediate problem in this Gardiner spoke Asked If he were disappointed at the outcome of the he said he didn't think he should say he expected an adjustment Britain had already made her feelings pretty The Canadian minister also Issued a statement relating to food products He said that Canada has Informed Britain that prices Cheese and eggs are comparatively high in These products are being gobbled up at fast at they come on the market and- the only way to Induce a of exports to the- from other markets would be by assuring of surpluses for some time Canada also was tn Countries at higher than some sterling countries af- jora to At an example of what ada could tell to Britain If the price were Wetson taid the Dominion hat an of fee grain but farmers would not feed hogs at a return of per On M ada's meat board he ni Hir at Britain's disposal nearly two months ago but hasn't had a NEW OFFICE BOYD EYES EXAMINED phone taken Robin and are two young who recently been awarded Patent and have formed the Corporation L to market their invention le a low-priced attachment t your phone which will automatically Incoming call when yeu are and record any the caller to It alao telephone Now this Idea It not In one way or So never be die- mayeo py already Today and Th la a example of pre duct and In a few w predict few phone will be without PATENTS ON PARADE TRADE MARKS COPYRIGHTS m 5 an J News on the U News Clubhouse Del Porter Melody Eddy Rogers News Orchestra Melody Dance Orchestra Sports Jimmy King Theatrical Review Sports Town Crier Barn Dance Ed Manitoba Favorite Husband Dixieland Jazz Radio Theatre James Stewart news Farm Forum Adventures Don Messer comment Rawhide Leicester Square Weather Time for in 1949 and an estimated In The mailbag averages something like letters for each office day- virtually all of them reflecting a warm Interest In Apart from the five languages already the also sends programs to Europe re- in Finnish and to Australia and New Zealand in and to Latin America and the In Spanish and The financed entirely by an appropriation from Licence fee and commercial revenues of the are not Elizabethan music will be Interwoven throughout Wednesday In addition to for the and other a choral group will ting ma for the evening will be the Montreal Noel accompanied by John who accompanied Tossy at his recent recital Brunet will play a sonata by the Montreal Jean Sonatina by Jean Fran will complete the A panorama in words and music ot the age of which had Shakespeare for its dra Spenser for Its for its Drake for its Cecil for its Sidney for Its courtier-and Elizabeth for Its will form the program aired over from to 10 p.m. Devised by Lister the programs will portray Tudor Lon- Queen Elizabeth and Events of her The program will Incorporate poetry and drama by Ben John nomas Edmund William Sir Philip Sidney and entries from letters and state Music has been chosen and will be directed by Arnold Walter from works by madrigals from The Triumphs of songs and dances from Giles Earle's Song and The Fitzwilliam Virginal music for chest ol Andrew Allan will produce and direct the special Gordon Frater will be Jim Henderson's guest on Symphony Sunday's Winnipeg Symphony orchestra aired over from to 12 Fraser Is an official of the Male Voice choir which will give its first concert In 10 years next Thursday Gladys will be soloist In performance of Brahms' Alto with A preview performance will be heard In the Marian Anderson recording Donna is guest on Star-time Sunday evening over She will play Banjo and Bruno Walter will conduct the Symphony with Joseph as violin at p.m. place of who conducted what Is reported to be his final program with the orchestra last Sat The program Saturday in- eludes the Overture to Mozart's i Marriage of the same com-i noser's Concerto in G maior I 1 I i f i We ean help hold down prices by deep-freezing a lot of today's See what the banks are See the scheme Ottawa is examining to encourage Other Highlights This Isue RAID Canadian builders ready with plans and CANADA'S MINKS A comprehensive feature report tells situation in main and at Individual See the one-page reference table on all major Don't miss this It's valuable all at your newsstand Yearly by mail years til University Toronto t The Newspaper for all Businessmen Winnipeg Newt Boston Blackie Monday Musical Program Parliament Hill Knocks Press Conference Weather Lonesome Gal Newt Top Novelty Who Am it Beulah Jack Smith Show Club 15 Provincial Attain Supper Club Saskatchewan Share the Wealth John Newt 2 Puts Hockey Music In Night College Organ Recital Weather S luce's Prairie Schooner Trocadero ot Strings Dance Orchestra Buzz Adlam American Broadcasting Fargo Buzz Jay Stewart Show V. P Berkley Shoot the Moon at Shamrock News Dixieland Dancing Party What Makei You Weather Weather Tick Dancing Party Sign Winnipeg Newt on the Hour Crime Reporter Day Is Done Club 1340 Parade Mel Hardy Dance Bands Flip the Hits Dreamland Dance Bands Men Behind Artistry In So You Think You Dance Orchestra After Know Music News Club Mutual Broadcasting Chicago f Take a Number Theatre of Air of Errors r. Hawaii Calls Opera Arias 20 Questions Dance Orchestra St. Boniface Columbia Broadcasting Johnny Dollar Gang News Review Vaughan Tex Beneke Sports 7 Autry It Again Music Nouvelles Club des Carnet Yvan Tour de Club de Monde du Spurt Nouvelles valse des National Broadcasting Bismarck Living 1951 Man Called X News Hit Parade Herman Hickman u Dennis Day Dance Time Judy Canova Dance Orchestra Dangerous Grand Ole Sign Off Winnipeg News Tops In Tunes World News Harmony Shop News Bob Byron Time Show Business Hockey Newt on the 4 Newt Newt Melody Sports Theatrical Melody SUNDAY Manitoba Prairie Gardener News Recital Capital Report Emanuel Baptist Religious Period Alan Mills Church of Air Just Mary Jake the Kid Way of Spirit Critically Saskatchewan get FAST HELP with pleasant-tasting BROMO-SELTZER Brave Weather Musical Program Weather World Church News Sunday School News Neighborly Newt 11 Theatre Don Messer Homme et Rawhide Radio Journal Dixieland Ecole des Parents Radio 9 00 Magic Art arm Newt Eric orum a. Wild American Broadcasting Fargo Martha Harp Your Business 1 Winnipeg Israel Glee Club News The Ambassadors St. Matthew's 12 oo Newa of Music Murray Turner News Sports Review Interlude News Hymns of all Churches Newt of Sons Bill Ken with The Newt of Song a 1 m. Manhattan News to Now Roundup Elmer Davit Lone Maharaja Johnny Desmond Goes to College Inner Sanctum Henry J. Taylor Ralph World Wide Robert Columbia Broadcasting star Upset Stomach and Edgy Nerves often accompany You want effective relief for all Fast pleasant-tasting BROMO-SELTZER gives you complete Winnipeg 1340 News on the Hour Come to Church Gay Classics JacK snow Talent scouts Club 15 Theatre News My Friend irma nano portraits Sacred Hour Salvation Story Down Mutual Broadcasting war Front Melody Five Home Front Rudy Vallee Hall of Fantasy crime Box 13 Murder by Experts Musical Holiday Newt J. W. Medicine Drama Hour of Stars Honored Music cuckoo Clock Broadway Family Music hv For You 1 I T- 1 y Point t Canary Pet Show Lane Home Folk Hr Concert Moods Music by Maupin tre News Capital Report Religious Period Church of Air Jake and the Kid Critically St. Newt Opera Les de Moments Tour de France National Broadcasting Sports Sports Band of America Dave News Boston Penthouse Club One Family News Dance Orchestra Railroad Hour Legislative Sign Oft Winnipeg Lutheran Hour Church Service Song Personalities News on the H Classics for Sun Hour News s Sports Frank Ernest Swiss Music Shop Jewish Caravan Alliance Christian Science Young People's Back to Bible Join Up in Peak Since September e ft Saskatchewan Harmony Harbor Time Signal Alan Mills 1230 Way nf Point Weather Dancing Party News Flanagan Dancing Party Nathan Sign Oft Music The Day's News Sign Olf Chicago 10 00 Call all Detectives Dance Orchestra Dance Orchestra The Army took the recruiting lead In signing with another 81 going Into the Special Ground crew for the with another going Into air The Navy trailed with Rita Expecting Second Baby 24 Rita wife of Prince All Is expecting a second baby In a few a reliable source here said Her baby was born In at the Mount clinic News Newt Prairie Gardner Recital BBC World Church Mary News SUNDAY Manitoba time Winnipeg a. I D gnu K Calms Chamber Newt Vesper Hour Review Weather Speaker Symphonies John Fisher Stai News Stage Ask Weatherman My Uncle Louis Weekend Religious Series Special Four Gentlemen Little Winnipeg Roy Rogers Singing Our Miss Share Malsie Contented Amos Andy Dnn 24 Canada's recruiting drive gained new ground In January when men donned uniforms In the Navy and Air Defence releasing these said they were the highest monthly since when a major drive was put on to build up the special service January's total compares with In In November and In Recruiting last September totalled Today's estimate active force to about half the Canada needs In the next three stars The Memorial Hour Hour Sports 11 in Leslie Bell Weather Forecast News Sign Off Winnipeg Newt on the Souvenir Songs Day is Done Paul Weston Your Army Monte Green Your lilt Parade Presents Walt Time Party Wayne King Ducks Unlimited Symphony Hall Evening w. start Sign Off my Relieves 1 Settles upset