THE WINNIPEG 1964 30 Habs Emergency hernia operation Champion rushed to hospital and title fight is postponed Clay might resume activity in month BOSTON Heavyweight boxing champion Cassius Clay underwent a successful operation for a hernia Friday night in City where he had been taken by ambulance from his If I weren't such a spineless I'd get up early tomorrow morning and I'd hurl our television set out into the There'd be great bellows of anguish around the breakfast but I'd stand I'd tell them that television is slowly but surely choking the life out of sport and without sport there'd be no sports writers and without sports writers there'd be no I doubt they'd get the but I'd feel of course I think that television can kill the grand old Canadian pastime of watching I'm fully prepared to hear not more than 10 years from now that a hockey for will be played behind the locked doors of an The only people in the place will be the two a floor a script a sound a play-by-play a color man and two guards on the The guards will have a simple They'll intercept loiterers and old-fashioned hockey fans and put thera to The vagrants will be advised they have exactly 15 minutes to get to the nearest television The highest-paid players in hockey will be those who are most proficient at stalling play for Another broken vow I vowed some time ago to let November pass without passing uncouth comment on the boob tube and its deleterious effect on the sporting but that was before I watched Canada's national hockey team burst into full rampant on a sea of empty The fine lads who'll carry the best wishes of all Canadians to Helsinki next March have been backed to the hilt by exactly people in eight That isn't even people per and last Monday with a football game on in the living they had which wouldn't even pay the I remember last when reacted with wild enthusiasm to the news that this would be the Canadians' home and I'm On the other I shouldn't be I should be In the nine days that end Sunday will have been exposed to eight football games and three hockey games on It won't cost them a nickel and unless the house is full of small people there are no traffic I think should know that people elsewhere are watching us and are having trouble containing their Ron for who covered a lot of sport around here for the radio before going to was in good voice last Ron told his listeners in the foothills that they should start campaigning now to get the national hockey team to set up shop in Calgary next season because the boys aren't wanted in He called this a sports ghost among other and he didn't pull any I have a word for old friend This may well be a ghost but at least some of the ghosts go to hockey Calgary is the home of the worst junior hockey between the Maritimes and Vancouver Island and I'll be surprised if the coaches bother to show The handsome Corral hasn't been full since the Calgary and that was almost four years Baseball on the decline And if TV is damaging amateur it has practically decapitated baseball below the major league I was browsing through an official baseball book Friday and I'm but I discovered that there are only cities left in minor league and the figure may be reduced sharply by next Only 30 of those cities drew more people last summer than the Winnipeg and I sense the fine promotional hand of Terry IAP There's no need in checking heavyweight challenger Sonny Liston's gloves now that champion Cassius Clay has retired to the was hard at work Friday at his camp before the announcement was The trainer here is Willie edge cellar on the limp By The Canadian Press Toronto Maple Leafs and Montreal are limping while Detroit Red Wings are running scared as the National Hockey League heads into a five game weekend schedule The Leafs and tied for second place two points back of the leading Red are drawing nearer the highflying Detroit club but injuries have taken their toll and may spell the The injury 1 i s t for Habs and Leafs reads almost like an all-star team and includes all three regular goalies for the two In Henri Richard and Jacques Laperriere of Montreal and Frank Dave Keon and possibly Don McKenney and Carl Brewer of the Leafs will sit out this As for the Johnny Bower has influenza and Terry strained leg Hodge is still nursing a sore back and it is likely that Gump Worsley will again see action as he did in Wednesday's game against Chicago Black Leafs will call on Jerry from Rochester of the American Hockey League if Leafs play Boston in Toronto Saturday while tangle with Detroit in Montreal in the weekend's big On Montreal goes to Toronto will play Black Hawks in Chicago and Detroit will move into Madison Square Garden for a game against the New York BIG M TIRED Mahovlich went into hospital in Toronto Thursday for a com examination after constantly being Maple Leaf Gardens President Stafford Smythe says he fears the Big M may be suffering from a blood disease which sidelined for six months in As for the Richard is still bothered by a groin injury and probably won't see action for several Laperriere's knee was injured when he was knocked down by Chicago's Phil Esposito Wed Physiotherapist Bill Head thinks the defence-man may have to undergo surgery for torn but won't make that decision for another day at Keon also has a groin injury and it has caused him to miss two games already for the He has been skating this week but slowly and it is unlikely he will who suffered an elbow in the face Wednesday when the Leafs beat Detroit and with a bruised may may but no decision will be made until this makes offer for Grey Cup VANCOUVER National Exhibition directors Friday offered to stage the 1965 Grey Cup at Empire Stadium if Montreal's new stadium is not completed on Harry said the offer stemmed from doubts that the Montreal stadium would be ready for the Canadian Football League playoff final in hockey will hold league hockey registrations Sunday at 3 p.m. at the club bowling Mountain and All boys years old The announcement came from the William Mc-Dermott of The operation took approximately one The title fight scheduled Monday between Clay and challenger Sonny Liston had been postponed indefinitely earlier in the McDermott said bay can resume normal physical activity In about a Asked about heavy McDermott usually would have him lay off about three months from any heavy McDermott called it an He added Clay's trouble was an incarcerated groin hernia with a congenital defect in the abdominal A hernia is the term applied when an organ or part of it protrudes through a connective tissue or through a wall of the cavity in which it is normally The hernia is considered when the protruding part is so large as not to be able to be pushed back through the McDermott said one of the nurses told the aren't came the McDermott said Clay would remain hospitalized for about a week and then he would have three additional weeks of Asked what would have happened if Clay had come to the hospital immediately and would it have been McDermott could have gone on for several It wasn't that Nathan physician for the Massachusetts Boxing said earlier that there had been no sign of the hernia when he examined the heavyweight champion EATS THEN SICK said he understood that day became sick after having his dinner about p.m. Clay was eating with Drew his friend and assistant in their hotel room Brown were eating and watching Cassius had spinach and tossed after he finished ing he got violently sick andi started to throw His stomach swelled up the size of a Clay me to a hospital quick I'm in bad reached by phone at his Plymouth training he wouldn't be running around the streets the way Watch Both teams pressed for the After Monarchs had controlled play for several broke in on the right side and fired a shot between Gerry Bochen's Braves' Wayne Stephenson played a big part in the end When Monarchs did manage to hit the net he had the especially in the final Monarch coach Ralph Lyndon was in his defence He were slow in coming As for the forwards he we had four chances we could capitalize on two but if Braves had four they made good on all BOOSTER DAY Bill Braves' summed it this nice to win the bad Braves get a chance to move Into a first place tie with Warriors when they meet Rangers today at 2 p.m. at the A win for Rangers would move them ahead of Braves will have an added incentive as it is their Booster There will be no junior hockey Sunday with the next game The averaged customers per game In Hardly a staggering but what does that make waiting patiently for a major league with And with and Salt Lake with and St. with The California League has been in business a long They always ran a solid Class operation with sound franchises in a cozy little pocket on the fringe mushrooming So Bakersfield averaged fans a Fresno San Jose Stockton Kapp's home Santa Barbara and so Those people don't want Not unless Sandy Koufax and Dean Chance are doing the pitching and Mays and Ken Boyer are at the They have TV coming at them from all angles and if they want cold hot dogs they can always arrange that This is our way of Sports greedy for the TV forgot to look past next week when they let the cameras in the as a matter of fact I am thinking specifically of Canadian football but this is a disease and the has no monopoly on Take me out to the ball Out into the living 1 cool weather greets St. James Rams CASSIUS CLAY not laughing today Liston's comment apparently was a reference to Clay's conduct Monday when he ran up and down Commonwealth Avenue stopping trolley cars and trucks and inquiring for the his name for The husky champion appeared in great pain as he was carried into the hospital emergency He was accompanied by several camp including his brother One of Clay's sparring partners was in Line forms for refunds Promoter John MacAlpine announced this morning that tickets for the scheduled Monday night Lis-ton-Clay title fight are refundable at the point of No date has been mentioned for another but it will not be for about six according to boxing MacAlpine said that advance sale for fight had been the best he had been involved in closed-circuit boxing shows at 9 Against Rust Humidity Salt Corrosion Will Not Chip or Crack CAR WASH 1488 Main St. U Fr b Football 15 60 19 61 Kirouac 20 logon 66 Shinnick 24 68 Sandusky 25 Hawkins 71 Sullivan 26 Harris 72 28 Orr 73 Gilburg 30 74 Smith 31 32 76 33 35 Davis 78 35 79 40 Boyd 81 41 82 Brry 43 84 43 Hill 86 Wilson 46 87 Richardson 52 89 33 of Rambler Mclaughlin Oldest Rambler Dealers io Aim a I f V I lut-suay warriors he wouldn't have any with thing wrong with 11 11 1 11 Braves vacate By Brian Braves made the most of their opportunities and skated to a triumph over Monarchs in the lone game played in the Manitoba Junior Hockey League Friday It was the Braves' fourth straight win after losing their first four With their they vaulted Into second the first time they've been out of the cellar since opening Veteran Ken broke out of a scoring firing two goals including the winner with just two minutes left in regulation Brian Siebert and Dune Rousseau garnered the other Brave Bill Brent McLean and Doug Fox tallied for FRUSTRATING LOSS It was a frustrating loss for They outplayed the Braves through most of the encounter but inept shooting put the damper-on offensive The first period was scoreless as both teams seemed to have trouble getting The checking was close and several times all 10 players were bunched within a few feet of each Monarchs jumped into a lead early in the second Scott opened the firing in a McLean t our minutes later the two combined this time with McLean dumping in his own rebound after taking Scott's It took Braves only 21 seconds to get back in the game as got his first thanks to some poor defensive play by the Dick Kenning put a beautiful pass on the stick of Siebert who made no mistake and gave the Tribe a at the end of two With the third frame but 50 seconds Rousseau gave Braves the lead for the first Fox tied it again with Braves' George Anderson in the penalty Roughrider a Rider veteran and defensive announced his decision to retire Head coach Bob Shaw had hoped to persuade the two Canadians to return for at least one more don't blame them for feeling the way they do But by next spring things could Both are real assets to this football club and would be sorely During the 1963 Whitehouse and middle guard Ron another Canadian were honored by the Roughriders Football Club and fans with a special night at Taylor guards otherwise they've just about stood Their record this season is six wins and one the lone defeat coming at the hands of the University of Manitoba Senior Football league president Johnny John advance sale for s snow- CHANNEL 3 p.m. From MEMORIAL Baltimore Minnesota Baltimore KEN bags brace It must be the last ace If Reg Waters didn't get the last hole-in-one of the golf somebody will have to knock one in with a hockey Reg was playing Elmhurst Tuesday with Larry Beeston and he hadn't put his tee shot Into the hole all So he tried it at the fourth hole and it He used his four which may now be gold-plated and given a place of prominence in the Waters living REG WHITEHOUSE top Rider scorer SHAW HAS OTHER IDEAS points for the good enough for third spot in league's scoring Warriors' Doug Overton and Ken set the pace with 20 and 18 points Summary Ft rut No Pen- Dyck Scott 4 2 McLean 3 2 Siebert 3 Marquardson Merrell Third Rousseau 5 Fox 3 3 Anderson SAVES Bochen 31 9 Stephenson 11 10 9 30 Saturday FOOTBALL High school Rivers vs Winnipeg p.m. Provincial high school BASKETBALL Exhibition University of Manitoba St. And U of M field 8 p.m. Senior ladies Flames at U of 7 p.m. HOCKEY Junior Booster Day Rangers Winnipeg 2 p.m. Sunday FOOTBALL Canadian final Montreal Norwood St. Boniface Winnipeg 2 p.m. veterans plan to retire Special to The Tribune EDMONTON The weatherman could play a big part in the outcome of tonight's western Canada senior football final between St. James defending Dominion and Ed monton Rams arrived here Friday via lines to be greeted by a seven inch snowfall and temperatures as low as 15 degrees and as high as it's stopped some sunshine is forecast for today and the field has been j Head coach Buddy Tinsley had his Rams out for a light workout I Tinsley thought the field was in reasonably good shape and quipped whether it's a hard field or a soft Injuries are the main concern with St. James Hence the arrival of Blue Bomber trainer Gord who inherited the same job with Rams late last has half a dozen cripples with linebackers Thor Halldorson and John Cameron his main Halldorson has a badly bruised Cameron a severe charley horse and ankle Other casualties are halfbacks Ernie and Billy both sporting tender rib The who bowed to St. James in last year's western have just about the same team as a year ago when they too were called the Coach Doug Henderson has a couple of new offensive 10 58 14 Cox 60 Winston 13 61 17 Britt 62 JO Noun 64 21 I 67 22 69 PyU 23 Calland 70 Marshall 28 Hall 73 29 74 30 Brown 73 32 76 Dickson 33 Dan 79 36 Kirby 81 39 n BJ Vargo 44 Row 84 lacy 45 83 32 Swain 86 53 87 Smith 89 R chow Rider BILL CLARKE confirms decision NATIONAL LINEUPS PRESENTED BY REGINA Tackles Reg Whitehouse and Bill Clarke have announced they plan to retire from professional football after more than a decade each with Saskatchewan who joined Riders in said he it over for a couple of while on a hunting trip after Saskatchewan lost to Calgary in the semi-final think it's time I packed it he said at the club's windup dinner Thursday years is long Whitehouse was a starting offensive tackle and as a place kicking specialist amassed more points In his career than any other The Home MOTORS Western Canada's PORTAGE and MARYLAND anu n I f 9