THE WINNIPEG Sat Dec 2 1961 13 Marooned At Home All Day Children WA Coffee Tea And Bazaar J. V. G. A. G. Cretton and M. What's To Be Done About Mom's The Sperling United Church Women's Auxiliary of will hold a coffee tea and bazaar from 11 a.m. to p.m. and 2 to 4 p.m. Thursday in the T. Eaton Assembly Sportswear Exclusively Husbands Have Their Say And Wives Have Their Say husbands reason to feel insecure in her was is nothing a husband can do during the day to make her forget the Receiving will be president John G. A. Leroy B. I. G. M. A. G. McNeill will open the General conveners are A. Archibald and J. There will be a sale of home candy and Others in charge are G. J. M. J. B. the suggestion that the husband could help relieve the monotony by taking his wife out to dinner or a show would not even go so far In what way should the hus band make his wife feel IN discontented wives and he hung Red father of got a very good She has never asked me for any By Fred Annesley Tribune Staff Writer Husbands should smarten this boredom True the feminine trait of answering a question with a Winnipeg wives asked this when queried about what as to say a husband should take I don't she his wife t once a My shouldn't always let her husband but many cannot afford this and I think it is as know where he Is or phone her when he is going to be late for This sort of thing keeps her worrying and women love to husbands should do to help them hut when he comes home he should be sure she forgets Tom Hendry echoed been working like a maid all day A husband should make her feel that she isn't a maid when he comes He should overpower her reality and that is a tough struggle to A bachelor had the last He did not want his name pub overcome the boredom of their daily household thing in all the years we've been I try to see that she has all the conveniences in the home she needs and we try to get out at least once a If you leave them at home they get in a You've got to be good to give them lots of love and That's There was a quick change of Most of the wives and mothers And this alone will solve the By Ann Henry Tribune Staff Writer Husbands should be That's the view of Winnipeg husbands asked what they should do to help overcome the drab reality and boredom of their wives' daily household To the housewife locked in the home with small children the outside world isn't a gay place of bright cafes and It's that big grey place From she sees the the breadman or the store delivery She may bundle up the children for a jaunt to the corner market and the most excitement in her uneventful week may be Junior cutting his finger or the baby smearing jam on the clean I who are confined problem of Christmas Bazaar St. Theresa Church in Middle- to their homes all took x to the word she man who is fool enough to Before they were prepared to try ana the hus he said because he did not want to be swamped pace with the next phone call level criticism at the husband's behavior towards them after church will continue the Christmas bazaar Sunday from 2 to 11 p.m. Sponsored by the parish features of the event don't do the male with proposals of Here was his voice their he gets home from they role is just plain asking for I've never heard anything so ridiculous in my life as this garbage about wanted that cleared will be home sewing much as any woman should expect of her husband to be taken out twice a she firmly believe that a wife's place is at home taking care of her husband and children and she should ask too much of the husband who has been working all I will that I like him to talk to me in the evening and not just sit and watch Maurice recently married had a strong word to say about the overuse of for relieving am in favor of individual hobbies for husband and wife and 1 think the husband should go out on his own at least once a This makes for a more partner who does not Mark Danzker have some very definite views on this My contention is that church games and gives men the idea lor a nappy mar a Sunday life in the home with young they have it too easy as it is A husband who is always trying to please his wife makes children is they don't have time to be The women are badly The Tribune want ad section tor a very cum is the buyer's When the word Another woman gave a curt No responsibility is assumed by Go to a football he a little off was substituted for What can a husband do about the see the if the housewives felt ready to ans ands of teenagers with no par husband should his wife with the same tenderness and consideration after marriage as he did a wife has the assurance she is loved she'll be happy no matter how much work she has to do in the home and with She wouldn't get The answer then I is to treat your wife like a he the whole So there you have it Winnipeg More less lest more for everybody all the way A number of Winnipeg hus attending with This One thing the husband should CHRISTMAS FEATURE SPECIAL BOUQUET ana one were is the cause of juvenile delin not do is to flop into an arm I don't think housework Ron father of is It's women's reply to the could be reminded that he has a she William mother of said that taking the wife out to dinner once a week is not the total She said that the husband and wife should belong to some organization to take up a sport together said she felt television was the big strike chair after dinner and utter nary a word to his wife until the late movie fades Every heather green i have a hard and fast feel obligated to stay at home and they spend too much Gift specialties in Jant-zen's fabulous collection of Thick Thin pullovers and cardigans In heavenly shades and Trl-cosa's import bulky cardigans with interesting continental See our Pre-Christmas sale of sweaters and Why bother with Shopping when we offer you individual attention and service Casual Wear GRAHAM WINNIPEG About Our Christmas rule about We get out at time creating on their without was I satin I Delivered 22 and 23 least once a It's some rear quick to point this and talk with his the husband has a hobby and goes out with the boys now and he can talk to his wife thing to look forward I'm in an exciting business and wife is interested in it This Margaret mother of went along with POTTED PLANT Many husbands contacted said they didn't really know what they could do about the boredom of housework and shut-in Choice helps to keep things rolling Mr i Delivered 22 more easily when they are at home together and I think an discussion with heri We do reach this sort against encouraging the husband to talk to his wife when he comes home from Jho Above feature Values They would like to take their wives out they but they couldn't afford to do it They made the best of husband in the evening is what of crisis as everybody but I think getting out once a week is important and that's Art at These George mother most women Only On Advant Orders by 18 what we Himelfarb stressed that They recognized the dulling practice of husband and feet of A man who preferred to be anonymous men wife organizations to goes a long said one don't appreciate their gether and taking part in sports together tends to make them Many do not even like their your wife knows you understand tired of each it isn t so togetherness is carried One husband huffed a bit and too she husband claimed HIS wife was NOT who can talk to his wife at home Nate greatly relieves the said a couple start And what should the talk of shied at the suggestion husbands should take their wives out to dinner once a whole problem is ROUTINE and this dinner once a week is just more she Hellman said the husband should come up with the occasional suggestion when he notices the housework is getting his wife she long as it is is what the home-bound mother He should he able to feel when she needs a break just as he depends on her to notice when he is tired or The conclusion to be drawn from the answers of the Winnipeg ed right and run their life like a business they can avoid that anything at kind of There should be equality between man and said Stan who stays at home with her first And it's their fault much of the They're not mature enough to love Mature Iov takes friendship and tenderness and if a husband wants he can share his life with his Men who run away from their wives and have to a night out with the boys or even get ideas about other women are just not grown wouldn't get bored with even though it is drudgery he their husbands treated them They'd be happy and contented at home if their husbands cared about them and showed takes he said REGISTERED NURSES General Hospital requires nurses for General On paved highway close to Enjoy rural life with city readily Plans for new construction and expansion well Salary Scale to With Credits Allowed for Please Contact Director of District know he is usually tired when he gets home but wife and no such thing as tier work and his They should help each And if a man thinks he has to go out four just a little news from the world is a great boost for said that the nights a week with the boys and leave his wife at home he husband should not be expected to take his wife out too shouldn't get One husband you She reckons that about once every two weeks should and stated the an That s asking too much from I a mere You figure it is very nice to go out to dinner now and then and have someone else wash the she I'm not really Home Decor Forum w i complaining much about monotony A bachelor who asked to be said that the wife would not complain of mon- anybody that's to anxious to get you sura take your timo getting if the husband gave her Don t Make Excuses for Just Make the Most of It id v p. 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An expert tells me your comforter can be washed in mild water with a You have used all the things a serviceman would use on the surface of your freezer with the exception of vanilla The only thing that seems left to do is to have a serviceman come for a He will probably take the freezer apart and clean all hidden RY Be prepared for unexpected Avoid frantic moments by replacing limp curtains now with crisp ones or touch up scarred woodwork try a new furniture The size and cost of house and furniture are not really import But it IS important to make most of what you Many people live with more grace and charm in a one-room efficiency apartment than others in a room Never do of making excuses for your FINAL WEEK SPECIA A mm a DEAR I have Early American furniture and want the ji A. Long Cocktail A 1 J B. 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You're off to a good Do have the a dull shade often called I suggest a docu CHILDREN'S GARMENTS A S S I I y j J Dining Room and Bedroom j j Q d Clean Classic J I 63 5 or Lifetime of service in your J I 2 Solid Mahogany Legs and JJ j g Five-ply cored stock better for strength and better for j 1 4 showing-off the carefully matched Mahogany 1 q 8 a Gift for your for All Your favorite FIREPLACE FUELS 0 CANNEL COAL In Handy 50 Bagi Heat Clow O In Handy 40 Bags TO 12 print with an off-white with red-and-blue design for the large sofa and possibly a wing or other upholstered The small sofa would be pretty with a blue-and-white check or plaid Perhaps the seat of a small chair could be plain An Ka a. 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