YEAR JULY 1958 PHONE WHitehall FULL COLOR MAGAZINE and TRIBUNE COLOR COMICS WEST EAST HURL THREATS i Allies Warned To Move Out from The Middle East crisis has turned into a waiting game involving strongly-worded demonstrations and troop but little warlike Centre of the storm shifted Friday from Lebanon Stinson Gets Reply Tories Prepare 3 Action Premier Duff Roblin has indicated his government Is preparing to take action in the legislature on crop supplementary assistance to old age pensioners und federal-provincial fiscal and Jordan where the United States and Britain has moved in troops after the Iraq coup to the united Nations in New York where smaller powers are attempting to find some means of getting- and U.S. forces out of the two countries and move in a UN police Prairie Sprinter Ousted Strongest threat came from President Nasser of the United Arab Republic who warned that any movement against the new Iraq regime would be met with President returning from a surprise meeting with Soviet Premier said the flag of liberation will soon be raised in Lebanon and Algeria path and A statement issued by the Soviet Foreign Ministry in Moscow said Russia will not remain indifferent to what it called Anglo-American acts ot aggression in the Middle East and added that Russia will take measures dictated by the Interests of the security of the Soviet Union and preservation of the general A similar warning was contained lift WIH r Sl Smith Told Iraq Action Not Set By JOHN R. WALKER WASHINGTON Canada's External Affairs Minis-tor Sidney Smith is Secretary-General Dag with the necessity for immediate United Nations action on the foremost in his mind from his talks with Dulles and seven years era has ended and training of NATO fliers will here at other stations la if for the In North coronation raise their Instruments in practice day's ceremony at Index Officers Defy PM to Act on Strike CARDIFF Stuart Cameron of was eliminated from the yard dash today at the Brit ish Empire Mike Agostini of Vancouver won his heat in seconds and is the sole Canadian survivor in the Ken Money ot Canada's entry the high was one of 11 contestants who survived the qualifying round at Cardiff Arms The final will be run off later Cameron placed fourth in seconds behind Tommy Robinson of the who won the heat in equalling the old Games record which he broke in first round of aries with a clocking of The first two finishers in each heat qualified for the to be run off later this Makes Amends toward the height of five inches were marked by three first-attempt failures but he made the second try on each In the lawn bowling competition Canada's pairs entry remained unbeaten after two rounds but the singles and rinks competitors suffered second-round defeats against Scotland in round-robin The Canadians faced England In the third round this In this Alex Houston and George- Dewar of Vancouver downed their Scottish opponents in the but Jack Linford of who won his opening match Friday lost to Willie Jones of Scotland Bow to Scots The Edmonton rink skipped by Sterling Shields lost its second straight bowing to the Scottish foursome New Zealand eliminated Canada in the first round of the team foil The Canadian Carl George Tully and Roland Asselin ot lost seven of its nine The University of British Columbia eight-oared crew easily won its heat to advance to Tuesday's finals in the opening event ot the rowing and sculling competition at Lake Warm At Weekend Temperatures will soar to the in Winnipeg and the Interlace district this with skies clear and winds The weather office says a few scattered thunderstorms can be expected Sunday morning and These Will not be general and should not hamper outdoor VICTORIA Striking en- officers on Black Ball only remaining ferry service Vancouver Island and the British Columbia mainland Friday night defied a provincial in a Communist China note handed the British charge at The note said there would be if Britain did not withdraw from Jordan but made little mention of U.S. troops in Neither statement gave any indication of what action the two big Communist powers might take if the and Britain did not The U.S. state department In turn told President Nasser that any attack on U.S. forces In the Middle East by units could grave State Secretary Dulles accused Russia of fomenting anti-Western revolution in the British Foreign Secretary Selwyn Lloyd and Dulles continued their on Page Still Pro UNITED Hashim Jawad presented here Friday as the representative of the new Iraqi government and promptly told reporters still consider ourselves of the pro-Western Baghdad Whether Iraq will Join the Egyptian-Syrian United Arab Republic is a question for Jawad and is not being considered He said Monday's Iraqi revolution was purely Iraq wants friendship all big will be political there will be elections and there will be everything that we have missed for the last 10 he will have a welfare Honor Commitments He said his where the West has oil would live up to all Its obligations economic and has not renounced the Baghdad he has never been We consider ourselves still Our friendship for the United States is still the I can assure you that my government cherishes warmest wishes for the United He confirmed that sometime United Nations spokesman for the old Iraqi was awaiting He also confirmed that King Crown Prince Abdul Ilah and Premier- Nurl Said are He said new government controlled the whole stained the building with blue and fields will be presented to the legis lator due Roblin Ilis is contained in a letter sent this week to Mani toba Lloyd in to a letter Stinson wrote lart week to Prima Minister Stinson also sent a copy of his letter to the The leader asked the fed eral government to take immediate steps to fight a economic He suggest ed a public works a floor price for changes In and an early federal-provincial conference with municipal Step Already Taken will be pleased to Roblin has the government of Manitoba has anticipated the matters about which you write and that steps have already been taken to deal With the most pressing matters referred Apart action due on the three topics mentioned in the Roblin Is also working on legislation promised for the fall session of the House on farm an industrial development bank and increased education the province's drought assistance program for announced last the premier said his government was conducting additional negotiations with federal officials to amend make it more suitable to the needs of Manitoba Policy Unchanged can also assure you that our policy in respect to crop Insurance hat not been changed and that in due course we will be proposing measures to the legislature in connection with this most important During the last session ot the the Conservatives spoke in favor of a plan designed especially for Manitoba rather than a am also happy to the premier the question of assistance to old age pensioners In under active consideration and will be a subject proposals to the legislature in due The same comment can be applied to the matter of federal-provincial fiscal Bloodshed Continues Cyprus Violence wiped out six lives and wounded five persons Daytime cur fews were clamped on Nicosia and the The biggest breach of the peace came at 10 miles south where three Turkish Cypriots were slain while draw ing water from a pump outside the The curfew was announced security forces moved out to try to stop It was imposed after a govern building guard shot and kill ed an unidentified and a Turkish Cypriot was shot else where in the A Cypriot Greek was found shot to death in Beside the body lay a badly wounded Bui Outside gunmen tacked a Turkish wounding two while in the city two Greek Cypriots were wounded in the Turkish Six daily newspapers appeared this morning the first time in eight The papers had Jn protest against the imprisonment of a Greek who refused to sign a Dona he would not write articles that the island govern went say might be 1 i Seek Out Ragweed MONTREAL About children from city playgrounds win be recruited to cut down ragweed in the Montreal area Ragweed pollen is reported to ment had no right to require such here Probe Proceeds On Mail Theft City detectives said today investigation is continuing into the theft of hundreds of letters of business correspondence from at least nine mail boxes' in Winnipeg and St. James' Thursday Smith has gone New York I with U.S. and British assurances that military in Iraq not with the knowledge that both nations are worried by lack of enthusiasm In the non-Communist world for their actions in and and anxious for the UN to step into the as fast as The expected Russian veto of the American resolution at the UN security Friday plus U.S. Ambassador Henry Cabot Lodge's call for an emergency session of the UN general assembly has focused all eyes once again on this world Much may depend on what Smith and Canadian Ambassador Norman Robertson can bring up with them from their highly secret Washington talks with British Foreign Minister Selwyn Lloyd and Secretary of State John Foster SOU Hope There Is still some hope that a vituperative general assembly session can be This depends on how a. Japanese resolution now before security council for expanding the UN observer group in Lebanon into a body somewhat nearer the size of the present U.S. can be revised over the weekend to get even Russian It is a slim chance but the Canadian delegation is hard at work with others in seeking an acceptable compromise that will place a UN force in being and let the Americans The question of where the UN has no active role would have to be handled It is not at all clear whether Smith has any definite proposals to suggest to but having a better idea now what the British and American strategy Is the Middle he may be on Page Coldwell's Column 7 Wonders of Universe P. 7 Ottawa Notebook P. 7 Report TV P. 3 Report Theatre P. 5 Parents Only P. 5 More Teachers Are in Sight P. 17 Finance 31 Editorials 6 Sports 18 to 20 Classified 21 to 29 23 Entertainment 11 Eric 23 12 to 15 Comics 23 TV 10 Obituaries 4 9 Church 10 Crash Kills City 6 A Winnipeg girl was killed and a Selkirk teenager slightly early today when a car carrying three persons struck a concrete at the junction of 4 and 9 highway at Lockport and Darlene of In Selkirk hospital with concus sion and abrasions is Patricia Ann reported that Darlene had accompanied Gordon of St. to Selkirk on a visit to The driven by was returning to at a.m. when it went of control on 9 highway as it neared the southern limits of Th that ha had been blinded momentarily by the lights of an oncoming An Inquest will 9 Americans Win Release BERLIN The United States and East Germany were reported today to have reached agreement on the release of nine U.S. Army men held in East Germany since their helicopter strayed behind the Iron Curtain June Western sources said an official announcement Is expected and the East Germans-are expected to hand over the men at the West German in the Commons today on government's minister was in conference afternoon with Minister Michael Starr and Claude president of the giant Canadian Labor on the spreading which has now all sea links between Van couver and Vancouver Public Works Minister Howard is at the charged with responsibility of seeking an immediate resumption of service of CPR and Black Ball coast The prime conferred by telephone with the coast He is have demanded immediate action to end the The sailings of from Nanaimo to Horseshoe Bay and of the Chinook from Bay to were cancelled when crews refused to board the Passengers were stranded at both The in defiance of the government which seized the line under the Civil Defence began late Thursday over a wage The government appealed for qualified volunteers man the Jio Surface Transport The strike left the Vancouver Island residents with no water transportation to the The Canadian Pacific way's steamship service was shut down by strike of the Seafarers International Union May watched bronco-busters bite the dust at a She then boarded her luxury transport for the flight to first-stop in the picturesque orchard valley between the Coast and Columbia mountain A Pacific Western Airlines plane took the royal party on to Vernon where it landed on Lake After customary the princess was taken on a tour of and then to a hill overlooking the lake ot many- From there she flew to government order to return to Prime Minister ls taking personal hand in federal to end the twp-month-old An announcement will made East German Reds Purged BERLIN Moscow-backed leader of East German Communist has party members and officials in a national party according to reports reaching West Usually reliable sources here said started the purge after some of his leading comrades with trying to form an group against him last piano and bask in the sun before continuing her B.C. Despite the hectic from tail-coat receptions' to cow-country fairs by car and the royal visitor looked cool and fresh at the half-way mark of her B.C. Friday was the most crowded-and noisy day so far for the fast-moving princess and she seemed to enjoy it most of The day started with a wild west fair when Margaret arrived by at Williams Lake in the rode behind a pair of rearing draw-horses in an ancient ate a two-helping breakfast arid Federal pest investigators are working with city and suburban police on the unusual thought to be the first large scale post box rifling of its kind in western Detectives said they could sec no reason for the pattern of the thefts in the two widely separated parts of the There have been no arrests so and none of the mail has located the Boxes were pried open at Ban-nerman and Inkster and St. Redwood and Mathe-son and The St. James boxes were located at Harcourt and Woodhaven and Mount Royal and Bruce and Ferry and in Silver lowed the arrest last week of five members of the Sons of Freedom who later were charged with con-spring to cause When the princess stepped ashore from a seaplane children who had waited an hour in the heat let out a roar of The princess broke into a broad Thousands lined the four-mile drive to her the home of J. Bruce The rambling Summer-grove Is set on a Here the princess will be able to play the Four-Day Stop in Country 40 Mounties to Guard Margaret 0 Embassy Attack Draws Protest MOSCOW and- the United States today protested to the Russian foreign office against demonstrations in-front of their embassies' They asked for for damages and assurances that there would be no repetition of B.C. security measures were rigidly tightened as Princess Margaret arrived Friday night at a ed estate beside Lake Okanagan for four days of Frogmen checked the beach area around the The new bridge over Lake which the princess was to open today in one of her few public appearances was closely About 40 officers are on duty at the estate and others are scattered at strategic points throughout the The extra-strict measures fol- green ink hurled in Chinese Communist today hurled pebbles at employees of the British Embassy on duty at the embassy gates is Employees also were struck by a spear wielded by a man dressed up as in Arab The Chinese foreign in a reply to British requests for on Fage the mob Embassy officials said the situation there appeared today as extra police guards kept curious passersby moving past the- approximately shattered windows and ink-stained A rowdy and raucous mob of more than Russians ed at least windows in the U.S. Embassy here Friday and n i V