Kansas City, Mo. flarch 9, 1958

Ear. " Robert J Lockhert

Ste. 15 - Roslyn Apartments

‘I65 Roslyn Road Winnipeg, Menitoba,«canada

Dear er. Lockhart, %

Due to unfortunate business circumstances, our spi-prytanis Den Kaser is unable to attend your installation, and so I have been designated to be Ghief Installing Officer in his place. .1 understand that you have been in corresgondence with nick Hall concerning your program. He has gone over it in a general

way with me and will sork out the final details with you upon

his arrival late in the week.

we cent this to be an especially fine installation on account of its historical implications for Tau Kappa Epsilon and because your group is to be the first Canadian chapter.

I have advised nr. Percy of my travel plans and am now

anticipating this comming weekend with a great deal of p1easure.4

J.R.Salsbury Grand crysophyloe