V MM THE WINNIPEG EVENING DECEMBER 1933 r DIM WIS MUCH TO IT'S CIT un of This is the twenty-fifth of a teries of announcements letting the story of Manitoba's ana the contribution men and women of many tanas have made to the progress and development of this The Manitoba Trustees' association also has a number of Ukrainian An intense love of art and handicraft takes a large place in the life of this and in this province the Ukrainian Women's Handicraft association has hundreds of Manitoba Field I a H s k W v a j From the beautiful countryside with its quiet its rich and verdant from the teeming populous towns picturesque villages of the Ukraine have come a people who have a very prominent part in the development of Manitoba from the earliest The pioneer years of Winnipeg saw Ukrainians civic and some of the frontier farms were first broken by these hardy In a past persecution was the unhappy lot of the This portion of Europe had no natural barriers against invasion of neighboring To seek from the oppression they sought a new Their trek to Canada grew and today some Ukrainians are resident in The Ukrainians are an progressive people with an intense love of home and community Music has played a big part in their and they have brought to Manitoba the songs of their Many of these but as one listens to the more serious lyrics one can easily detect that plaintive note that has been bom of But they love this expressive and their contribution to Canada in this field has been important Their poetry is simple and carries in it many thoughts of the beauty of their and their love of home In the City of Winnipeg there are three large the calibre of which are well Many of the churches also have their v musical Instrumental music also has a strong hold among and there are few cannot perform to a commendable A surprisingly large number of these people have become teachers of In educational circles they have taken a leading Among the educationists of Manitoba are to be found farmers they are prominent in the They are hardworking and are not easily discouraged by adverse The training of many generations stands them in good stead in this arduous toil Especially during the last 25 years the Ukrainians have moved into the ranks of the and lawyers' and nurses' organizations all have their Ukrainian They take a great in and one of Manitoba's is a Devotion to their church is one of their The Greek Catholic and the Greek Orthodox church both have their many internal and are in a flourishing condition both as regards finance and Loyalty to Canada is another factor which the Ukrainians clear ly Only a very small percentage of Ukrainians have accepted the Communist The overwhelming majority are content to remain true to tl adopted the Allied forces In Ukrainian men who in the Great War have their own returned i tree from the many Manitoba is certain to benefit to a high d commendable factors that the great people into the life of this during their period of welder These comprise one school and a number of x- BW i- V X B I K h B B jf aBB m M M 9 1 m 1 v bB I B bW fi BBb I i. Bt BBB i M mi J M it BL BB MB 1 A I L J I Bl BS Hn R v x J- V J H BaM v v ss HLl SH I l i i-r. t KEi 1 ff I VH I I II bbB bI I jr tarn i pa 1 BB i BB TAm announcements hate been made possible by the ration 0 the Public institutions Jn bH i. J. H. A A. McNichol I h k-c k i will Wll Pit Chr cf Public Limited Cental Columbia T. Eiton C H. A Lid A Som Company Union Electric A