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L. 1 WI WatT a In a lbs treat Jury to mull hum aa- Ie ealy now tut- a Mica the result el ilia erey ol and it U U U U Uto IU 1 tuK Than ou ba o thai f-lua la tt city Lara kea i a ia IU but baa ta a boost or a U It ouli peola aa bast aKai ap nw as wl at Uw I may b a ilu I i la th city f t i to ba to aa much pre party ai aery I J can gut Tua cl t f U U to f a i Ibry baa tta laUa t oa ul nuking aay their ta ol Ilia bava tbt aul tura iotha 1 they aa allow property to to tha belt D ruu ol check i ia tha to i a ol pun-hue paid in hoa Uia j I policy 1 ol ol bold II a ia to aol tha h biva helcl it as lima aa- lura tha ol iba who will pat ap oo mora i 1 a mr to tha plum We ila But that oar tha prica at their realty to any anwar-t aa It la well to a good aa let them tha pay- f at ol a ul tha wiil put aa irato opoa peculator who doaa pot an J It will aa a to tha Voder no valuable I ba looked ap lor a lengthy period without a I cab being paid do not ol apply to j who ataka In a Uka aad who their good by making 1 ch when are Tha Krea and other recalling ul title of Philadelphia and la to tha reciprocity treaty ol aided Lf tha ol tha Trout ol thai Important ii which aa fully to tha i foiled aa to tha ol T. ol I k aad damn ol St. appointed by John ol tha la tha war appointed with a lull that i they radically Ilia policy of i reciprocal tha k having baco i lator than j Bod to tha tha treaty ol ol tha ol 1 St. and The Dow United Statu I at waa tha Grit ol tha und row the Northern railway ol a corpora- V tion which found ita ft i j lo tha argument upon London and Ita on tha International Iron- tier waa tha to tha Do organized aa 1 and and 1 Of tha Dominion of Previously lo Taylor bad been i by Henry governor ol tha ol during a to tha Ked to 1 upen the ol tha North- to Central which report communicated to to wu by tha nd tha following are material Ck noly related ta U a ol a poli With the of the colonial to New Caledonia and now lean to be there reMon to that the of the United and Kagland will con summate tha settlement of tho pro dispute In Central by an 1 of tha future of the 1 and American of mutual and good an international compact pro-wide for a and union between tha and the United It at all that the enlarged in Ita and for a long period ol ba extended to the and in connection therewith all law American end lor-eha-built be freedom of navigation on all the river of the respective j Such a policy of free trade and navigation with America would i to tho United and tv the all tha commercial without the political of and would In the aura pro-arrea of eventa relieve our frontier from the and ol war fraternal The of Minnesota and cial to the above and of a tenor waa the report cf Taylor above referred a copy of which I not before but from which the London Free cot the following attack upon the policy of can be traced one the shipping interest of New York and tha liars of transportation the wi I he and railway Interest ol the Vork and I are el the a ol tit u. I K ul IM ai ta M. Lk aad Uie aal ea u Maua pl Malta Be fored ty ta ei tra-le aad a i-v la pursue ot after the el by tia a r- part U l n IU cl dia-ca iad aad at VI r. tb St. C U aa Ua af ia er af aa ta a ta ei to aad aa f U ol tha but r cat ec brae bave basa 1 the it is la a el Koine a el ea the ol II J-ba a ol aad a el aa ia a liua every way ia the eo-Urau a both If Um ie a a Baw era la Ue el Nar-th aad we will add ia the world a be We will aa ia ease of the eld Treaty aad el the Treaty el thai such aa al el would al W brat Urd al directly wila L. Secretary ol aad la IsTl ef was I ling bis lavale-able aid as toe at 11 by a happy Ird with blent aad Sir Joka Maine assisted respectively by r- a not a tl every would b mia the far lit of all Kif as a would lbs peace nations and the rr hit the s-athor pr well fur Oat el ninety three issued from Toronto evenly or hj 9 per cent were Hi other predicted were ea ol tha The statistics ol Germany show Including member of the and Called other Including the and other Independent 1 and Ol tha Independent are ol whom are member ol number of Sunday Schools lathe Colled la and ac toUl in Sunday In and In Newfoundland and Labrador and total In Sunday The grand 1 1 and 1 total la Sunday Under the wd with the the Kree this morning a column or more of unadulterated In It manner It gore Over the charge against Its member aad reelecting the honor ol their Urge following in the In fact It the length of calling In Integrity of the people all over the province who have supported the government On would think that by this timi the Kree would have that the public are heart of It They have been ait aside long ao by a the of a and vindictive who on discovering hi own character and reputation seeks to damage all his former political allies by charging them with every crime In the Tha Kree Tree must something it must branch out en a fresh fur the public ero of the eld it turm It attention to ei it a out to the The public would like to hear what It baa lo aay about K sot out In most term Iti reason for calling tho Kree an Several day have and no reply hai been An answer would come like an In of ot baaed on exploded We have not heard anything recently about tha Sun The public have a right to know all about that The Free know all about for It editor and Acton mended V wo beg they recommended tha purchase of the and it would ba Interesting reading to all the The are exploded non est they don't tin are tick ol hearing and w would advise the Kree Tree to try another mare There may be nothing In but It will have the advantage ol being I I OaM the are A Till gl Toronto has stated that ao far aa he can learn the in the have only one wile but that in private they are II this information be true the Mormon plan ia very similar to that of the though large bave but one U John law ol last does not appear to cover this new phase ol the The statute prohibits plural That la to it at the but as regard other against morality It is iii Toronto The whole McKInley I articles which we exported to the United State list year to the value ol and the new duties are In nearly every case We are thus to be forced to find now if we for over ono-fifth of our total exports a task which may present no to the newspaper but which our farmer men will regard very We coin ol nor have our neighbor any reason to feel compunction at what seems their barah treatment ol W have de adopted a policy of commercial with instead of one ol and we have only our-elves to reproach U prove The protectionist among ui to but the be it have little In common with those who will ba the chief the Tor all troubles Uit lock s and rou Ike liver tn action all S A ii T Fowler's nf Wild 1 and I think 11 tn-Mt lor It hn deal to ni ic if aud Your W For ui a s b They by tonic natural Tiny do not and may be at any o ROBINSON to announce that their stock for the coming season is arriving and will be complete in every Among the latest novelties will be found a full assortment of including Costume New Foulis and Thin Cloths at our usual close j Mantle Gloves Underwear and Gents' Furnishings are all and contain a full assortment and variety of the latest We carry a choice assortment of and Imported Scotch All the latest styles in Dress Trimmings and including Epaulets these are and the newest We solicit your inspection and comparison of prices at an early MAIN DAT AND Will commence at loe BUSINESS COLLEGE September Announcement McKAY t HIX 04 UAIN Fresh Butter and Fresh iu sius or non m down to lowest T ind a ei y to of Uie J. HOFFMAN'S BANKRUPT GOLD AND SILVER W RICHES AT I HALF OF THE ORIGINAL Triple an-l at ott the of df-tc at fur price lo ia Main i CALL AND VIEW FRESH UN'S OF mm IN Work Card Letter Writing Scrap m HEW MAIM AT TIIE MORNING CALL RESTAURANT Served up in all at m of cook and a to to our Meals at all Open and Neil Central I R PUT II N 5 Market Coal E. WALL Main north I. f. MAN Goods s Fall Trade BROWNLOW'S Vill i Our han n. from hm d And now dj us ci-th and conceivable with tha very cf t runk And the ol and and are d In 1 and lai AND QUILTS-Nod only to hp reon to bo alwarn A portion of our old country and AVD in I imI t and niall CaHal Our are and to tha Stor of ami THE for or to in at any lime ut m 1 h In and vir for U a on tho In apply to On K run in a or flat N. N. COLE lUv Juat received another consignment ol Serges The warp Is pure 0 ami nr-t-U- We fear a at and Kv ry oue Kt aud wa ili to The ral will wear not And the will at and on tha sea or lae 1 he 1 ny u a navy l ite Urn and iSo for it none to un Aud la to tanti Tre j Hue 1 COLE COS KAH ITT Iff From Montreal i Liverpool DOMINION- do BEAVER do I B If IP New York I Every taO ISMAH do do n York Every I V To Glasgow are booked by the ard all other linca Uie at the Faroe 9 10 and to JUu cean from local agent lie sella at very lowest and are d Round trip tickets on at rod need and are avail a bio for Berths on any e learner free of charge to your out from Uie old through any for rates of fare an 4 full particular from Steamship or Ticket I NAVIGATION Beatty's Sarnia 7 1 i-ft a i anil PORT with all the in the East aid via TO THE TOI AB lines for the Bi-onery of H. Mane is U to shipper of routes die-pit ich anil Do you I fort Arthur p.m. I I J 7 I a For rales and Information to H. Oi Aa-ent N. K fc M. O. H. and C. V. K H. O. St. M. or any of or Ul JAa C. W. and 1 Main BUSINESS PROPERTY an that pay 0 pr on and can be lo pay 10 per neU T extra well built and well con Mining five a wing cellar and with water and all in Price eV down cash and on BROCK 4 MAIN very valuable Main street rental-bearing on our THE BILLIARD m the hotel haa alt rat ions and will make it to none for i and The new atone and addition is being elegantly having hot and on each floor with un lur ino rc of about the of Junt- Hut la of may le In advance by to the manager at any The new laur and room Is In the largo addition to the old in in warm The in the lako of the in with Uie hotel low to THE RUSSELL The who ha had twenty-five aa a hotel in tiie honor to announce to and the travelling public that he haa leased thin and haa ft ail and and FOUR LARGE SAMPLE The menn of the will be found to K cry ai tent ion to the comfort of The rear of the hotel a of An omnibus ai tends the amrai of all COMPLETELY J. Druggist I waa out of sorts three and had no with p. n in On Initio of your and nas completely cured me nf nature I fend you with mine to liv and Water M. M HT HOB JAMES COOPER or X U U Track U 1 RAILS Agents for SU j. Hopper and J. H. THE HI IB AND RAILWAY Connecting at the International Willi NORMN PACIFIC ARB NOW of tc Canada bj either All Rail or Lake and Rail They run Dally Trains from Winnipeg qui ped Pullman Palace Sleeping Elegant Dining and Free CONNECTING roB ALL POINTS if lf patrons a and Close al all to recent ch an tree In time tables ran now a continuous trip to the Kat via the all-rail belter than by any othor U is the only line by which connection can be made with the steamers of the Transit n. aed the Northwest Live days out of Uie a pleasant trip through Uie All for points Canada checked away with OCEAN and Berths to and from and All linea Train Bally to all Montana and via ie Tills ia th lioe to Helena and and the only all raU line to TACOMA AND Favorite Route for California For full Information on or your ticket Bur Agent ol the or H. J. Vain EL Aft Past Ticket Water at M. P. St. A CENTRAL RESIDENCE LOT Suitable tor a Tor sale cheap and on easy Money will be loaned to n. OVER IMPERIAL MAIN Investment Company LOAN On Farm and City In A few rood farm Address W. B. General Agent Male Bt and Baal la Ike 1 1 1 a ke-nea tl F- Pr It t U ll a M K sla-s E a It ia 1 T. I la ihm A ai a Ti- a. it k a w cral-a arr-i la am tl 1 ll B. VV a a m I I t ti aa aio ial i-rr v ut i cr t-v it is i tt f u- a t ui-f a u ua J al aa fr- tu asa our c Lum i a its owa tic 4 aJ a a aT as a. a T uv IQ and la l aJ Ha C. I a-j has aa u. ILal caa loaa in ua ltv- M uC Bo 11 Im hs w ut r. tt uta as la a a a lo- a il It au-ud u ad Aad as and b ti I I y tr I I ai-J i ra- I arM eel I l a ar ic j I l.-f limit to lM a i a UiO Tro-y lias lia l t U-e m em Ty ta era liu r Bil Mill a a r tl liu-r of II S t 1 fie ool haa l I lo n. U'S Ilm ul our aid are al i of l a fi lite l ua aa an a i A ta Vim t Special think it waa Mark Twain in and B Such waa the ol the woman who vaa in the I ol the lumber bark h Ian led la this but thing wee to eer-ce and rosed out la a dugout some twelve I i to a dial where the vessel hove Mis stole into the hold and by till two was n a. gm nw on M f Vancouver landed I In tins u h j provided the woman n lo 1 met on the ship's crew 1 he woman ia about alz foe JJ probably two a aa though aha could keep peace i. She baa masculine and la not Her hair U massive and tied In a great knot and down the back to the sailor waa towing bur and when I met them they were looking for an gence Tha aie of the sailor as with the woman was and h looked like a all tug towing an average-air-d W hat will become of the woman 1 do not but there la some talk of sending the poor thing i en Sunday the new Calgary church waa Alexander of this the in the The Herald aay them wu tha beauty ol and he bandied his subject in a masterful The owing to the as not a lai ge a lu the when aratu greatly to the ol an audience that tilled the ol Modine preached In the the audience at this service being the same as in the The at all the session waa very collection for the day amounted to Monday lectured In the church on a popular He la not only a very able preacher but B very popular lecturer Bod Two must interesting were delivered at the Church cf the In the morning by the Cow rector ol W and la tha evening by Canon ol St. John's to the and probably alao to the bell not through being out ol there was but a small the ol listening to a most Interest-ing There was a much larger congregation In the when Canon was listened to with the deepest Tha enlargement to the church already completed Is a great and the arrangements lor the choir and organ p of the voices being to lar greater advantage than Calgary HOT HA W. of ia here at hia W. Sutton left week to In and Sutton went to he to In hia departure he waa presented with an by the Morden board cl arrived from Winnipeg to take charge ol ot Koger 4 store His Lordship Bishop In the church here last Sunday morning and Hugh preached In the church last Sunday has juat returned China and delivering a lecture on in the church on Friday 1 McConnell ha opened up a lu the ollice the J. T. has rented the real- lately occupied by He ia also going to Increase hia and the upper tl it of hia as a show roem in which tn make a proper display of hi Urge aock of furniture The trustee ol the school have added a teacher to the stall of teachers for the town and Miss lately assistant in the has arrived to occupy the She la to take charge ol the primary R. ol 1 at A. at or la American Review roe Tho tory ol to have boon written for the of allowing that woman b at that alia i has no right to be no right to b and that ah U morally for the ol her for the of her for th of her for the red of her and for the dimple in her opposite nl this doctrine ia nearer It would be lar belter to hold people lor their than lor their It may be true that the the in some way fashions the and that to that every individual la sible for his It may be that the man or woman thinking high thought will a to and a beauty to it ia not true that the tina of man can be hid at the feet cf Women aie better than they have greater they bear the burdens of la the real reason why their fault are considered Men and women each and de-aire la a condition ol progress and and everything of but there is this profound in the la m m thin desire ia the ol while In woman love ia the el II m I WORTH HOW LAND HAS ADVANCED- New A of Tea will a a ake the ease a Land ia aa Bow aa it was yeara Aa old crock fauna at the a ck tl bread M a every la Ll are a A la recently paid a 1 bene il and twenty three over twe dogs aad a A pes a with a beet aad ta k i the Beit m Loada a lo nave one very em a. Tb ladle baa a return that tu the years wd an 1 tortured hy a ta central division of L On aad case resulted In Ta legend a to the ol ie with various Not re lour accept the that aas Irom a man s The Japanese believe that ahe grew on a that aas waa one a tiie Ker siana that she Irons and the boat ah waa first a A new Invention lo ia a violin A cuse containing aix tao violas and two a pianoforte are connected by circular which are lota with the strings by mi sm of tha of which bear apon th with varying William of ba four pia that beat aver in that Una baa no trace of bind another baa no ho- but place ul the porcine and the two other have claw and toe and pretty nearly everything else that can get R of baa found Interesting relic on tb battle-Bid of U hey of the barrel of aa old maul loading that was pulled from lb ia a dilapidated a bayonet that baa been placed on niu-ule of the barrel aul battered by their contact with on the the most unique strike en record is that ol tho barbers the having of widows' They aay ia not enjoined in the and they will be darned If they da anything contrary to At least that Is the purport of Any barber who shave a bead ia lined and In the province of In there juat pasted away a remarkable Ater jow by In hia I who baa known tha old thirty that be I r him sober since bis eighteenth bid never a his life he lu COrn a drank over jc lis was in a yM kt I i. i Indeed t i a Is B b told from 1 journal th tempest thero were neither nor ut of The inhabitant of have gathered the grain and are grinding it for This C the frog to aay nothing of rain aud red of a gunner at the Marine Artillery at Portsmouth throws much on the epidemic ol which the whole Although the coroner's jury returned a verdict ol during temporary it was clearly a case of suicide from The man waa employed in the a shop ia the with extra bad to toil terribly fourteen hours a Charles A. I of announced hi ol Joshua's now claims ha ha placed exactly the ocly other ol time recorded in Ilia This is the reversion ol the hadow th dial ol A Totten Identities th day upon which it happened a the the which waa the day nf th civil month ot the year yon find petroleum you won't find an oil country Infernal insect can't tho email of the and wherever oil wells are plenty there ia no call for mosquito Over and over again I've seen leave a new oil field aa soon aa a well ll Whether petroleum applied to the face and hands will drive off 1 don t Hut one ol the few of the driller la that he's troubled by An automatic phonographic machine hia been invented In The after placing a in the tabea hia aland in front cf the lera and adjusts his position by a small looking glass above He leans a post placed a few bet in front of tha and in about live the ringing of a bell the completion cf hia while forty subsequently hia photograph is delivered to him by tha requiring only half a minute exposure to tan or a lighted match to dry or finish An additional half penny placed in the slot produce a frame for tha They have down in Monroe county according te the local loyd Upton killed oo the 3rd instant a rattler four feet in length that supported eight Darnell killed the measuring four feet one inch in length and eighteen the with nine John S. Darnell killed the premium ol tha on the Uia anake shin measured four feet six in length and sixteen and on half inches around the The anake thought he would make Darnell retreat when he made muaia with hia fifteen but he made a big Darnell dragged the gentleman home with hia bark The self lama J. S. Darnell killed outright forty-tight anake of th viper variety in oue B B a I AM From aad Heal Columbian exhibition car through tha city yesterday evening on ila way to the Toronto and John's It waa la charge ol R. city editor of the The exhibit car from Calgary alao rived in the city last evening In charge of of tha Calgary ing W ith him are II and The lug painted on will ornament the aidea of the District Canada Stock th Denver of of a from Calgary with and the of th Calgary Land of Sanny and Happy love the Land ol Our Feb I ln aed f J Jan I 1 a i ue tU r With H rane 1 1 1 Lu Norm I lAua I Iruni M. 1 t fiur It mar the baat ui 1 I t a U a f i wi ot ia tl mi rf audit Ot ajl I Lay aad Im 1 1 r V y It la r c line tha ft ati-k r o Ta i trams dia to t I H II the an of I of Bow H la Uie It la Uie J line to lake Minnetonka and the and m Para oT It ia me II t tM al fl H Ir- H J lui and II Tor irara nd apply 11 to L er f- or ri Ii 11 m To take at I June or A Lilt j I 1 B 11 tv 10 iZ I f H. I nion tat 19 3 a I. Id Hd and b r I I'd i-l til i o 3 I i v. o I l 1 9 9 Snip trail to 7 iNt 71 U iD 4 u. lil III l SS Il ia i I i-am-ade I 1 I 1 la Prairie c. ts I 0 l 13 1 V SI Duta 29 8 Sua M 2 Oaks-ill sd Ilia la Morris-Brandon 1 I lui 3 l-p Ml I i 12 J R i el I t Wi j 1 t H TJ Kt K p l i tl liw 11 jiu imi P. tiki p in Haider j j 8 l-a HM Hilton I 7 1 mi a lip 0 Brandon I an l lilt ana J will run pt 6 and li run daily except 7 v run and 8 will ran and and Limited will run Cars and Dining Cera 00 and will bo carried on all freight J. Hh Northwestern Taking effect June trains run aa Leave at Un Tuesdays for and On for Intermediate A train for liua-sell elude with Una train al Salt-coats and Leave oa and al Leave on at 1 train at Won and at train lor on Wednesday and at for leave Bi 1 at A train leaves at makes at w illi train for trains make a clone at la with Canadian train and al Willi Uie trail j of Ual I j fn iii I i I I 1 1115 91 I I j I H-tf ar j de t I S1 t 5 I'M IM t d W I I I Mat Binscarth lf f SI 04 ta a fc de K c a- i I I I i j 0 and e and d 1 aw If for and l'orme la train 1 let aud w to take on w W. j Afsa 1 Alberta Railway I Coal W- To lake at 15 Jt-ne III V. d I a I 11 j II i I t II 1 L f i fc-vrn I 1 j a liuti inure o Children Cry for Pitcher's