THE WINNIPEG DAILY SATURDAY 5 I SAMPLES WHAT THE GRAIN MEN Oram Grades ia Dakota Are Left the Saido aa met a number of of mia men They vera lot fall U but 1 nor at least it teemed Vo cam com notion ia their which it mors than t chug ia th autera A ta ol tit dealers hid point and One declared thit if the thirty simples La had from localities wire exhibit of th general Manitoba he would that 1 Northern would b about th average graded thia a It ia hoped that tu idee already received are not a fir index of looking at the in ite tha farmers are aura to get good prices lor their Prom to eighty five ia the now paid throughout for new wheat and tha are it will ant go The Pilot Mound column of which journal contain weekly to tha II there will be much excellent wheat and II that will be A of tha I barley will be but there will alea I be the largest yield of fine grain ever pro- M ia the are ae usual a B aura crop and ona that can be depended on R avery Ae of grain are likely H to be aa well aa men II will have a prosperous Owing to tha I of grain daring the two if th of bog bu been very much H ia unfortunate ae thia t there ia an it grain I in tha and there have been a large production ol hama and bacon good to have in any agricultural ara a Urge number ol and that ara to be fed for beef will a certain amount of which cannot bo mora profitably Contrary to tha expectations held at one there will be an abundance hay and all el which be taken care of it be needed another who tried Hungarian great ara mm than with eocene of the and large will be town another by have ao wild bay mea-dowe The Indian that waa aown lor food grew but in the early ol the aown ara yet quite potato will be aa it always but very ground bai been aa teed wae and the people have net aa yet been to give attention to a crop that valuable and Minnesota railway and met at the in St. to fit the grade ol for the were read from in North Dakota that blua wheat be laced In 1 hard Professor of the experimental reported that blua made a darker than 1 but leta Tha decided not to the grade ol thia and to leave all precisely aa lor the year Many firmer who had ripe fielda i of have run their binders at night in order that the by the might ke p the grain from shelling The Carman market opened yester-day Bruce ol Tobacco delivered to Koblin A Atkin-aon four loada of Manitoba 1 wa art informed they have more ol tame kind in Carman VOICE OF THE We do not hold responsible for the opinion by our A Tea i To the or I perceive by the Free Treat thia that a meeting bu been held at on Thursday and another to be held on next for tha of committing the people ol Winnipeg to a public banquet to Sir Hector the of the province of to tha cabinet of the We have had during the mouth two visit from of the Dominion the and the a McKenzie and people will bow naturally ark why wat not heard from on tha ol theae What hat Sir Hector upon the people of Winnipeg or Oaring to recant leg n In thit and the rumored near approach of the Dominion hat the Scarth A to Sir Hector at thit peculiar period any political THE He in la McLaren and ol Fort have returned home from a trip through The Fort William Journal describes their to Winnipeg ac by Inspector ol Indian the Fort the parliament where they were cordially received by the only in tha who showed them them through a ol which Winnipeg and the whole province are the grounds too are beautifully and callei warm from the Joined by dairy from the whole party returned to the to the ol three in but to tha great joy of the two moat it wat toon that tha lenior aid the McLean both the two Henceforth two had tha field to judging from the emilei on their and animated not even f Adam and while holding tweet con- veree ia the tame tongue every Celt have enjoyed other Of what they and what they no one but the junior no one want ia good enough lor In a province where French hae juet been aa an thrill language tha in of the Gaelic by a of the Crown did not appear to tha junior much ol an j Du been decided to teader a banquet to Sir Hector on bit return Irom J t j n f A meeting will be held on to stake final banquet it ia be aoa returned tha Premier retorted from City Ha dined with Henry at U-e It ia le that tha af th local will begin hi The a Martin returned th Portage a i e i fc SHE FIRED AT HE WAS SAVED Y A A Bullet Intended for Eia Heart Strikes a Law Book Besides Him- City or Sept A of Martin who wat thol to death in tha cabin of tha Pacific Mail at San Joe da Guatemala Uit attempted to waa at bla deik tha guarantee to by thia govera-mant that life would be l pared in b wat when tha young woman earn into tha At tha looked op from hit work aha waa within tour feet of him with a revolver in her She yon American Can I be ol any to With ayea aha him of having been directly tha ol her and announced that ahe meant to kill took the matter coolly and tried to with the wha waa apparently with and in the moat manner poured on him the ef tha language ia At ahe pulled the trigger ol the M iner had taken up a heavy law which with apparent held between and the and tha bullet which waa meant for hie heart waa caught io tha ol tha The ol the attracted and before a could be fired aa and tha waa taken from the Throughout the entire interview maintained tha though tha only thing between him and tha ol a held in the hande ol a woman who evidently intended to wat a heavy law Hit hit were ia and young woman waa She proved to be a daughter of tha murdered At aa heard of Hit occurrence be hie offered tha power of hit government to protect the American M declined the will not th and that ao further notion ahall be take ol It ia generally believed here that Barrun-dia would have been in no danger of death bad be not FOB Will frena a A nolay meeting waa held bar at which were adopted the revelation concerning and affirming their adherence to the of th party for th of the M. ol the made a attack M. editor ol a and author ol the The upon to wae greeted with and groan and to abandon tha Ha left the M. an who waa awaiting in a neighboring followed M. heaping abut upon him ending bit tirade by in Several ara expected to occur aa the of In Ik at Mitt who hit been a two holiday in returned to tha city to day by train on the Several dozen durkt hav found their way here by tha ture aim of of crack wha have taken advantage of the early and located in tent at the mouth of the lied Some of the camper have and report that game it abundant but of A very long and rather heavy rain fell here on and to grain thia mutt do for the grain will in the vicinity of ia but grain ia not yet to be A number of are complaining of at a of tha damp and children are with tore Great caution be by all to guard thia evil or for it it thought to be a ol the ol la which hat left tha body One of children ha been very ill during th list couple of In th of Grain It ia handi ol X Mr Trier Sir Menry Tyler and Sir Joaeph with other prominent Grand Trunk had an interview with of th government tad to-day they were In conference with of tha N. P. R. Th of prominent it of great Importance to it it it believed that ere long the Grand Trunk will hav far Ike I A of Paul bu bobbed and will make a bid for electric railway In opposition to the ol The St. Paul gentlemen ara wealthy and capable of going on with th work and Liver contain neither calomel nor but are made from the and moat highly cone toil rated vegetable and will the most com perl with or all other In of nicety of finish or la Try Hill at TORONTO Finding that oi r present premises arc not sufficiently for the accommodation of our large and of we have had built expressly for our in the centre of the two mammoth when will be the finest in the Northwest moving we are determined to clear cut our entire and start in our new stores with perfectly new and in order to do so are prepared to sacrifice our goods and g lI J r I Confound thia with bankrupt and Ill XI I that wo bavo new and Roods to 1 X I Mio this it's a chance or a V Kail to coma and aak prices and see eur believing these stores would be finished purchased a fine and well-assorted quantity of which are now ready for inspection at far below their actual New goods arriving all got to go no NO KNOCK-KNEED BUSINESS IN a-d are in need af a I can ault you both la price and need a Halt ol Clot hae ar a Hat I Brownlow In that take a ba It seat with ao do you want for four haa th and moat FATH how a little off for an Overcoat I takee the cake for Man's and do jou aeed or anything I has a lame call aad aea Misi this youn Cornel to one and all we say Sile starts on Monday next at 8 o'clock BROWNLOW THE HUSTLER'S NOTED LIVE and Main East I i TO Grain Barer Paying 83 and 65 Cents for Wheat la J. tf the Commercial bank bat j p t ti a la tb B-k oi Kuva SiU a while ker bat h very p very obliging aad ua to ef and all will regret bit d. Ha to leave for ha new lit of J. arrived from tb oa to bay grain Mitchell A Charla H. of b in He wat a former of Portage and ia looking after hie real W. A. ol tha popular grain a diy iu town thia Neil of of the public a w in tewa thi C. W. of the M. N. W. aad Vila oi left for W J. C. baa returned from hie T. W. of oat and hue tela ol Both are of excellent He hae eold the oata to A Bartlett at So per Th ara paying to-day 80 and for Mia of St. and ol Manitoba have arrived to attend during the w inter Th Aid of th her will hold their annual on the 8 h of Native hav been ia great abundance Native plume aad cranberries ara very plentifuL It te a pity that the Indiana bring them to market ao aa they have not yet arrived at Tha weather in the fore part ol th week wit detrimental to but now it to have ia lor a of fine F. of Phillip A left to-dey for a to and Mr a. U. U. left ea th M. A J. bat returned to Th ara am need at the rival medical at both giving free open-air tha talking moat getting greater WHO I t aw a Haa Wa ta a Flare aad C Who i Senator Bernard of tha United Thia la tha that tha member of tb are juat now each Tha U a in a in which a man named Maurice and hie daughter Lilian enticed Captain Joha another American to their and want through hi clothing for money and jewelry to th of ever ona The oame up two week aad tha told how he the Captain to the in and gave other which made him tha principal in the aad which warranted tha magistrate in remanding tha The Utter are In but tha haa and ara being made at American legation hi where and the authenticity ol hi alleged he putt in an during tha tha will be lor want ol Br Ike la lew lark C The Alliance which baa created ao in political circlet in tha and haa reached thit and aay that a largely-attended convention to organ it a State league opened at near In tha call for tha gathering it waa forth that the unification of the and the welding of tha chain of with tha body of ol the aUt were of paramount importance at thia Tha Deed waa prudent counsel practical and direction In union there waa and in and union there wat power for I II la II rand r Ike 0 Leading member of the convention are being deluged with and urging that a in favor woman auf-frage be incorporated In th report of the committee on elective and which ia the order for Thia cannot be aa the commit by a large majority hai decided to ignore the A granting the right ol to women will be aa a minority or but there ia no of Ite aa a large proportion of the bar l already declared either or report of committee will probably be adopted aa Ml at A le I la I A. Circular ara being leaned to tha different branche of tha National Brotherhood throughout the United them that all of the union in the United and Canada have been taxed 1 j cent per week for the of tb inaugurated on Monday in thia and requesting that th be Thia will enable th committee to U per week to every ao indefinite OF for al deed W aa party of ol western railroads will leave lor New York and th east next week for the purpose of railroad lor work in the extreme A Urge number of roada are from the scarcity of thit claa of labor and it U laid that not leea than able aad willing to rough can had steady employment ia Colorado and tha state beyond for fully a year at good BLOWN UP BI FATAL RESULTS TO The Prague Flood Stanley is Coming Deserting at Bali- fac Seala are scare thi M crass Bey bu not been aa Nettle waa drowned at with bia wife aad mother will eail New York October An amendment to tha American tariff bill binding twine on tha free Th umbrella factory at Toronto haa tb company having Th ara that th of in the will jump up from 50 to within two Seven from and one from the were reported at Jamea pastor of the Methodist died y eater-day of neuralgia of tha A rick waa kicked to death hy a hone in the pariah of Mill Alice Smith an important in tha Banwell murder who wae ha turned up all and will give Th tra-le and labor council of Toronto baa accepted a report approval of the idea of at graduate of Toronto haa been appointed of mathematic in th K-ival Military at native ef the of died at T at the residence of hie eon in at the a 10 J. of the of Kig-land in bu hie charge io and ia going cut a a to tha trees ou tue of liu A dispatch from La that a there in the magazine at Tea were instantly killed and many It ia rumored that for wll h called to cabinet fill the now It is alao rumored hae that thi vacancy will In filled by A ia racing at Ha mea appeared in four of the and evidently of incendiary The and Jewish hav been The cathedral and all public building have b-en including foreign java the fire ia Thirteen Montreal In bond on their way to Yokohama via They came from New York and are going bom on a having made money in th tea and laundry One of to who could stated forcibly that Chine would retaliate on and American by preventing them from entering under certain They fell very angry at being conveyed In bond ilka Joha R. whoa body was found King in the middle of Romeo o Tuesday morning at is now believed Is have been a post mortem examination having revealed tha faut that death waa by pressure oa hia wind No hav bee ara A meeting ol waa held in th oJ building yesterday at to take the step acting with the authorities In d to tha public reception to ht tendered to Vice-Admiral and Prince of and a wa appointed to undertake the management of th Th flood at I growing To ol tha oily are rushing torrent of impassable evea b blocks ol hous ara by water end converted into forming a barrier of the la re st ef pleasure baa ar find to warn people of their Io an interview tha editor of th refute which hav been made by a letter received from when party were nine day from tha coast made Kmin and during hi at ha a completely under Stanley la very ao-vera in hia ar Will far the Rial A Dor Tha who will appear before tha grand jury in the ar There ar fifty of altogether in tha presentation of th before tha will appear far tha Hiram hae as have alao Martin White and Officer Shield from and Inspector la oa th Th trial of In a week or two will mark an era In New O ef general internet ia the case and the horrible feature of the alleged ae a legal light It will come very near standing unparalleled ia tha of New court ef aide hav mad to a strong case and each propose a surprise to the in i in Ureal S. Tha annual Interstate Er position wa in the building On th Lilt last night with th usual elaborate It la th completa of aay of ite and other state being well The fine art exhibit is especially and in the and manufacturing the exhibit ara of a remarkably Tha attendance promise to largely that ol all given In this B Ike mf the Robber la Ala bama Th chaa after th lone highwayman who held ap the A train Th express sad railroad hav detective on hi aided by bloodhounds and of the are whooping at a lively The object of th la ia hiding in swam aad ha an area of hundred mile untouched by railroads to dodge aggregating bv been lor bia ra A I to at a A convention of tha Union Labor cr rather of that part of it controlled by th noted labor will be held this afternoon at th purpose ol formulating a aad II of placing a ticket In the W hether th latter eten will b la at It Is la satisfied with the stand by the Republicans on tha lawand in favor of endorsing the Republican On the other hand Iber ara labor men who aay that there ar of of Labor and other trades and member of th Alliance who be delivered to the body and soul by Schilling or anyone The of Schilling's following la a matter tf great but it la thought to be large to have any labia either of th A imai Ike ea I trader a of discipline by the congregation ef th Pint to Investigate the which exist in that and the opposition toward th will render a report at a church meeting to It ia understood that It vindicates tha administration ol noted There ara two of complaint Lock ona that be admitted to ia the church Mr a. formerly one of of th dami and another to the detriment of hie and hi church a ha the nomination of Secretary of State oa tha Prohibition The advisory board of the ha demanded hi bat Ite action ha been repudiated by many of the a large majority of it ia will rally to the support of thi pastor to e s aa wo a Ike late ar New erk Th now in progress into the of tha New Vork Central strike by tha Stat Hoard of Mediation and ia tittle better than a Aa a of fact tho of the Hoard are anything but clearly fined under the tb roseate hope by the th investigation cannot In anything savoring ol a The Hoard will make no report to other than the fa the nor any or except io ill report to neit of th All that the railroad or the can derive from the is the publio of testimony taken in the open To Ute Chairman can reach no settlement through this 1 here la no provision for it til i lac not la lie la Inre Ike of haa gon up on the and iron In a by A. J. Kmil and other prominent Iron men to look over th various a for the who are thinking of buying up the alock of Minnesota iron It looks aa if the move wa one by which tha a northern Minnesota Iron fields will come on This Is deprecated by nearly every o aa tho Northwestern road would thereby be killed and th would be almost