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Sutherland At Real Loan and Financial Western Canada of root and forms Al OS J A It V I S d 1 H J corner Jemima and 1 4 MAIS and alio river loll and r loia L Bu St. and other in every in the LOTH ON POK-A Hay and KO lota In of C. H. on food house and on olasa oo Bar I at a I 4 ESTATE I MINING 1 A fele-I phone An ia 1 good frame and alao 50 claas one to Ilia view of farm buildups can be at our reasons for sell 1 call at MiJla ex ata Muia KOK BALK about trade in the Centrally located and in par Hot and cold For of on Mills D MJ Tl f AIN KOM 8 ALK ut ft A lain ROBERT Beat Estate and Main I TWO MAIN on the wt Bide of i Main north ot i so low in prk-e in thia of property iu I small cash a fine can had JEMIMA very easy A il frame on lot in good for oa IV In first-class lorge cheap and easy TWO FINK LOTS ON 1 J. E. G. BOO Main Street ON PRINCESS j j I BT- im j ANY PORTION oi the joO aU PROPERTIES FOH SUE By Crotty 1 MarKet R. 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Room i bloc klaia biu C 1 UX KOK VS KOI fel ES-J quira for r V T the Aw lui bote river for Own I AN FOH the on of aa real owners of w ill find tt ia ill air to their with rite M. room Mail A Lon La UK ON 21 milna from 11 acre i from t acre 2 mile from 2 acrea 1 milea from 7 from 2 a ree S mile from V ew all 12 acre In 34 from 1 ho acre 4 m 37 r 3 milea Price and from Glints 1 A A OV T MILKS 1 of Mf 4 MILKS SOUTH OF on with near Klin with 2 t acres and acrea broken thia only an Good for I rpy CLO-iK AN auk by lo in bU Ulin IN JAM WITH A river cloae lo Pir A. food build in tuis In in I A A MAIV very for a few dart ON V Alaio and Portage AND IN ALL PARTS OK CA TWO LOTS ON kVAK REAL VI alaia By U. A Wain ALK-A II KICK aC of situated oa a 1 A f. ot just put In thorough aud shade A ASH LOT ON LAURA for sale cheap lost that the alone SA LK ON WATER 1 and opposite N. PROPERTIES FOR O. Main St. 4 VERY V dem e on Main ot ni MAIN CENTRALLY between Good OF LOTS en and in north and of at low rates and eny IN COMPLETE RUNNING 1 only 10 miles from the will be sold Ht a For particulars to i. Main R Main THE WRITING TH latest of O. W. N. aino inventor of and No Permanent Heavy noise leas and Indorsed by the leadin ami in the Can be supplied with Hi-fore a machine rill and m the at Main it U. W General for FOR SALE BARGAINS IN FARM AND 1 city J. iii ION OK LAND FOR S for mixed good railway station plenty of arid per Apply to W. H. and SALE-FOUR FARMS ONE nt F liver bu all 1 iW Dominion a n with acres Alo a 0 and McDermott school Ear particulars U Main ROOFING t THE 18 Fay's til fur new or old Perfectly waterproof and air Mir old roofs made bolter than in w. June I of the name opinion I was two I con very In every T. June My recovered with Fay's Manilla ia now perfectly and has given F. H. Local axenia in every Apply for nd particulars to A. T. Lowe tt for Manitoba and N. W. TH Box 7 j. 1 REAL ESI 1 I. AND i Js Issuer of Telephone MX TARM LANDS AND CITY FOR T Manitoba Real mining and real tate A lut OnU in regard ruining In Lake of Uie Woods CONTRACTORS AND fc li l a Street Is Creat WANT 30 for 25 four in It i popular for U kil 0 Want TT C. N. tui ArM ALL furnished Address P. O lio fi L T Apply U bU Alary Ir ANTED T of lili Mayfair Foil BUY A HM ALL op second Apply WANTED Apply at J. 64 pear A rip la at PORTER AND A NIGHT watchman for the c n s none but stead and reliable men need GENERAL SERVANT i f wavea to Apply at MS Nt Hie st wit of Colony WANTED TO KNOW v v the Tribune is the m. want for 26 penis r ANTED AT ONCE A GOOD vf waves to a Apply at Uie opposite NO LADY OF wishes a situation la adry h. A. US BOY ABOUT 16 OR of ape as Mint bo rood penman and Apply to D. Maxwell WANTED FIRST-CLASS FOR but need Apply to D. Main WANTED BLANKETS to dye and at the British Dye 17 Main SERVANT m references Apply to W. J. or at Main A YOUNG LADY OF ral years' experience an as stenographer or Address Box Tribune WANTED IMMEDIATELY AMERICAN English and o hurry and get cleaned for fl Soto No cure no Main TO TAKE CARE OF f T baby and make herself us' one to go home at A poly to AL Room WANTED A GOOD NURSE f It or 13 years of References required Apply to second houe Osborne IN EVERY j in Manitoba to for sub- I to The Weekly the 1 Tribune 1 To ASE- A hand i-ct of Also a good history of Must te well-bound and In good staling p. O. 7 IU WANTED IMMEDIATELY A MALE VT for holding ae e and salary to Julia A WARM ROOM IN some private where there Is a piano and home a young of Must be in central Address Bo Tribune WANTED SALESMAN TO HULL FOR the hanly Russian trea a good outfit A rocs A Ont TO NOTICE vv change of Red Cross Hospital for watches for Hit American wooden clocks at Mai a opposite the O. P. R. A YOUNG WELL and wishes to employment in tome wholesale or retail Is good penman and willing Old country reference can be Add rise P. O. 7 A TEACHER FOR Y no holding a duties to commence Of her si at salary Address W. J. School WANTED TO EXCHANGE A NEWLY-cultivated with complete in b. st throe miles from railway for gord stock of V. T. cere W FOR a to a competent man with h ho nan take of an and the of a general or by letter to Hough V per day and cent-i pi-r oO yf sec li on free Also servants from to n and This is 1 ghe a signed to every I W. IL Northern Main RENT FURNISH KG ROOMS TO A Common fOK RENT ON NOVEMBER FOR PIX A a suite in Went-linger P. O. Bc NICELY FURNISHED A room in a pleasant Five walk from post Apply 71 street RENT TWO GOOD BRICK X with good between Apply to lc RENT-THAT VACANT HOUSE OF yours would have rental had you it in column ot MONEY TO TO Y ABLE IN monthly or annual made with to build moderate sized A Law ANO TWO W TO r a VICE N t WITH if alo a few within on F. J. M 4 FEW CAN BE t 1 1 n nh and also a f. at tut lm brie U end Koire GK HOARDING 1 lenta fur i. trL m Uie pi lit git a a to south oi WANTED BOARD AND ROOM FOR A v f married ha ing on child taa lariat or where ottly Urn art- room b H b a oae b s rae per to Box VIVIAN ft 1 Mai H. L W. I H. 01 vr W I On BARRISTERS blot Mam Craw- font A A 31 Main over L aioo G. A. W. F. WEST A Mia and Marke entrance Market eaL Telephone HOW DEN ft Notaries have removed to Market o r Central Mak J. H. j QUEEN'S HOTEL THE PALACE Hotel of the Ja PACIFIC A centrally ha been and refitted in George Realty has charge Of the dining Th bar is supplied liquor aud John A NO PRAIRIE A next door to situated trally la th business portion of the Good table and any by hot Newly Strictly LOST 0 H FEW DAY'S SMALL A roll of bill St. if will nt urn to who Is not able to the at the ohVe of the THE R. STOCK on the of August on gr y and onn bay acar on hind eastorn Anybody returning to Tom Early's will bo r T V. I SUCCESS OR TO BURN A Verne r and Hi In tyre STEPHENS WILL BK READY TO receive her vocal pupils the last week la at her rooms in the W MAIN over Boston Clothing Vital l red air and oxide gs for I EN New York Nitrous oxide gat gives for Main Day and A. to Donald V 10 10 2 to 3 aud 7 to 9 p.m. Ik F. L C. P. A a or ana othar eh st U Main HUGH ROOM comer of and W pins anil P.O. Sox PROVINCIAL LAND SURVEYORS AWN Under of M and of Provincial Land Surveyors Act O the following an entitled to a Provincial Lana in J. W. G. A. L A. G. B. R. J. J. IL M. R. 0 G. O J. L. V a uk S. W. A. By J. W. P. L S. The practice of surveying In Mam tot by any a to Dominion land It renders them liable to ft D. L and bridge plans and G. Ao 0 be made among the local I fit All tri U and he for oj Thirty ward or lo rent thirty t for will Ut thirty virile by a regular u nt ele of by Joseph at Ft on at Hale of household by Joseph at Ms Portage on a Perfumes frem Sold In b. Finest lat ever Into the Walter Mi and Mala The I rait hat the finest Hartlett Pears and Grape ever to the also Fresh Oy and H. Wilson ft S Telephone MARRIAGES AND this the at Cl Rom youngest daughter of a 6 Fur i. at 2 JO p. m WIRES te aa In th el cr oUe service U ROUGH ON m GET A MULE AND What a Bishop Told th to Quite a waa at last tight el tb haa Bishop Lomai toll the that of preached about knew and wars of eely oae thing the taking op Ha bj most of them te get a nul ead go THIRTEEN IN THE of Them Are and the Rout Will Moat 1 A by thra white men and oama Into the from latt The UI maa and want ashore la a small beat Is norther part el the The police were notified and In fire el the A baa been and will probably b. arrested return to the waa on M VICTIMS OF THREE WOMEN STRUCK BY One la Utterly Torn ia Pieces-A Terrible Fate-The Others Will Lightning struck three young at and killed on ot They were and Phu-b and KUIe ol They were Attending at going to a boarding bout at noon the storm oama and they sought shelter a tree where lightning be was instantly Her and ware torn nearly liar ware lor but will UNITED STATES ON WHEELS WHAT OUR IS It Will Boon Cover the aa Well as the Utter received lay from London that at the meeting of directors ol the Wabash railway east and wast of Mississippi will pass Into of the Canadian Van of the Canadian during August made a careful Inspection of the Wabash including terminals In which he concludes aa for a con from which Is now reached by his to the southern farm and fruit This ia a moat desirable with via the Frisco tins and the It is that the deal Is with the aid of Holland THEY CLUBS NOW Trade in the Bunt are lor Free Trade Pure and Sept Tra lo pipers taking op the question of reciprocity with States and lor the most part are strong advocates In Its A writer in Bulletin proposes that Uie question lis taken up by manufacturers and and advantages clearly act Tb manufacturers at In having no fear of tha A. W. Ivea aud tha n Cotton that there arc industries In which will prosper against all and these are not the only It it right for country to encourage idea la daily The latent Instance ia the being taken to found reciprocity clubs in thia city after the model of Its originators are a of who think they see hope for their In a disposition to to a reasonable understanding on question of trade jit I That Is All the That M C- la an article severely naval All seamanship practice that tailors hs It hauling ill in the direction ol a full sail for seek ao that coal can be A In th present system bold to absolutely I mm The bocks for tb year Jaae laa wet at the are The e Ul a el The reve wa Including ways U lie three hundred batter tha the that la kit bud it err el aa mm ism a Maa Tant Heel aVrea who waa to death at th for murder and waa gull at oa had hudy as over to l ol the fa- of aad l who awaited th sf body la a tow to la mam el that wa able to tl ht all alter bt the ki proving that the ef the aad tre Indi a Thia la arst ia ah history sf that such aa has beta anad oa a human By r. rave A A morning paper sari I American a earn from a high when Insulted Sir at It waa at that time that Sir Robert was probably the aad cleverest of at home or and that tiie able maa aa he bad u day that hi bad committed blunder la auk lag Mir his It is highly that both and Ik are ol the but It as for all that Sir Hubert had more than aa Interested spectator's share In th 1 thai In s ra lb lal J. r. the of hla flogging fr oa a little girl at th Island a few weeks ag boarded With tha and meeting girl with bar broiher oa the bey for and taking the girl to a to bar It she tie to twenty three In the and lorly ke punishment to day waa th installment el twenty Uproar-ed loudly fur but th cruel eel fall en bis back a of Are al Bart aad Are were annoyed by the garing of of people yesterday at the Canadian ware bound lor China from New aad ware paa-R through In They bitterly of the to which they were and there waa a disposition oa part ol government to adopt some Whal a Labor Maa tails A member of th labor now in in named private detective aa an armed body ol taken action against him In a nominal sum to compel him te prove hit He ht fullest investigation of hit and will endeavor Ui statements am t They Bald a and tin day night town of a flourishing place in the northwestern put of by and df Soma of th houses wert The and fences torn to Interior ol war demolished and furniture broken Th cause ol the vandalism It aa yet Ol WIS r AIM Aa His Another divorce has been Adam of township of county cf will apply to parliament neit tet-lion for a bill of from no now In on the ground of RAIL 14 una A l-adr e en-Mad Beta III a Leaf Poor yean ago t young woman of this showed of a for th of which no could lie Today th nail from bar IT Tf ILL UK The Srn mf for 6 It Is said to ks settled that John member for South will be Dew minister of woollen j operated by Mitchell k Dan wit burned this loss It so