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B. toil Hoi Having with instructions from who is for I as sell without the whole In mite in b. w. and raw b. w. marble tapestry b. p. mantel fine tet of lot of choice hall extent ion dining dining rim and delf and tea parlor croquet wool pastel pair of and two hen about 10 quart 4 of various preserved mattresses Iron 8 table and a Globe stove and House open prior and morning of Terms J. T. Bf Auction Bale of Nearly New Household Furniture SEWING In Suite of top AT P.M. On view afternoon prior and morning of tM hy Breach I will sell without reserve the contents of this vory suite of root and Turkish rocker and cay centre and fancy lace and table silvor and and l Bucks' three ant ue oak and bedroom with w. w. spring kitchen The whole of the fronds have been in us- but two I and are therefore if not better than Terms cash JOSEPH Important Pale of of Tory Valuable Upright Octavo Piano fine and rich toned Very Heating on At the of the Portage at will note the aa It will be ne-eary to on lime in Of tho large number of Tina tale will bo found to every tiling needed for home and ae Ike are It It Impera-Uve that be To enumerate the would occupy too much and bin er are therefore invited to examine A very fine Burlington one will be found among the heating to be told on that UY JOSEPH Sale of Valuable To be Removed by Order of 1 PROVINCIAL LARDS at 1 P. M. hy the the Provincial Landt 1 will aril on the above upon the Uie building known aa Old Provincial Police County Court Information at to mad at rim ol Tei me AND fanna and city lole for hale i W. FOR f ALL j For I 1 Felt-Lined Booti iK wa American at Canadian 31 L M Main street THE LEADING BOOT SHOE Are ready to supply the public need with a full stock of WINTRY T WEATHER g. WEAR I j r Such as etc You have heard somebody speak of a We have a Felt that just fills the also several other choice lines in Congress and Ladies' and Gents' Lined Rubbers and in American and Canadian Also a full line of Misses' and Children's Cardigan MAIN RUPERT MOST BE SOLD FOR THE NEXT IO GREAT IN BOOTS AND DOUGLAS MAIN R An Ladies' Lined Leather ORn Ladies' Carpet ORn Girls' Carpet aUb AM AO Men's Water-tight Lace 1 IU Aft Men's Lace AM OR Men's Men's Hip Cam DOUGLAS MAIN Tropical Jl ST Florida HUE NEW SWEET SELECT H. WILSON 1 If Denial t til m OF B. a oa Fir ant nn hm hM In I on Minn at ft Tu at ml p ti to f tin i ud it I i HUDSON'S BAY MAIN STREET j 1 fursh attention hea been lo Fur thi lt ia now la all e. LADIES' Walking In O ny and In and Ladies' Storm Collars la Great Ladies' Fur in all See the Ladies' Black Log Coats the best value ever shown in the To one carload low and Send for Come and see our F. Wholesale and Main St. I For and to tell tha M HOUSEHOLD Sewing AIJO 1 PIANOS W. GRUNDY Main f ALL the the and I am prepared 10 the boiler than uLti M B pea-l hi to r antee n and the tyle and III of of moat Improved lh In at V. N. 40 lall ii ear f Coal and wooD OK All our ia well and tho Wat THE MAIM V TO-DAT And ae th Hat of U CURTAINS Alao ee oar II en tie fur Choice Long and Short Jackets OFF OI R Short Black Jackets I TO AT j CHEAPSIDE j and 0 Main I I I I Wright supply a good Serge or 12 to W 74 li t for tha H 4 for tho f 2 H I M brum lo Cotton and two of 17 Total 6 00 te Will for 5 Perfect lit LONDON N. and are 41 to 40 it i H. WOOD Offer for tale by tender of WALL PAPERS AND And the good will of hit I i shed eleven and ha paid paid well every If not br private th stock and will lie told by na The US Harriet will b on November Wood if to leave the and there will be no Further information from H. Main e a li i i a 1 NEW IK II DESIGNS IN I I I I f I j J PORTER 1111 j I PRINCESS OPERA HOUSE ON ami and and Saturday 8 YOUNG LADIES 8 rm la their native by B. DAY He tl and H cent A OPERA HOW J 31 I Concert 1 ST. J To be th t HATTON or nt MISS MIS' Yh HAC I public W. M- I I public I I THE REPORTORIAL To W. C. T. V. ara to df aa annual day of Fair la tha with S Tha In tha to-morrow Tha Hoard of will tha at th to Aa it a In th about Nova m- lr Nona of will tima la hall j tod H. A. left to day for Lot bopa to ba beok udor tue flag In a few Tha lira In tha hall ara and making preparation for the recaption ol tha at tha party to morrow Tiro football ara on the bla l board for Uj tha Winnipeg will try with a team from tha aad John and no Saturday tha latter team will tha Tha regular meeting of the Manitoba Congregational union will ba held in la on Monday aad of will The preliminary for the of thit union were taken at the formal formation of the i from C that the heavy raina of the piat daya the to nae to height An log above tha and Mouth- and at 8 Thure lay the wai down the carrying with it two belonging to B. An of powder waa tired in the jam and the great in ua of at brKan to ot do n the fU L tha lioa of lugina 4 Albert railway hart not to far at thit it and it i. within tha of probability that our trade may keen to tha Current There la a gala ol a time in tha of freight br tho new not enough to make un for tit la the rat of Taking freight aa aa w 44 eata lUD mora by thau bj if Tha railway from to Swift Currant from to from Winnipeg to it from Winnipeg to Swift I not be to much in u of Won- ho IW l 1 u I n Donald Mr XH ol tha C. p V ST irra one party that la now It tha on hl n he then up to end wild and lau KuMlaby Ut wintered In M end the tu ha Columbia i In Aula and hie long tan I I of Kow city than hi- a there ai act maty greater the il tha Haul I Hun ha not Ml lie a big A clue t Hi 1 Trinity t a toward tn of a lay L. kit law haa aee lute pax t A U it k of boot and wee aol i thia g ta k at erst 1 waa ao af the A eu of waa eat tut it waa ee tiled tut of Tha Winnipeg ket will bold a at the ta tha A trio of war feeble at tha Keck wa fined the aad allowed to The te the at tha evening to ba on tt the beet attended of the A great many people have their l being Paul wen oa of carried tha goa aver hie While a third brother waa walking behind the gaa and he received th la th lie died af Internal Taa annual of th Chorea of Hoa-ia af will la thia evening at I will tha opening Tk will be at 9 Ml to morrow Three Columbia ara In the and ara ta arrange a eerie of aad have reputation la and to meet any la for a third ol th b a Th IId reentry ha ant a to the government for an in the duly oa la view of the in Kin ley tariff from centa to alv Tola would give them the Columbia le now to om from th United of the bylaw governing of that bald It meeting Th mayor and Aldermen Mather and were Mather waa ae aad of the by law were read and aoma amendment J A brief meeting of the water and light committee wat held I be mayor and allaway and were It will be that the electric liht en Lombard be moved toward the and a new created at the corner of Ua-rn and Tha in the I e. il to morrow at nine Top n at t. at aud tue convention proper will at taa Tha lint paper will U I hy I. J. The v ally An e of work aill form an attraction of th to the room cf have been and tha building wee rc opened I ill night by a to I. There waa a lara and aa by a af Duval tha and the following took part in the A. Yeung and I Sample and Harrow Tha Chicago Time of tha company at organisation ia a double quartette of young U I I 1 n ii Their ara pure and and blead Their repertory it a proof of which it th fact that of tha nineteen number oa th twelve war lung by th lady who in ret pone to aung four-teen extra many not enly In but ia Mel via aa lad They appear at tha to-morrow alao night aad Th ar Ike Utter farrier Nell th moat Juvenil of th letter who hat been on foro for five and wall known lo many It now a lit recently applied for lear of and loft accompanied by hia on an to to th marriage war out by and of Kee and in a number of frienda of tha contracting partial war to the ait down to an break and throw old hoe after and over tha groom and bride a they left th haute for the Northern Th marriage waa at John t cathedral thit morn at 8 Hean 1 Neil led to the alter M daughter of and Mr a. V 1 1 I I I L L on tha right and rendered the of while Maud helped her In removing and holding tha bouquet when the ring wat placed on th third finger of th Returning to th of tho parent party eat down to a wedding and a brief tima to filer-Ing married i lia of tha of letter carrier had a hint of tha coming aa Neil wa a general they a fund and a ebony it to th home but m and brat of tha Th brido wa alto tha recipient of a and from her Among other wat a cooking 1 parlor bedroom dinner and tea water hanging and and pretty treat a Trip I of th C P. returned sight from wit to Prince Albert hy Hartley nt of war mad to new Un will b at Albert and Albert Tha meteorological at til college Trino Albert wUl be given with and The will abandon I that portion between Duck I Laurent and and between Albert and Prino Albert Kaat which will b by th C- R. Th may their th country Prino Let wet n ford aad will be and will be had with th C. P. R. telegraph at Qu'Appelle and Tha telegraph ia the baa d ii action of proved a great boon to the ia that Albert people are delighted at tha advent of tha railway Hie location ol prim-e for Duck 1 entirely tributary to l Z Uw Stomach and I h and by r tonic M I do u at any f v TRUE BILL AGAINST to tie tion la Richardson's At the thi aw lit hip Ua N. r. Q tha oart tUI ia tha of L oa he applied te Lean for the privilege to appear fog th private proa W. r. had referred hia ta taa The Utter klora-d Hagl that th matter wa an la ki tat aai ae U look tha Tha granted ti lit laid be W la Lai-tot as tb fullett would am The jury anad la-turn thia morning i v. Kuher fur UbeL Tru Peter Indictment for Tru bill v. Peter for Ka r. W. f. waa arraigned thi morning aad the grand Jory Hading eul th of a article 0 September wa aad af a defamatory Walker th defendant for Hagal laid that ha to read the a wa aa for tha Mid b allow the to plead and be tried In the eeme Hagal wanted al daya for tha of a tie tha begin belora out of the city be brought before that two dayt wat a m Ilia two daya ia which to to t iTi Tha judge Informed the and ia the cete of Queen va L that he would be prepared lo hear to morrow morning oa the right of a private lo luter- b attempting lo do in the cue Pater waa put on trial on the charge of before th following John Joha T. I John J. N. J. D. Cameron for lb M. aad li II fur tha Cameron outlined tha of tha killing of at of the on July Ua th of that date and a companion named vara walking down cue of tha of when two men cam oa wearing a felt hat and the other a The man with the fell hat waa After to the the latter but re I o when tha man with the hat caught hold of him and knocked him Rune ton wa alao knocked law the three men for a time and they waa taken to the police and a found in hit to the general aud died Irom th wound by tn AND BREACH Or The two to he tried at th court ar Charlee and Anni Jonee to recover for breach of of WILL At tha resumption of thit Attorney that he had allowed the application ol N. to appear aa In tha libel 1 a 1 a AFRAID OF A VERY BRIEF DISCUSSION Of the School Question by the at This Morning's The of th of Rupert Land at tan O'clock thit Ilia tha and after th of adoption of tha report of th an primary wa moved by Canon A af report la printed oa page 8 of thit aad ta th ol th debate wat moved but by It wa that gentleman would thi Privat prevented hit Canon explained that tha had no to reopen th that prevailed a year ago on th Th report wat principally a to matter of and 1 and wa th of th of the of th waa no attempt to commit tha In aa of aa to tha of but merely that might b Th believed there were wont of which waa th fear of a and infidel He wanted a and public recognition of and hoped the would to guard the in th J. J. Roy hi the The waa to tay what le going to Tb report acknowledged the for a When thi waa altered be the for the to deal with tha Gilbert of education of children paramount to tha work of th Without religion life wai not worth In hi opinion th had no mor to do with education than tha vaccination act it wa an Th wa bound to oat religion oa th of th II favored no There wai mor tyranny and Integration by th of prate than wa vr by the li believed la giving th Roman Catholic th privilege ae waa for waa a feeling in In favor of and ha hoped th would deolar in favor of Gilbert thought tha ea ground to A voto wat then taken on adoption of j tha J. J. Taylor aad J. M. their handi In to th Th oa lb rule of proceeding and order a which wa oy i therein mede for two aoh from 10 to 1 and from to A to refer all notice of motion to a of to arrange a to aoma but wa ultimately Th of th ballot for member of th and dt legatee to th provincial to ted th of the to provincial Canoa Dean Canon A. W. anon and S. II W. J. M. S. Crotty ard W. W. A. Tudor and and H. Senator 00 and A. V. tinon N. A. Canon O Can n A. W. Walton and 1 1 J. Serif I G. W. A. L T. T. H. W. Mai H. H. aai J. Taa e the of Ita report Canoa U it the af tie ea Ue a el U a aed public M-d lo tn rr pert re ul a trong to do with other ta c er a of Ui act A et te It i-ec of ta which waa ad by a e d the whole In ue l a Inn that aa lea held in the of MAY WITHDRAW TEE STAND NO at a Meeting of The meeting cf th of tha city having la head the af Jam Km far tit of Ik that wat t thia hat boea Rumor aay th applicant ar at all pleated with th modification of their term by th oe and ar ta withdraw their Il 1 th applicant object te giving th eity two aorta of Ire f or recoup the half of th ia the original and preparation of Ae the principal of the 00 en ie bow ia th a few day will ere a reply 1 given the the are at a and may ultimately fall A gentleman familiar with th la with a remarked that they will no They made aa offer to the and if It ia not accepted they will immediately a SUI T. of aad Travel-lere Here aaS I. M. left for Great of it at tbt C. K Bell returned from th M P arrived In th W. of left for Pilot Mound to Hugh Medicine and A. Albert have gene to attend tb theological of Among the delegate who arrived from the hat evening were J. Newton J. B. 1 a a e w th A Loag Work of on th the Glenboro branch it at a good and it ia given out that lie will be operated to Ilia Souria river in bit than two wm that la well but will not ba roady for ute for a month It it tha longest of the kind in the being nearly an mile in I tl W I ii B k Q 1 KT I o s by the r lb Immigrant writing from Poplar Point lather any cure for a that hold her I had a with milk any our for that it beet to allow a calf to luck or hand if the latter which It beat Tbt holda her milk by th of a If tuch it may ba at the junction ol teat with the clr t when tbt la in any way excited either by fear or There to be no doubt that thit la to a extent at at by tbt milk being held by tome when it tint taken from if it hat tucking for tome length of In nin out of tea tha will give down her milk readily if treated with and la no wey oh ana oe to ao a. It yea had a oa of milk fever it ia that hat been known to tn In A our may b in torn bat not el and tb beat of veterinary la to but prevention it Milk fever tt meet likely to In that art over-fat al time of but ther few if any in thit province enough thi to be la any and No cow will have genuine milk fever if the ia low in in every o control the that it would b utterly to aay which la th better way to a I no doubt that a batter animal for beef nan be I railed by allowing th to tuck th but In a where land it worth fifty dollar an acre no man afford to let hit take all the milk the cow but it hy In doing thia If he at obtaining very betl rr he will allow to tuck tho ninth milking all tha not After time ht will feed by giving two carta of whole milk and an equal amount of or amount of at much aa tbt mav and gradually reduce th quantity of whole milk until at week of age h will b feeding milk It it ol great Importance to feed the milk at blood not tha tt at montha and longer if convenient If milk it not feed a few chopped corn mead and after tha milk but without If It it to force tb calf and at the time make of cream or butter fat in feed aa and teach the at the moment to lick a little d meal oil the oil in which th of th ia whole and you ar able ta keep two machine or at work making butter got out of raw where only on would ba to If th was allowed to tuck tb Slat Lea v I eg tar hlll-na Ira Oak La Owing to tha recent rain ther hat not been much throttling don at hut a number of ar humming ia th neighborhood to building a table for livery in proximity te Thompson Rumor hat it of tha Le-land hat told out to P. who it expected to take right Th wheat market wat for I week tome fetched par 1 L I I 1 1 wiener were lower Of A larg Swede I oa view at Thorn peon ft 44 ia girth and weight VI It waa grown on Parker t and it at foro that P. did not know ha had mob tuff around when our came Angua Cameron aad two of our are leaving in few day for A meeting of th executive council of th Manitoba R. a will b held to morrow Annual return Irom Diluted club now duo will be It thia connection til committee on annual will urge on the part el ol lo aa not to delay th Tb application of Carman raid one or tuo other new fur will have to be hy Th will alto have to Hi the other aa may connection irith tho