l MARCH 1919 H W i f J IS IS 1 U U T K 1 B U M C 1 I 1 Reading These Tribune Paes I S TORIES OF STORIES of Immortal Masterpieces By Albert Fayson THE LADY OR THE By Frank y i ruled a wholly barbaric I A lie had was heir to his and r Iw sought matrimonial alliance for the Princ ss had other She d to f ill lii love with a handsome young Mr In-low ln r in i n k anil impossible a a husband tind t hi- was nt mi when matters of heart srem far more important than matters lovi-d lie adored Thai n in 1 enough for thrill The secret romance fur a Hut soon lovers wen- rudely oiled from their Somo ono burned their mill told ii tn Him Majesty unit Into a truly regal 1 1 was too foni of his tu he Jut lover thrown into and iI humble h for The tier f to spare her Tho niter yielded tu her w i not set tin imprisoned courtier Hut hn agreed to give urn an t v m chance at The devised the King one of the most it events the lover wis brought one morning from Ills cell el Into a great whose benches were crowded Test thousands nl The was to a In front of K-U flip King and tho There guards left liim i mi in ir The in n few the ordeal Hint awaited the In Mall of tin arena were two dosed the it Sho was and Ih hind the a one tint 1 1 if and the Knew door the lady i mil i all d the The was to w tho doors- Whichever one to If he should to open the tho she he him tor a and nil her wealth would bo If the he om ti dour of the User's lie would an- sv and at the fane of the ferocious Jungle The e of doors w as ft entirely to The stand at the two They wore exactly i was to Then he looked tip into the box at the Kill he loved and had The Her fare was deathly but As eyes she nodded almost toward one yf 1 And he knew that the door she wished to 3 A Lovers I H linew also that it would he torture hitter i for In r to see him in the of an- ether Would she prefer to have live to hr 8 to die he was still true to Tiie prisoner could not was in the nor what motive whether of jealousy or of sell-sacrifice her nod toward that Vi t he resolved to obey lier Striding to the lie it wide Which fame to t him the Lady or the Al' Die of stories x Do You Know a Good Send It In the he what object to the it drives mini v I in a and an I vet I'm compelled lo the society as a a minister- and a 1 S a bad si I 1 1 ina rl id bis fin ma l e not in a but the and the lawver an on law in the ion idle of flie across half a do-ii-n chance has veil a plumber of t he Kni i of j A i v mall who was not i lined toward an nil to his He out a number nl empty and he b to see I I here was in The i lei who was I i tic noticed him and are all dead j i. Mike there is one it I they all had the minister with lieu they passed O v the Shallow wanted to buy a a reliable clock he made the show him a many before be decided on the clock will last you a lean looked inn that tie d. can see for that are pawnbroker in a small town i awakened Hi the middle of the by knis l at his j p He his window end w the he a said a voice are interrupted the a I The tm vv tibi down- stairs and pi d the I lie di to know the said j Hie j you mean j lo say Jim me un for How date I v. doe mid n t visitor in- I got my j i His Work Suit i I horn a sell I didn't I i I h but she compelled him make extensive alterations j The ion lor is j much de-pito the j ll is en take II well balanced view of If your bank m count happens to be i S fair Now that Arthur has a bacin ui-cn I j wonder ii wad i N a me the i 1 em pi nil ill pel a I r. j and f- Wife bad I i lo i t I tin 1 1 1 k la ii V deal i I I I roon y I n t I i i j tO S 1 1 1 1 tie ii I ked o im Hie j 1 was no r to defend him and when the prosecution had completed rase the turned to Sam and are have you any with I steals chickens I don't have no 1 Some Mine for some reason the Sunday school clans had heroine in At their urgent request trie teacher related nil the authentic information i worded in Hie tilde about the amazing also various anecdotes from less reliable In is that Arc there any furl her questions you Would like tu ask about like to said the most interested of the his presents are No Indication is a certain lather whose nerves sometimes Kivo way miller the lire of irom his talkative the youngster just as the old man had settled down one evening for a perusal of the I am I made of think responded the unhappy you'd dry up now and Some Avenue A wife was her i ids with an account of her only It up with one she n tree in remembrance of you had only done said woman to her a splendid avenue we have Too to he only one head to any shouted the replied a man on the with shouted the replied the just paid for halu fir nine of Hit Turn h Assistant Perkins that her don't look like Photographer does to he No Pun Intended He My ideal of n. wife ia one who ran make She- My ideal of a husband is one who can rinse the dough in the hour of I i 1 Specialist the way to jimr complexion is to And what color would you j I A Habit j She dec started this fad of to j the j He 1 I I Pa Is Joo was n modi i to the class ui bi-i f. 1 wonder If any v. call me it mm f ill she The tat had In en molt of 7 i the was to the father's hair is tie over the lie said with lut Not Mamma how solid feels this f pa- there certainly is a He vim all Jat me In Her you say lint's tt 1 won it in iu first Clara Morris Tells' When Hands of Justice Started Retribution It was Tho war waa and prostrate In not Prance had already to her had her call upon the woollen Bock cf Iter and had astounded the world by off to centime the tre-mendos war that had been meant to cripple her year to In that very afternoon In the real-for-truo there was such a dreamlike unreality I had to steal away from travel-weary friends and go Just to savor the wonder and the Joy of the new and make it x Before a Statue Of course that shattered the proprieties Into and In against established custom I invited unpleasant Hut well I had to be alone with a little or po to in hysterics or something for Ho I Blip out seeming to float on rosy clouds yet I returned with tears on my cheeks and a prayer in my heart alter all years of waiting seems be Helped by much rending- and many remembered 1 had located and recognized two and one famous and my unseemly over thiM deserved a and rot it wh 1 in a gnat open lovely upon four seated figures at equal dis-tance otic in women were full of proud Not goddesses not portrait My was gone ignorance was well to the were If I went to tomo Inscription might help I walked as-I tind so j got my Piled hIMi about the of statue were those and crosses no dear to the grieving while the head and shoulders ot the were veiled In black What wua it what did It I peered this way and then Interstices between the emblems a great then came then I understood at last this was the Here was an expression of the sorrow of France for the beautiful stolen My throat the ready tears of youth filled my slipped down my a soli escaped me then there a light touch on my It to see a frail little at my with inevitable on his eager I pronounced my little only know a few thrilled with delight at being I under- r stand and then T ran l is old face lie look-id out for the safety of the he had with then turned buck to me and court speaking slowly for my bo nodded toward the pointed to tears and The Other Figure has on I i but France Is in her Ilo pointed farther In direction of another statue u light breese set something black he Two wounds In the breust of they bleed Then he forgot to speak A of U swept over I caught wildly nt then robber and could get no hold on a full so cried el and sank into apologetic i I left man and gravely within the shadow of the veiled Alsa-e. Making my way I may they not be won They were not but those preat The hands f Justice tire heavy but so make the to for they will surely back to France Alsace and her daughters If it be Thy In visit after visit to Parts 1 ever found fresh emblems of the ot Alsace nd The years of waiting were but the hands to move at the first battle of tho and Chemise Emphasized in Spring Modes Fancy I Pf i I lI I Jersey and silk are the fabrics for as indicated Hie showings of the smart of New and and the fashion displays cf winter Here are three trucks of newest mode and every cut om the lines of the At the left a I'd h handsomely embroidered in blue and preen with ao odd surplice a black and and a bias line of athwart he hip in n of is dl ver In the ci a very t of black satin with a at sash of Is for it I At the behold the lady In embroidered in circle of gold and king's and with Madi A smart black I. at black fox muff lends note In my the wati la r t narrow ie mtv and dripped lung- of j Can Yon Do IF YOU were on trial for and th told you that into a would save do you think you do if You would probably so that it would r occur to you to place the bottle on the floor of one room and into it from isn't when you know Think It Here's another stunt that isn't so much a matter of thinking as of Place a piece of string about four or five feet long on the Then looking at your feet the wrong end of a pair of opera glasses try to walk tho OiT seem to care a VJ bit how she treated the At of old Egyptian gossip has It that the queen thought not nine of dissolving a pearl In her had for the whole thing St modem scientists won't believe the rumor at They have known pearls to melt in powerful hut never in So them was certainly something wrong with dee's wine or don't you x M. ii w m 1 1 i m i 1 1 i-j 1 1 U tw n if PEPPER AND SALT i ti 1 i-rt i 1 is reform We refuse to believe 1 that all wives monopolize the home ws will be found who has married a it may be several weeks hi fm the winter's hack is but poor bock coal red eyes indicate that a is in need pf but more often they result from too many of tired himself nor waked till niter Observed The kennel moaned When a turns on a battery of glances what can a bachelor do but How a is my busy sign over a man's desk must Impress a caller who Is forced to sit staring at it two hours for him to return from Amos Crabb To my notion to be a real a feller has oot to know what net to SOFT ANSWERS TO HARD QUESTIONS Editor and Will ou please explain to me how It is that two persons silting perfectly still cau carry on a T. U. They If they're sitting perfectly they Editor and I want to a leap thought may lie you could sug-gest some of nn appropriate menu for buffet lunch I Want to P. A menu a leso rs s chance jump rC I would suggest that it include frogs' Mexican jumping beans and hop k t f Editor and I can't seem to re a I weigh i. O and my weight is All 1 ask is a you know some who would try 1110 I am forwarding you by mail the address of a lard Editor and I hare Just landed a Job jt in a but am ie-w to I have s lot of and would like to he the best bouncer in the Pan how 1 might equip J. o. p. You might try out a pair of rub-t ber 1 t j CANADA'S Cr HEROES Major George 1 the Allied airmen were TIT the Huns' II Major Barker went over the I 1 forest of ho j encountered a Hun plane ut an altitude of He climbed through the clouds and it down as It was fleeing for Then a plane whirled at him and he was stunned for the moment while his piano glided on Ho recovered his senses mid regained control of his machine In time to see 15 hemming j firing from their machine His fight looked a forlorn but ho dashed at is enemies and three fell to the The rain of bullets splintered his plane cue struck him In his shattering the He lost consciousness again while his machine drove towards Hut Major Harker was not to tie clashed to Ho recovered control of his as he neared He saw approaching IB Hun planes while others on tho horizon like gnats on a summer Major Parker should according to laws and customs of but ho did Bleeding from his wounds he dived the Hun Some show-j ed fight others Others took up the fight to replace their fleeing comrades and these Hun air-men hovered around hint like One by one be downed them until he had ten planes to his the others then Major Barker being too weak from loss of blood to descended behind the British lines and official By CAROLYN CORNELL the II 1 1 returned to England 1 from Italy early last October-He had nerved at Italian front for one during which time he made a record for On landing in England ho was given 14 days but at end of four days he appeared before the air-force board and asked permission to cancel his leave and return to the western lle naked for a roving was He jumped into his machine the same day and Hew to thing that wo bear of this knight of the air is that over forest of ho had shot down 10 airplanes had scattered on attacking force of fiO That was The following day there appeared in the Canadian newspapers the following the Allied France and Belgium One of most daring and gallant deeds has been added to the records of the British aJr torce In a battle recently fought in the forest by a working in a scouting major had engaged a German airplane and almost before ho realized- was surrounded by a great flight of enemy attacked him fiercely A battle royal which lusted about an which the British airman was attacked ley successive Hights of enemy planes until he had given battle to W and Karly in the fight the major three severe and crippling one In the left arm and both log being virtually Ids injuries and fact that he was almost unconscious at he j continued to fight until by brilliant and fat he i to escape to his own He had destroyed four hostile i driven down out of control between lour and Escapes Collision i Unco during the mad the I major concluded ho wan and I charged one with that would cri sh and end He waa his gun aa he toward the Just u a collision liable the buist into Haines and major over toe it bv a The brought back l in each condition that it c be t butr learned v one ot her and Manitoba that he was the school who had enlisted during first ji The official record 1 r did not the war corres- pendent's but added to leaving Major Banter with world's for down in a single The I is Pi The of the severely ded and It was not until this week he u as wiio to leae Btu this of arms was only the climax to the meteoric military career of Major When war Barker was attending nigh school In He went hack for tall but could not lie heard the nt call ot his country tor Friends tried to dissuade He was In his last year at the high school and a lawyer in wits keeping a open for linn to enter his office to study But the bugle funded iru the young man's can't stick around he said when lie in with his books in a There's a war on and 1 am you'd hotter see if some will take said bis The Barker family lived oj a farm near Before Willie Barker went home to the farm one week he had already said-goodbye to his where a farewell party given him by His teachers and He left da In as the first gunner in First Canadian Mounted rifles With him were bin only three his 1 Barnard Ci-oro and Jus o u l In France sr it called on a. of their for eight 1 v A V MAJOR W. G. months they served together in the trenches on the one and during that time they never felt need of other Gets Commission Then Barker's He always wanted to get Into the and one day In he was given permission to get Into a machine with another air lie Jumped In his Just us he had come out of the He went right to work and In two weeks had mastered the Intricacies of the April be was handed his as lieutenant in the air and given leave to go to to buy his He worked on the western front until when he was sent to the Italian Only snatches of his experiences have yet come across the n letters to Even of these tho aviator has given orders that they arn not hut a few Instances of his adventures have leaked which only whet the appetite for For he writes from i pitched in the well furnished full camp rubber bath up an hour earlier than and go a two-mile Then do Swedish drill for 15 Motoring und flying iio 1 a large dump In a town fired nine shots in each M of high They looked like mines goin and set fire to the dump and town in throe Then a whole year elapses during which we have no detinue although we know that every day must have been glowing feats which won for the aviator more decorations than other man in this During year had happened to the j Barker's leaving It In i March just the Howard went-on leave to England some time during the same and when he back Duncan was out of and he could not tind any Information of hia This was a great sorrow to other two Then Alguire himself was and after being in overseas hospitals for many months is now in with a shattered thigh the aviator erf the trio st J that time was still In he writes Attacked by 6 down and then hid in a Petrol playing Had j to near end j went over to see Machine shot to by shell and ma- i chine gun I Eater the same month 1 Have been pret- t ty busy Went I patrol with my Mitch- Two of u six one i of after a clos- put down Baler we j met lone ot dived on I did a loop then under him and fired no j ards and dow n absolutely of eon- I j We up again the j but encountered no las' the j one had hW-n t to v. that hud brought down the Hun in Italy for Air I i He j Watches the Crash down to v. oi k Took i i of my ma him it ov r yesterday t and 1 drove down in a vertical i and was at bv t e t 1 singled out ore about 15 I i hot his wing 1 off down tie I I him at miles per t have receiving con at illations all day for de-wn the first Hun for the In I next two letters give glimpses i of bis work j have had another splendid since my last I J I was out with my j J flight on the and met no I i thought I would try my luck on a observation selected otic Just east of n big I dove on it and soon bad it in Then seeing one of my pilots being persistently attacked a I tun I at It we wen 1 soon got my guns on him down lie went vertically onto the ground at about per thru caught lire and the wreckage burnt So far 1 have three Huns and one balloon tor cert others in the only brought dow bv the out After getting the Hun down the I attacked a Gorman large staff car and overthrew it m the I think the driver was Then came 10 feet up at i mile per Shooting up Hun Infantry and across just the wire 17 1917 Wo are busy Hying now all and have the Huns so well frightened that w seldom can iret i coning duty today and met a nudity line He must have been one of their We fought for 15 seldom II ml as we were min-li too much a match to get our guns on one At after Irving everything- that can be I broke away and came at him head and down lie wen vertical for feet and pulled out mid landed on his I was fed up but still he put up a show for a The weather Is frightfully cold especially at 6 on our early morning patrol over the snow-covered You we do miles per ami a few degrees of frost in that wind is We are making our Christmas Christmas Major Barker performed the deed which won for the Ho called It Ills morning He pulled Ills machine out before Went over Hun territory to find an Found one miles Dived six bond three machines and three killing 13 officers and His New Year's day performance was equally He 1918 Brought down the Hun for our arms In in 1 was leading 10 of mir scouts and we met 18 hostile and In the fight I drove two down and crashed one of control on the mountain side of the where ho burst Into flames and rolled thousands of feet down the He was killed in the the same month he I down my Kith victim were both I feel for a Hun when 1 see him going down out of control in but only for a and then I am myself Major Barker has not been able to write letters since but of he one month ago I did my morning stunt of bringing down ten Hun to the Daily Then I was shot down after both thighs left arm shot 1 arm strung up to Is Natural Mechanic- William George Barker wan bom In His and O. W. J. were both born In their ancestors having lived in Canada lor several Barker attended In his parents Living in a larm near that hu attended High The tho had lived on a farm all Ills Ho Is a natural mechanic and From- the time bo was a little lie was never happier ilian t when a machine to pieces and putting It Be knew the disposition ot every threshing ui the Give him an automobile to tinker with and he was happiest boy in the his latner said of Ii a motorist was nigh to break down near Willie be was sure to get the machine in short Burner la of nine of whom sev- en Ills two next Li lam are Working the farm his having d a broken a. which has a in it leave him next to in drove a. tractor in ban est loat I The aie now living on a ami near Another of airman's hio cuts Is An lope had a poor chance for its life it the kept lita fi may and their Hi dark airie during Hie ps in his rig i-nat r he was severely w lie del pot waste any shot landed In having in hospital In the times of Ina that y tr 1 as is kno cow Barker holds ord In one 10 machine ti by war previous record was by a it was seven in one day For his work in Italy the Italian presented him with an valued at There was a gala day in the Italian city on the occasion of the Barker's four veins of brought him 11 decorations from the great military powers engaged in the as He I holds the Victoria Cross greatest or military the Service with two living i the Military Cross two the 1 rench i de the Italian Cross of and a decoration by King Albert of A camera caught Barker's airplane just as It the British lines after his The aviator was and no ono expected that he was But he and after all these hospital he was able last to appear si palace and receive from King George a variety of which had won some time but had been ton busy to go to England to Those conferred on him at that time went the Victoria Service Order with Militant Cross with two He now the list t decorations of amnion In this s according to the right Art of rights 1 i Words Men A a soft A April bread and i i Avarice and fidelity cannot dwell togi in the same Grimm's Fairy i i It is for want of application rather than of means that men fail of I j Jie fears no A good does not want Italian j I A good does not fear the Apothegms are the most infallible to represent a man truly what he ape may to sit among the are the extracts of thought i and W. IL j 1