J I Bos to 9 fr Boys' BEST IN THE J BIG ARNETT'S BOSTON CLOTHING a t S Easter 11 A STOCK OF j I HAND-MADE UNEQUALLED IN Hala Street and IS A H USE ROYAL CROWN A of Kill be made among the local item of The All ruck appear under the above and wul be charged for a Thirty words or 60 cents each over thirty t cents for each additional charge will be made for announcements under words when accompanied by a regular advertisement j Auction Sale of Ontario horses and 1 at James street on April at 11 a. m. Joseph Sale vary valuable household White sewing shot at the residence of P. SO Mo William lust J. I'm It Depot has just received a supply of pure maple sugar and very We still continue the oyster Strawberries ou Wilson 2 street Telephone N. P. M. Wednesday April 17 Entertainment commences at 8 and Seats may be reserved at Music Main street 0 Its superior excellence proven in millions of homes for more than a quarter of a cental It U used by the United States Endorsed by the heads of the Great Uni as the Strongest Purest and moat Cream Baking Powder does not contain Lime or Said only In PRICK BAKING POWDER CO-New lor Sas St J. S. DOUGLAS Childs' Hand-Made l School U Childs Durable I Girls' Hand a j School Ladies' Prunella 3 w Boys' Strong Lace O Men's Lace Women's Carpet Men's Fine Lace O Ladies' French Kid I J lO Girls' Durable But- ton E a 8 i P. O. BOS I THE LIM STORE j i TABLE LINEN'S tidy housekeepers' delight is Beau- I Table Slit will always find the variety and the beet value at our f Fine Table i with Napkins to Table i Runners LINEN TOWELS does I not appreciate a good Linen i I is from all linen j back at to the finest called from Dam- where it was first CRASHES which the wM not I come Barnsley Crash ItoU I ler We are proud of our and can with honesty J mend Ask to see them j and they will speak for them- j Try them and you will not be j I PRINCESS OPERA HOUSE Monday and April 14 SIGNOR CORNET test Solo in the supported by the Tho Citizens' Miss of and Tickets Ste. and Plan of seats at Tees' Children Cry for Pitcher's Iain St. Nearly Opposite e Sell lore at Retail than any other in the s ata is not an but a fact which our will For this spring's we have made an extra We have devoted a great deal of care and attention to the selection of have exercised every ingenuity in manufacture that experience could and we are proud to say that our efforts have been eminently as thousands of our can safely Our magnificent stock is now on cir show tables ready for In it you will find tailor-made suits in the choicest fabrics of the mills of England and All our patterns are The styles are the prevailing ones worn by the best We are showing a beautiful English Worsted Spring long roll and This is without doubt the garment in the Our stock of Pants is varied and We have striped checked wide narrow pants in everybody's They are all made We would invite the atten- tion of mothers to our assortment of Children's Oar whole stock of Hats is The shapes are those of Lincoln and The prices are as have received our careful deservedly as our trade in this line is do IS CARLEY Main NEARLY FRESH SUPPLY OF 3 B O g O O T s T AT THE HUDSON'S These are selling They combine Neatness and Faultless Moderate Price EVERY PUB EXTENSIVE RANGE OF As well as the finest Shoes GOODYEAR GLOVE RUBBERS Are Every style carried in BOOT SHOE JUST OPENED AT Another Large Shipment of J. D. KING'S AND J. T. BELL'S LADLES AND MISSES' FINE BOOTS ABD SLIPPERS IN ALL THE STYLES FOB AND SUMMER Telephone MAIS ST. CONTINUES AT I McFARLANE'S HIIS Durine the past week crowds of people hare our new and the has been we are as ABSOLUTELY AT Bargains ar a coa-age of MAIN ST. I Don't you know we are offering Special Bargains every I Saturday I LADIES' COTrON or I fire for I SILK SO for I LADIES' UNDERWEAR I only Complete new stock of I 1 BOYS' AND every variety Plush and I IMPORTED in Terra I Cotta and Still the beat In tte to A visit to f Main will pay is the Carpet with 1 pieces of Carpet to select i g 1 Hew Dress Hew f Prints and Laces and j Kid Gloves and II fj MAIN 1 ope N. P. Depot m 1 pi wholesale 1 1 JEWELER 1 1 HAS- 51 5 REMOVED 1 I r H To his and commodious H j new premises at i H and Main Si 1 1 1 WHITE AND Manufactured st Fort 8 kirk and far sale In barrel and car lot u or car lots of White Grey In quantities to 1 suit a ANGUS 1 Sutherland Mani i THE REPORTORIAL a st rc or tin o the luces w wb ir she mim waiting on the shady side the winter's Set Imm we the I'll Hi w lh we bay at toon at eren-The aide tho n inner Not the filse an Attn mM to lad a oboe to an are walking ob the aide A tear to bo built at Calgary this U booked to appear hi April IS Baal estate dealers report an in their I Kara a week's in an has received a eail to Km Jam The will parade Main street night is sew uni-Chief will it tarn rem Hot with the and la the tare are ant far a dancing party to be in n Frida April The affair premises to be a Lv ii ei ike en Grain A an It is not that the J. U. of toe will Uw call be received Kw The reverend the matter under hie coa-On Wednesday af kit week a ef betta were taw On They ware rather and ted tit of they met It kas been were young ladles It II not that they are members of a secret Brandon from the eat on the On Monday of farmers started their seeders on and thousands f acres bl bare been sown in this Daring the past week the basinets done in farm machinery has been and dealers have been kept in a state of busy Honed The small comet discovered on March 19 by of is the first seen It ii a small and was miles from the sun when first It will reach its nearest point to both and earth about the 1st of and will be then about 1 miles from It will scarcely be visible to the naked comets are emtio in development as well as in The knack have of being the rising men in nearly community on the face of the earth is a If there is money to be got oat of a country the Macs are generally the first to find it ont and profit it is it another example of pluck and and one of its latest is as Scotch in name and population as a haggis or an oatmeal The annual congregational meeting of Christ was held on Wednesday evening The following officers were Delegate to synod A. H. minister's J. G. T. L. S. E. W. W. A. I ind B. W. W. i fryer and J. W. at the on Monday Two at the opera house matinee The meeting of the Fort Arthur was held last A farewell to For-tin will be held en tins ef ice are ready for export from Port Arthur to Toronto at an early has reorganised a The have been imported from The annul meeting of the St. George's takes place on the at the The has been sold to a local syndicate and the new owners will endeavor to make a newspaper of An implement dealer in the city says a very large number of preas-drills have been sold to farmers throughout the will preach the anni-very sermon of the I. O. O. F. in the Methodist Crystal on Sunday The Advance refers la terms to the lecture delivered by on temperance in that town cn E. was yesterday sentenced to a month's for the larceny of a backboard from W. W. Walsh The remains of the lite M. who died at New a few days ill not be taken as of tiis intends seeding ISO acres of land at he will nse the press drill preferring it to broadcast A number of prominent Free from axe in the city tc attend tha annual Easier parade of the Knights Templar to Holy Trinity The Times says a requisition is being signed by the teachers to J. D. II asking him to stand as member of the advisory board of ef Pilot was taken to the at Selkirk a few days where she will receive the care and treatment that be requires en cf her A few days ego a lamp exploded in the boos of M. near in Southern The house was burned with all the including a new parlor organ ana in Deloraine Weekly Times an 1 Turtle Mountain and River is the isle of the Times under the new It has been enlarged and presents a creditable A gentleman acquainted with the teachers in the province says school of will be fleeted as the nominee of the teachers as their representative on the advisory The letter of a on the question of the redaction of the hours of is unavoidably crowded out It with other labor on W. ex reeve of the of arrived with his family on Monday last in Pilot and will settle on a farm a few miles near where his eons have already established Oi Monday last Bellamy left Pilot to join her husband at Before her departure the lady was presented with a address bv the of the Baptist Pilot Monad There a-e men at Pilot Mound whose weight is The lightest weighs the heaviest In the Person of the Rock Lake also boasts of having the heaviest representative iu the Scott the world-renowned dramatic will appear next Thursday and Friday evenings at the Bijou opera The plan of seats is now open at Tees' next door to the post The population of Iceland diminished between aid being at the dose of the latter year The decline is due to emigration to The native fishermen that their busi-cess is being ruined by English fishing The body of a man named who has been living at Tyndall the pait twelve was found in the bush in that vicinity yesterday de-ceased left the boose in the morning he was apparently in good The cause of death is supposed to be heart A despatch from Ottawa dated April II Dominion land was dead in his bed this Heart disease is the 11 r. Snow has relative residing in this where he is well He wm in Winnipeg during the and is said to have amassed considerable He has only been absent from the city a few J. W. who has beet for several years missionary to the reet is in Toronto at deliver addresses upon the of his Tims is his work in the Northwest from here he has been superintending the publication in the language ef parts of the Bible and prayer also a grammar and dictionary and several The importance of this will be evident when it is known that these are the first books ever written in this They will not only be a benefit to the but will also be a to those who desire to acquire a knowledge of the A meeting of the executive committee of the synod of Land was held Thursday in Holy Trinity there being present His Lordship the Dean Archdeacon Canon S. Canon W. A. Canon A L. E. P. Flewellyn and L. Sheriff F. H. H. S. W J. A F. Eden and G. W. Considerable business was A committee consisting of Dean Canon Canon Archdeacon Phair and T. was appointed for the stationing of summer and for open-in op of new Mather is acting for a few His Worship being ont of the A meeting of the special committee on the salaries and duties of civic officials will be held Monday A young man named thrown from a hot yesterday and sustained a severe fracture of the Colonel Peebles continues and bis medical adviser says he will not be able to leave tho till Wednesday ac least The total receipts for the four nights of amount t The expenses will run between and at the police court He had only one C. E. disputed which was The mayor and Taylor Mc-Micken and attended the of the finance committee Sign or is expected to take part in the Easter services of the Knights Templar in Trinity church to-morrow The choir will render special on this On and of next week com y held their tl ird annual in Wesley will be announced in columns next W. with J. R. O ut now for lumber has been spending a few in Mr with hi C. E. if Revere The chik nf committees has been d by tin- finance to ib-vite for city and binding for t Tae of the new block survey of the city will be The finance committee will recommend that the selection of R. E. by City Surveyor as assistant surveyor for the ba confirmed by the The finance re will recommend a rebate of SO to M. being one-half cf a license but which license was J. will also get a refund of thai amount having been paid for the last of tor which no licenses are It is probable Will will increase the number of originally intended to be delivered in the The Ladies' Aid society of Grace church waited on the gentleman this and requested him to lecture under their next Thursday On Tuesday he goes to Portage la to Brandon for Wednesday returning to the city the A frame building has been presented to Christ church mission Point It has been moved for the present to a rented lot on Euclid street near the Win-dews have been placed in it and filled with cathedral and it has been floored and with The interior will be completed early next week aad it will be opened by the Bishop of Rupert's Land on April at 3 30 p.m. In tho case of Rowand His Lordship Justice Killam delivered judgment this dismissing the application for an the railway and the attorney-general to hive costs of tho as costs in the cause in any and for the Cameron and Mathers for In the case of McMicken the appeal from the referee was allowed without Governer of the western judicial district spent a few hours ia the city He arrived from the west last having in charge a lunatic for the irk The unfortunate man's name is George a farmer of the municipality of Foote first exhibited signs of insanity two but was act put confinement till three necks Governor Noxon is a brother of Policeman of this Tee regular weekly meeting of the Literary took place yesterday af in the Central school division gave its second entertainment the pro- being as folio President's H. for B. reading of manuscript H. j le of D. j in the T. vecal Misses Anderson and W. Miss Katie address of T. H. Save the