MUSICAL AND AT Criticism of the Week's Attraction-The Characters Individually and Collectively Sized Up Liberati at x the br G Winder 1 On Monday ui cl next week all lovers of cornet music at Us beet should torn out la force to bear j lbs Th will be beld in the Princess opera be by i a soprano it U it of enumerable Kelly will alio ling two of his descriptive but In these be if tare to bu In addition there will be the Citizens' tinder a new last column ferr advance notices cornet Readers need not be again reminded that these were collected from New York papers of The Biou theatre company bare bad a successful week at and they appear this evening at their eU homo on Notre Dame in that powerful Two Next week Campbell promises us Old a pastoral so the New York press of It may a well be stated that the T. W. is for a week's engagement at this commencing Kow this will test the i of a good many of our moral They have been Jae writer the of the value of the legitimate as a means cf it will be interesting to note the of this class of people when the legitimate is a and within oar K The or the B of and in the Orient a bar H torque in two by with incidental arranged from two or B three of and the old B favorite Mabel which so del ted j the m world seme years ago B With and Bj from old nursery the Bohemian R Wallace's The H and a selection ci variety H and II otherwise maltreated by that eminent cal Richard i The will be supported by J a clever combination of popular amateurs ml to the Winnipeg society ml Is not the above a very significant way to head the bill B of fare that has H four this week at the BE At events it is mich more appropriate BV than the accepted beading and mora in H keeping with the BJ is a It is a J It is To call such a An thing au opera is to the Hf It is a fraud on the BJ It is as empty 1 s a soap It is Bj utterly devoid of every which BJ educated aid Intelligent pec pie look foi in BJ an opera produced by the Winnipeg Oper- BJ and to compare a BJ the other works produced by BJ this organization is like sizing up the menu Bj of a and the thoroughbred society has taken a backward stride not toadies the success Bj it has obtained this is Bj fied to create alarm amongst its best Bj and it action this season will be thrown in W its on miny a future B That they have escaped disaster this H week is owing to the efforts of three or four or it would perhaps B be better to say ih 1 B not sparing on the S it is pirating to hi able to state that the company were a ahead of the HI piece they were This will to Ire by The of the I were two tramps f more thao ordinary and mm S. BH To these Siam these audacious specimens of the genus and the very original work they pat is doe in a great whatever in the way of success was BH BB The tears fairly rolled down the writer's cheeks as he laughed at the drolleries of BBs these two gentlemen if the BBB educational of The would 96 call these tear fancy their HB local hits and were cleverly away these two except a little for neither has any connection with the where BBS would the so-called opera hove ME There is net a single solo in the work fit HB for anyone to onry one at all BBl worth is dream has passe i and that is not Stahl's by any and he butchered it at fine baritone bad so and to call jerky attempts at BK part writing would make even a cat Baass Wide made most of her acting in a ut the music was just when ae expected a the or as IBB ome would the would and lenly let his ideas meander som- other channel the putter lne been the proper Similar may apply to the music f most of tie other A tine treat to listen more to deep in fact it was quite a elief to hear and see him as the Rajah This as far as sing-pg had little but in rith and was botn spirited and sang her Sweet ver but cannot for a with Miss is the lime What ought to have been the title was made bat a secondary as the Nondescript iad the title The part was originally for mi suffered a little in but i till pat in his sota towards making a The ladies amongst the audience were Bite charmed with the make-op of and no wonder It was the was most at critical moment no was and as the leading tenor part of little else than it was a Fry sang the old nursery sons a to new and x i- otherwise contributed moat materially in the last the of the The ladies of the chorus were the gentlemen also It was a Sty to see valuable time musical r AU was not their The end of the Ent act formed a striking The departing ship was very pleasant to the It goes without saying that in ill amateur affairs of this kind the orchestra generally comet is for no share of If th mui a of courts It is the U there is any ia pat the blame on the when all is said and the members of the with the did their work as a rale the or the want of them and the hard parts they To is due for his efforts on what the writer thinks most have been an abhorrence to at all be seems to have left no stone to secure a successful Miss Holmes' work throughout the season at the puno must have been Stage Manager Arnold's duties have proved no as he perhaps has found out by this he has had plenty and done it This gentleman may claim a large a very large one cf whatever merit is Simi the once justly famed is to take a og farewell of the pub-lie at a concert in J ace Madame his promised to which will make the interesting ai well as The is not going to England just may take Thompson's Madame Patti has stag in grand opera for thirty and when she wishes it call herself in a short time It is said that a prominent choir leader has sent in his resignation to take effect the first of next The musical committee of the church in question is not at all likely to accept it The gentleman is mush valuable a man to lose in au easy the cornet player of the will be here two of this lie is to bring his own company with Charity ought to begin at of religion should now direct their attack to the homemade theatrical there were at the performance of this week then have been heard at the regular Bijou per the One in particular should hs ve made every lady but when docs a fashionable lady if she you can't see It seem to be wasting time though to talk or where the Operatic society is ounce They have wound up their season of fatting with a more than usual amount of and will doubtless go on their ways Time money envy and heart burnings cresting a distaste for good and a positive longing for the stave in the hearts of our young people who have crowded the Bijou this These are some of the CO Matters af Interest to Temperance life Having the natural curiosity of my I was anxious last evening to see a certain working woman in her who has lived in this city about four She often tells the sad tale so painful to listen which we often hear from the old country country better in the old where had a comfortable but new disappointments and privation drove a kind husband and indulgent father to the where toe greater part of his time is I found her home on F if indeed such a place in disagreeable surroundings is worthy of the sweet The door was opened by a sweet child of eight Urn n a kempt would have been one mass cf ringlets if owned by a child in more favorable to my she motioned to her who was hastily tidying the aai said I have such a miserable place for you to sit I am away from ho ne ever day and the children are poor is your son getting on selling 1 poor he if oat now te bring his father from the Here the poor woman gave vent to her pent op said the little balf-clid boy of four will bring pa I beard him say hs saw him go into the Poor yea are yoong to learn the grief which will come to you by observing the example of an unfeeling whose heart is charred by He can hear you cry tor want and now that you are an object of j God pity your brokenhearted who toils lor your I know the keeper of the II u children are richly-dressed and lie fares sumptuously every liis are purchased with the money ef poor men blood which he obtains by drunkards with the shield of the law before his nefarious I Let us pray that the day ia near when by the law this business will be de-i LITE The American Temperance Insurance of New York makes the following experience proves teat the cost ot insurance to total abstainers is at least one-third less than in associations that admit moderate and lea than one-half the oost of expensive old line I THE The Leader entitles its column relative to Suppressed What be better and more to the for that is practically what women LESS I BRITISH A careful comparison of the records and accounts in seventy-three British hospitals shows that the aggregate decrease in the amount expended for alcohol since twenty-five yean ago is forty-seven per cant It is interesting to note the explicit reduction in some of the largest and best known la King's College hospital the for alcohol in was 7 per In it was 1 This ia and a in a college many student and learn to be chary of prescribing a substance which cannot establish it claim to be called a and which is too uncertain both in its composition and operation to be relied upon as a In the lime time the London fever hospital has red need its bill for liquors from 3 per bed to and has its milk bill RESPECTING OCR YOUNG MEN M. C. A. ANNUAL Winnipeg Represented in Story Told by President Gill Will likely Attend the General Secretaries' eleventh of the Young Men's Christian association was held at the rooms of the last Tuesday Frota tie reports which were presented by the chairmen of the various extracts from which were published in cur Wednesday's the results of the but year's work should ba a source of great encouragement to those Interested in the IK In the course of presidential speech at the annual B. J. Whitla related the following incident which will be ot in terest to friends of the I was in last year I was passing the rooms cf Manchester Young Men's Christian and happening to take a run into the rooms I found that my eld the Jacob was to deliver a lecture cn the Land and As I knew Freshman in Ontario I was glad to have the opportunity of hearing him lecturer addressed his audience in the attire of a rabbi and gave a most interesting account of the land from which he had just I had not seen Freshman for several but I am intimately acquainted W. the secretary of the Manchester At the close of the lecture the Chairman arose and said that as there were some prominent men in the audience who were engaged in Christian work in China and and who it was expected would wish to say a few words about these countries very little time be allowed to outsiders if they wished to anything in regard to the The in complimenting the lecturer upon his said that Jacob Freshman was indeed worthy of the credentials which he brought from New Things were done up in such quick shape that there was very little chance for the small fry to get in a as this Manchester association ha been brought a great deal before our Winnipeg in oae way and I not see why Manchester should not hear from mustering what courage I I rose up in my seat at the back of the audience and I was not was again but the words fell on deaf By this time the Irish was beginning to in my and speaking at the top of my voice I again Every eye In the galleries was now turned on beg your I I would like to say a few I mh to testify to the merits of the gentleman who has addressed the audience Of I will want to know who I giving this Freshman did not know who I was at the I paid a tribute to which I have not time to I then presented the claims of Winnipeg have the I representing an association in the Northwest part cf in the city of and have the great privilege of being president of that This brought down the as the correspondence between the Winnipeg and Manchester has been so and number of young fellows from the Manchester association who have found employment through the Winnipeg association has been so I said i was very glad to have an opportunity at any time of meeting any young men who came to and I considered that the highest any mu varry with him was his card showing him to be an active member of the Young Men's Christian association in the town in which he I sat down after a more The aristocratic chairman then got but he could not stop the There was a general hubbub of and a general manifestation of good feeling by all and I was asked to carry back to Winnipeg thanks of the Manchester young and Xa say that to a man they felt under great for the many favor which had been conferred the young men who had gone to and for the groat kindness shown them by the general C. M. PEACE HEARD The following dated February and St. Luke's Peace was received a fe dayi ago by Mi Dear Mk I take it for granted that you are still secretary of the M. C. A. of It seems natural that you should the association has grown up under your I have never been an member cf your but while a student at St. John's college I had frequent opportunities of observing the good work which it was your association has since grown in power and and I trust also in faith and and in good Though I have not heard anything of its operations sines I left Winnipeg in yet I have not forgotten to uphold in my prayers the purpose it has in May its ever realize from whence their fruit is found May they know the secret of all true victory our faith bath within and beyond Since I have come out here my expenses have exceeded my bat the kind hand of the I have something to I be most happy to become a subscribing member of your association if yen have such a I enclose a cheque of though only a please accept as heartily as it is Could you kindly send me of your publications or anything that will give aa idea of your I should be much My work here is among the Cree and Beaver As yet it has been little more than sowing in sometimes many but the harvest is I am your Malcolm It is rumored that the H. will represent the Winnipeg association at the General Secretaries' held in May I USE ROYAL CROWN I t THE RUSH CONTINUES L as P jut NO LET UP TO GIVING IMMENSE I I is ren The must positively be closed out by next Everyone pleased with the Big Bargains they got for their spot No Js cot entert J. 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