B ft MERICAN I A NOVELTIES i IN 0 Collars and OPENED 1 ARNETT'S BIG BOSTON CLOTHING i W. J. BOYD'S POSTAGE AVEy I A. G. MORGAN dovan Sewed 1 MAIN ST. MM W will you a few of our i pries that are Shoe Trade or g Tan j CHILD'S Pebble Goal I v WOMEN'S WOMEN'S j i BOYS' Strong Lace I j Fine Cordovan MEN'S OxfordS DOUGLAS J I Children Cry for Pitcher's I Its superior excellence proven In millions of homes for more than a quarter of a It Is used by the United States Endorsed by the beads of the Great Universities as the Purest and most Cream Baking Powder d not contain Lime or Soli only In PRICK BAKING POWDER New San St. Grand April Showers FAR MANITOBA Low-Priced Boots For the LI LOW PRICES LADIES' I I Fine Kid LADIES' Polished Calf extra LADIES' Fine Dongola only LADIES' Polished Calf at GENTS' American Congress and Laced in Cordovan and finest goods in the i MISSES' AND CHILDREN'S Rep Slippers at per A CARLOAD OP MADE WITH ALL THE LATEST WB ARE SELLING AT PRICES TO SUIT THE THE LEADING BOOT AND SHOE Main DON'T THE- GREAT SHE NOW GOING ON OF AND AT Commercial After Bargains large stock now on hand of all the best is reduced Come and see people's and Main Street and sill TRADE p 1 Shoes SUPERIOR ST Ladles' Patent Tip Kid Boots and Oxford See our Ladles IAIN ST. Telephone CRAIG we tc-day again remind yon of remarks yesterday about baying oM for you moth-eaten cloth either at private or auction some of which are shop-worn for years and oat of In view of these naye thousands of dollars' worth of and Youths' bought new direct from the best and largest manufactories of such In the at about own to clear out large We are offering Men's Suits for ten days at and These prices discount eren auction besides we gunnies that every if not as shall refund your at once and get first Roys and Youths' Suits to larger assortment in the TEA-MEETING AND The Ladies' Aid of McDougall Memorial Church Will hold an old-time Tea-Meeting and Concert on Thursday April Tea from 6 to or two for COME ONE AND Members of City Lodges and visiting brethren are requested to meet at the different lodge-rooms on SUNDAY AFTERNOON April at 3 p. m. For the purpose of attending service at Zion in celebration of the of our Crews has kindly consented to preach on the Signed on behalf of the O. E. N. BREAKFAST Boston Cod Fish Glasgow Brose Tan Star star flam AND guarantee our Syrup to be finest produced in INFANTS Robinson's Prepared IS GROCERY STOP AT Saunders S Talbot's MAIK Fine Window The finest stock in the city to select LOW Crystal 30 Main H. W. GENERAL Sales conducted at private houses or places of Satisfaction Address for U present at House-Cleaning Tills Week ir cone direct to CHEAPSIDE FOR CARPETS AND FURNISHINGS Hemp Every From 2 yard to 4 yards and Tapestry Sewn and Free of Best Stock of Wool aud Union Carpets in the Blinds Oa good only Variety Cream and all from SI Pole ny Com pic End and at C HEAPS IDE and ain St. a 1 London lm P. O. BOX JUST Another Lot of I NEW PONG-SE I DE APERIES Pale Blue and Fink Palo and Cold VERY CHOICE jl 10 INCHES PER Customers who have been j waiting for these cen now have I orders fi Samples on I f I s a 1 New 1 Dress M I Prints and I Laces and II Kid and 1 MAIN II N. P. M. RT Depot II L I M 13 1 WHITE AND Manufactured at Fort H kirk and for sale in barrel and car H or car lots of White and Grey in quantities to ID suit purchaser i ANGUS I Sutherland I WE HAVE I H Seedless H Sitter From to per CHOICE PINEAPPLES S AND I dc 2 I i THE REPORTORIAL s The C. P. R. pay car returned Irom the east Upwards of forty new hemes are in course of erection in will b given a benefit at the on Clipper baseball dab meets in office to-morrow benefit at the Bijou Opera House take plies to F. W. manager far A. Smile I left for to open a branch The tea meeting and concert of He-Dall from last will beheld this of the of the first session of the court of revision are The court will convene in the civic offices on May at 8 p.m. j The inclement weather on Tuesday night j fc the postponement of the concert in Wesley church to have been given by t Grace church to an indefinite chairman of the tL license and health went out to U the nuisance ground this ta the condition of the roads leading Several new will be erected in I. Manitoba this The Bros Martin Mitchell and others talk of buildings at several Chief cf the Calgary police hat been asked to resign the chief- ship of the He will be pot in as con- bis salary being from to per ft The billiard tournament at the still goes Last night Divitt was beaten by score to Davitt was also beaten by The highest run was made by the 13 I To-morrow at o'clock at Wolfs auction rooms in the the furniture of the residence of the late C. will be The goods are on view to-day and ta morrow J. and Miss two Kc prominent members of St. Andrew's y i were married last Thursday evening by J Oaly a few near frienda were present Their numerous in Cf tB wishing 6 them happiness r and The honorary treasurer ot the diocese of Lisa acknowledges with many thanks the torn of for the widows' and orphans' being the of the at Holy Trinity taken by the Templar of Albert Edward on the of their recent special The question ef inviting some of the picnics from Winnipeg to visit I will shortly be discussed by the I of Morden possesses to none in this being a distance from the metropolis and It only fx requires some action being taken to Sill of tle my picnics which annually Morden Tf The first of a series of grand sacred will begin in the bijou opera house on next management in- tend that these converts shall be strictly tiered and shall in n way interfere with the charch for this reason the time fr has been fixed at 8 Some ef the beat known talent both amateur and haw kindly consented to appear at the first concert this coming San- day and Campbell baa very generously placed the hall at the disposal of the of all particulars will be announced in the newspapers I An aged resident of Toronto passed away yesterday when Thomas wife of the senior license inspector of breathed her last at the family Ontario Dexter had been more or less of an invalid for a long but only about ten days ago did her illness take a serious She was in her and had resided in Toronto for over 40 The deceased leaves besides the be reared a fam ly of six all They H. J. T. U. Thomas R. R. Joshua add J. J 4 B. Toronto A baseball dub has been organized at To-day is the fifth cf the Fish Creek Mitt Alexander will give a concert at Rat in a few Winnipeg talent will Major grand mister of the Orange visitors m the city on the of Owing to the heavy rain fall daring the past days work on foundation of the N. betel is Cass says it will be resumed jast as soon as the ground Is sufficiently The body of an Indian woman was found lying in the bash on the St. Boniface side lionise bridge Chief of Police investigated the case and believes that the death was due to A congregational meeting was held in Andrew's church last night when nominations were received for nice additional Altogether thirty-four were The balloting will take place at a meeting to be held next A roan named Cole gave an alleged funny in the Princess opera house last Upwards of 75 persons were drawn thither by the They were sorry they had paid their money long before the performance was Manager has shut down on He says it was too rank for further large audiences went ti the Newmarket theatre afternoon and to witness William A. Brady's production of Dion After er j the specialties and laughed heartily at humorous The pathetic portions were also The applause was frequent and well There are few melodrama that sufficient merit t draw as large an or which are so much commended as this The scenery and specialties were highly Kelly and in their exhibit enough to interest the house The remaining presentations will doubtless bring out full houses to confirm the Continued on fourth Xo Announcements of be made among the local items of The All such announcements will the above mil be charged as Thirty or 60 cents each over thirty Scents for each additional Xo charge wilt be for announcements under thirty words when accompanied by a regular advertisement By J. J. Auction sale of household effects at Smith on April Iy J. T. Unreserved auction sale of household furniture at Princess on April Ant-lion by Joseph of household on April at the some of the effects of the late C. J. Sale of household at the reside nee of IS Kennedy on April at 1 JO Joseph Sale ot very elegant household furniture by Joseph at the residence of W. S. 77 on April commencing at o'clock