§ark...law courts

by Kip Park

for Heritage Winnipeg

Manitobans awaiting justice will soon find a more speedy and efficient

exucution of wreceedincs, once the new $15.5 miilian law cuurts building i2 2 ,4 -


Construction on the new four—storey building is axpecteu to begin in late January, with comyletion set for Segtember, 1984.

with a total of 140,000 square fiaet of additional space, including 20 new court rooms, the new building is expected to speed up the wheels of justice, which have been gradually slowing dawn in the cramped quarters of the existing Law Courts Building, located just to the suuth of the yroposed new»building.

Designed by the Number Ten Architectural Group, the néw building has

been conceptually deveioyed as a sympathetic neighbor to the existing Law