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[gne Canada Centre is also designed for total flexibility to meet the changing needs of the emerging information society. The eight-corner office floor plan simplifies office planning, while the two bay windows on each floor add visual and spatial variety.

Xlhe comfort of those who work in the building had a major role in the design of One Canada Centre. ifwhen the building

opens, it will be the most comfortable, pleasant and attractive

work environment of any large office building in Winnipeg,” Anita Jones, project cggrdinator for Rice Brydone Ltdfifof Toronto, interior designers of the building.

‘:Work surfaces will be about one-third larger for most Investors’ employees, and task lighting will be used at most work stations to reduce glare from overhead lights. About 60 per cent of the office equipment in Investors’ offices will be new, and chairs have been ergonomically-designed for comfort.

Efibrk stations on Investors’ floors will be connected to the fourth floor mainframe computer through a special telephone system so that each work station will have a voice/data link. Provision has also been made for a digital base telecommunications switch system (PBX) and a Local Area Network (LAN) system, and the future integration and expansion of all