cu££§L_$33Q.million—Nerth—Portage’redevelopment.ljéhe company_ get

ld have expanded on its present Broadway site, but chosezfi

§ . Afl~’ . . . - because we want to assistflthe revitalization of / tp,p ‘,

thfi important part of the downtown core, Investors‘ president and chief executive officer. The location "reaffirms our deep commitment to thisxcommunitya” aaruzaflfied. {:lnVestors will occupy all but séx of the l9 floors in the

/\ ’77?0?2s/ f’”"‘\

268,000-square-foot building, with aboutfliy 0 square feetagf

i tenants. Eriginally, the company had

f’"\\ . sfifiee being rented to ~ planned to lease out about half the office space, but the major

increase in busiress volume--up 34 per cent in 1986 over 1985--

and“a64‘”" '“. "future expansion increased Investors’

. 1 requirements. “ha Investors Group f anticipat. total mufigal

" V‘ 0

in igseé «£7/‘?‘-‘/*0

[inside the building, a dramatic three-storey glass and

9 $1.4 billion

granite atrium with granite columns, terrazzo floors and

lush greeneryjwill create a spectacular entrance. The . ,{A]§;if3 \ , ) w‘ I p ‘3 -, r i. / atrium will be connected by skywalk toAPortage Places a

forming an integral part of a system that

will give comfortable, climate-controlled access to many of

the buildings in the heart of downtown Winnipeg.