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by Kip Park

(The name of the first office tower to be built on Portage. Avenue in years says as much about the company that will occupy it as does the structure itself.

One Canada Centre, due to be finished this fall for $37.5 million, is the new l9—storey home of Investors Group Inc., Canada's pioneer of ersonal financial planning.

he 47-year-old company's headquarters on downtown Portage is to be called One Canada Centre because Investors is by far No. 1 in mutual funds in the nation -- administering about a quarter of the $17 million invested in mutuals in Canada in 1986. The name also was selected because Winnipeg is the geographic centre of the country. (One Canada Centre, rising a storey a week on Winnipeg's wide and famous Portage Avenue, is part of the massive $330 million North Portage Redevelopment scheme now underway. Other features of the development include a l30—store shopping complex next door, several housing projects and a network of elevated skywalks that is turning a seven-block section of Portage into an enclosed, all-weather concourse. CInvestors' new headquarters is being built for the company by PCL Constructors Western Inc. .nvestors' 650 employees will move between

October and December from the company's current seven-storey headquarters about a half-mile away on Broadway.


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