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Vol. VII, No. 32 (282



St. Mary's Church at Mountain Road, Manitoba, was completely destroyed by fire Friday afternoon, August l9 after its spire was struck by lightning. Mountain Road is about 19 miles North-west of Neepawa, Manitoba.

News of the tragic loss has shocked the entire Ukrainian Cath. olic Community, for the church was both the larges-t Ukrainian Church in Canada and a show piece of church architecture. Al- though the church was built at a cost of $18,000, its real value was estimated to be in the hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Neighbors succeeded in remov- ing most of the church furnishings before the roof collapsed. Firemen calledfrom Neepawa and Erickson were unable to save the edifice before itwas totally destroyed b fire. A

Jim i"t<‘o’i‘t—:-'”é"‘é?,*"i‘i"a “’r~Ei‘g'i‘e"bo”r‘l;*”“‘saw

lightning hit the church spire early in the afternoon, and immediately phoned in the alarm. Rev. An-

thony Fyk, the pastor, who was"

away at the time, was informed of the tragic loss by phone. Mountain Road parish was foun- ded in 1904 and -the first church was built in that year. A new church was built in the years 1923 25 under the direction of the late Father Philip Ruh, O.M.l. by the

volunteer labor of the parishioners The Byzantine style structur was ofwood, built on top of cement foundation in the form 0 a cross, 96 feet wide and l20 fee long. The height from the cella to the top of the dome was 8! feet, and to the top of the cros on the outside, 120 feet. The church hadone large dome in the centre, and several smaller domes It had more than forty supporting columns, 135 windows, and a gal lery around the interior. All the ikons were hand painted, and the

beautiful embroidery and croche

work were the voluntary labor 0 the parishioners. ln addition to the main altar there were four side

A altars.

Normal seating capacity wa 400 with facilities to expand te 500 seats, and standing room fo more than 3000.

The exterior of the church wa painted this year at a cost 0 parishioners and friends at a din $8,000.00.

Upkeep of the church was made possible by the hundred or se parishioners, and by the thousand of tourists, who visited this edifice every year. 5

It is expected that Mass for the

gaarishioners will be said in the

parish hall.