Arts Entertainment Evan Johnson I A 0 IMA 4 CHIT H 1 Ml I O I LIY I Al N EN I I 17 H LLLa VOL 94 28 APRIL 2007 ll i Absent Sound stands behind a big coloured y TIMOTHY BROWN STAFF Sound has been a familiar band to the Winnipeg music scene for M m i few years now and have been slowly but surely attracting more and more Combining I. hypnotic sounds and unique live they are not a group that is easily Member Rob Menard describes the group as dream-like ambiance are the powerful elements in the music of Absent These puppet masters wield a musical creating huge dramatic worlds of sound with organic colossal hypnotic off-time record and Lesley speaker keyboard ears open and eyes closed is all the flight attendant This of course only describes what you would be listening to if you saw Absent Sound What you would be while maintaining that dream-like is something incredibly Incorporating a variety of creative elements into their live the band creates a unique and beautiful world that pulls the audience As Menard Sound's live show puts them in the realm of an art employing at times performance multiple television performance film contemporary and stilt-walking Winnipeg's creatively fertile filmmaking community has also complemented their Absent Sound are quite active when it comes to and this spring is to be no They will be performing at this year's Nuna Icelandic Festival taking place right here in The Nuna Festival is a convergence of art between Iceland and There are a variety of artists involved who all B in some an Icelandic and an interest in exploring the creativity shared by the two In the case of Absent they were invited to attend because of Menard's Icelandic Absent Sound's upcoming April 26 performance at the beautiful Ellice like any of their will jH be sure to entertain and mesmerize all in Early Absent Sound jH performances included just two jH Dave Fort and Rob but since then they have started to expand by incorporating new people and Menard describes the group's lineup for the performance with Absent Sound are Rob samples and David Josh Kelly performance Natalia and Doreen Opening for the band that evening are The and After the the group heads westward for a short two-week 1 jH shortly after which they'll head the Supers Festival in H taking place June on June they will be playing at a solstice celebration that they put on in Winnipeg twice every This year they will be performing with vocalist Damo Suzuki from the equally legendary German band They will also be accompanying Suzuki for a few dates on his North American Waterloo show with Damo Suzuki will be recorded by the infamous Danyl Neudorf who has been a producer for the and the New Pornographers and possibly be put out by Damo says Absent Sound's live whether it's with Damo Suzuki or is a show not to be With the addition of the new and Absent Sound look more ready to blow your minds and ears than ever bring go support those people with Icelandic heritage and check out JM one of Winnipeg's best and most creative GOSA SHOW WOWS 1 Greatest thing world has ever says I reporter r TIMOTHY BROWN STAFF V ight now at the Gallery I J of Student Art in the I University i M student have 1 the privilege of seeing student printmaking at its The show is New prints from the School of and I really exemplifies the talent that this faculty I The students exhibit a wide variety of showcasing different forms of f f With such a high level of each piece looks as if done by professional Some pieces look like incredibly detailed sketches while others take on a very animated There are prints of other portraits of and even one that looks like One of my favourite pieces also happens to be most noticeable piece least when you-first walk It is a print of a penis inserted into a As soon as you look at the subject matter is quite the style of the piece is very which allows the viewer to move beyond the subject matter and notice the symmetrical The use of colour in the piece is also There is a mix between various and Each colour remains never creating a very beautiful work of This show acts as a perfect weekends Annual precursor to this school of art open From noon until 5 you'll get the chance to see exactly what the school of art has been up to this Student artwork will be showcased in the FitzGerald the Art and the And this isn't just a few pieces being placed up on the walls at each Every single wall and table will be covered in the finest student work that the school of art has to You will be able to see work from first-year students who are just beginning to grasp the fundamentals as well as being able to see thesis students demonstrating the amazing talents that they have developed over the course of their I urge you to check out the open not as some desperate plea to gain support for student but to allow you to see just how amazing some of these young artists really It's not just the thesis students pumping out fantastic You have first-year students pushing the limits of second- and third-year students who have such a handle on drawing and it leaves you There is so to see and it's only one day of the This is a show you most definitely don't want to for if you your life may never be if you really don't have the time to check out the open then at least stop in at I the Gallery of Student Art and show your appreciation for some damn fine student Complete Seminars t Proven Test-Taking Strategies Personalized Professional Instruction Comprehensive Study Materials Simulated Practice Exams Free Repeat Policy Personal Tutoring Available Thousands of Satisfied Students Teach English I Overseas I Intensive Program Classroom Management Techniques Detailed Lesson Planning Comprehensive Teaching Materials Internationally Recognized Certificate Teacher Placement Service Money Back Guarantee Included jH Thousands of Satisfied Students jH OXFORD I SEMINARS H