THE TRIBUNE, Wednesday. June 15. 1977


SOME MEMBERS OF THE Law Soci- ety of Manitoba's judicial committee felt the charges of misconduct against former provincial judge Anthony Pilutik were serious enough to warrant disbarment for life, sources said Tuesday. (Page I).

LEGISLATION TO RAISE the legal drinking age to 19 was narrowly defeated Tuesday in a free vote in the Legislature which split all three caucuses. (Page 1).

MAYOR STEPHEN JUBA says his name was in a ‘“payoff" book kept by the Royal American Shows but the payoff was in the form of tickets for rides for him to give children who visited City Hall. (Page 4). '

LEGISLATION TO lower a Manitoban's provincial tax bill by two per cent was ap- proved in principle Tuesday in the Legisla- ture. (Page 4).

HUSBAND AND WIFE will not auto- matically become joint owners of their family homes when Manitoba’s new mari- tal property act becomes law, Attomey- General Howard Pawley said Tuesday. They will be required to register with the Land Titles Office. (Page 6).

CORE-AREA RESIDENTS technically won their fight against the opening of a new 7-Eleven food store Tuesday night. but were thwarted when the company an- nounced it would build the store at a dif- ferent site one block away. (Page 6).

POLICE CHIEF Norman Stewart says Winnipeg isn’t big enough to attract the kingpins of organized crime. (Page 7).

DASH SERVICE may be extended south to Osborne Village for a three-month trial period this summer. (Page 17).


IT WAS A BAD day for Tory I ader Joe Clark. First, he had to summon John Reyn- olds, a British Columbia Tory MP, to Ot- tawa for a chat about CBC allegations that linked Mr. Reynolds to underworld figures. Then he got the news that PC Jacques La- voie is defecting to the Liberals. (Page 1).

THE POLICY BOARD of the Co-ordin- ated Law Enforcement Unit. which in- cludes B.C.'s deputy attorney-general, has known for more than a year of tapes linking MP John Reynolds to local organized crime figures, a senior CLEU official said Tuesday. (Page 1).

OPPOSITION PARTIES in the British Columbia legislature began pressing the government Tuesday to appoint a public commission to study growing organized crime in the province. (Page I).

A MAN CURRENTLY fighting deporta- tion from Canada says he has operated as a

political spy not a terrorist —. for the Irish Republican Army. and continues to be under its instruction. (Page 12).


YOUTHS HURLED STONES and dam- aged cars. trucks and buses in Soweto on Tuesday. two days before the anniversar" of last year's bloody rioting in South Afri- ca‘s turbulent black township near Johan- nesburg. police reported. (Page 1).

COMMONWEALTH leaders spent the final day of the biennial conference today drafting a communique to cover the cracks of disagreements over the crucial issues of southern Africa and relations between rich and poor countries. (Page 5).

THREE CROATIAN terrorists shot down a security guard at the Yugoslav Mis- sion to the United Nations on Tuesday. then barricaded therriselves in a third-floor room for about two hours before surren- dering to police. (Page 5).

U.S. CORRESPONDENT Robert Toth returned to Lefortovo prison today for his second interrogation by Soviet security po- lice in 24 hours. (Page 5).


THE MOST EXTENSIVE manhunt in Tennessee history ended Tuesday when the same dog handler who ran down James Earl Ray caught the last of six convicts who fled Brushy Mountain Penitentiary with Ray five days before. Brushy still has a per- fect record of never having had a convict escape successfully. (Page 1).

MEMBERS OF THE U.S. House of Representatives, voting against President Carter in favor of 17 controversial water projects. don't appear to have the strength to overcome a possible veto. (Page 5).


SLOW WORLD ECONOMIC recovery is causing a slump in demand for metals copper, zinc, lead and nickel and keep- ing inventories high. (Page 63).

PROPOSED LEGISLATION on busi- ness mergers and monopolies will increase profits for companies. the Canadian Labor Congress said Tuesday in a brief to the Commons committee on finance. trade and economic affairs. (Page 63).


MORE AND MORE Americans ap- parently are finding their 30th birthdays to be a landmark —- a time to make big deci- sions. (Page 22).

POLICE FORCES AT the Montreal conference on violence in the family agree they are best equipped to handle family problems, particularly child abuse. Who else runs a 24-hour office? (Page 21).


CANADA WON ITS third consecutive Intercontinental Cup basketball game Tuesday night. with a 68-52 victory ‘over Yugoslavia. Seventeen-year-old Leo Rau- tins of Toronto led the Canadian attack with 24 points. (Page 53).

NATIONAL HOCKEY League teams held their annual junior draft on Tuesday, and first name out of the hat was Dale McCourt. The Detroit Red Wings made McCourt the No. 1 choice. (Page 54).

TORONTO ARGONAUTS and Ottawa Rough Riders tied 7-7 in the opening game of the CFL pre-season schedule, Tuesday. Tony Gabriel scored the only touchdown of the game on a pass from quarterback Tom Clements. (Page 54).

THE WORLD HOCKEY Association is preparing for its junior draft, Thursday, and the-re'll only be nine teams taking part. The league announced Tuesday its mem- bership has been reduced to nine with the WHA's purchasing and dissolving the San Diego franchise. (Page 55).


THE WAY SOME people find fault, you'd think there was a reward.

A glaring example of political patronage

THE OBVIOUS QUESTION is how is it that such behav- ior was allowed to continue for as long as it did.

The embarrassment caused by the Pilutik Affair should be equally shared by government, The Law Society of Man- itoba, and by the former judge himself.

Pilutik bared his soul last week while I was elsewhere and, after catching up on what I'd missed, it appears that Tony Pilutik was searching desperately for a little compas- sion. He'd given up hoping that the affair would simply die with time.

Ironically, the day previous to my departure, a lady had called suggesting an address that I might be interested in visiting. She said it was where the former judge was hang- ing his hat. The address rang a bell. It‘s a house which was once offered for sale by a person who operates one of this city's largest entertainment agencies and is also tied in with the Constellation Room of the Airport Hotel.

Both the Constellation room and go-go girls were men- tioned in the Law Society's Pilutik memorandum.


ON APRIL I7, 1968, Tony Pilutik was nominated as the NDP candidate in a byelection. He was defeated.

On Oct. 17, 1969, Tony Pilutik was appointed a magis- trate by then NDP attorney-general Al Mackling. The ap- pointment was made despite the fact that Pilutik was not highly recommended by the Law Society.

On Feb. 18, 1976, the attorney-general. now Howard Pawley, said the government had no wish to proceed fur- ther against Anthony Pilutik now that it had succeeded in removing him from the bench.

I Vic Grant

On June 10, I977. Howard Pawley ordered a review of charges which led to the resignation. Obviously, Howard Pawley is indicating that the investigation carried out by the attorney—general‘s department wasn‘t as thorough as the investigation carried out by The Law Society of Mani- toba.

On June 2. 1977, Arthur A. Rich, Q.C., said in a letter to The Tribune that reports claiming the law society was withholding information were untrue and apparently based on a lack of understanding of society's rights and powers regarding publicity. He termed it misinformation generat- ed by the Winnipeg media.

Oii June 13, 1977, Arthur A. Rich, Q.C.. president of the Law Society. said he had been unfamiliar with specific de- tails of the former judge's misconduct until they were re- leased Friday by the society's judicial committee.

G i O

HOWARD PAWLEY HAD STATED that there was no need for further investigation on the part of the attorney- general‘s office when, in fact, from what is included in the

Law Society's niemorandum. there is need for further in- vestigation.

How many speeding tickets were signed “Proceedings stayed by Crown?"

How many times were there that Pilutik did not excuse himself from presiding at trials at which friends aiid/or acquaintances stood as the accused‘?

How often do parties occur on government air services aircrzifti‘

How many judges can sit. down in general conversation and state that they could have a contract put out on a City of Winnipeg police sergeant‘?

I-lardly a day goes by in court when an accused doesn’t cite liquor as a reason or excuse for the crime which had been committed. Now the tables have been turned and it's a former judge who offers liquor as an excuse for what oc- curred.

What bugs me just a little is that there were those who were aware that the conduct of Anthony Pilutik since as far back as I973 was not conduct becoming the position he held.

The Pilutik Affair is a glaring example of the errors in political patronage. In my opinion Aiitliony Pilutik was ap- pointed judge partly on the basis of his political tie-4 rather than solely on his qualifications to serve the community as a provincial judge.

If nothing else. the procedure used to appoint magis- trates should be investigated. It shouldn't be that a judge can be appointed on the strength of anything but his quali- fications for the job.

The weather

Winnipeg: Today and Thursday are both expected to be mainly cloudy with showers or thundershowers. High both days near 16 to 18. Low for tonight near 12.


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E {;

Brandon: Today and Thursday are both expected to be mainly cloudy with showers or thundershowers. High both days near 16 to 18. Low for tonight near 12.

Manitoba, Kenora He- gion: Today and Thursday are both expected to be mainly cloudy with showers or thundershowers. High for both days near I6 to 18. Low for tonight near 12.

Foreign temperatures

TORONTO (CP) - Foreign temperatures, all in Celsius, recorded at 8 am. EDT:

Aberdeen 12, Amsterdam 21, Ankara 23, Antigua 28, Athens 28, Auckland 12, Berlin 29, Beirut 25, Birmingham ll, Bonn I7, Brussels 20, Cairo 34, Casablanca l9, Copenhagen 27, Dublin 16, Geneva 17, Hong Kong 29, Lisbon 19, London 14, Madrid 20, Malta 29, Manila 29, Moscow 24, New Delhi 34, Nice 23, Oslo 28, Paris 17, Pek- ing 23, Rome 23, Saigon 29, Seoul 20, Sofia 27, Stockholm 28, Sydney 13, Taipei 26, Tehran 38, Tel Aviv 29, Tokyo 19, Tunis 25, Vienna 27, War- saw 26.

:WlyMohovnY_¢t£’w\[_;g _ 2 L /0 Vigil


N High Pressure

L low Pvouuvo ‘V-7 Cold Front

\ . ‘\x J‘; Wuvm Fronl :-

Toclay Temperatures

Noon Teniperature ..... .. I5 Minimuni 7 pm. to 7 am; Normal for this date 17 I110-‘UIHUIII 7 il-m- 10 Pm- Low tonight ................ .. 12 V M”! High tomorrow iii to 18 .""‘°.”"°" .. v I 9 l7 Suiiset today ............ .. 9:40 E'dc,,$;,'3°,, 5 ,9 Sunrise ................... .. 5:19 Calgary 6 - 19 ‘V ................. .. 4:54 L9’ bridge 9 2| Ivloonrhte 8_29 Saskatoon lo 17 l oonsc .................. .. . Regina H ,4 Winnipeg ll l7 Churchil_l 8 is Kenora l0 l7 Thunder Bay 8 l7 Tlmmins 6 23 North Bay 14 24 Sudbury it 2-: Toronto 17 25 High ..................... .. l7 guillston 13 25 Low ............................ .. I0 3"’ I3 7‘ Precipitation ....... .. 1.()niin. 3",f;‘.};f_°' \l.n \lin Fredericton I] 22 Last year ..... .. 12 11 I7 g:llf'«'=I=;' ' lg 73 ' . 1-» are eown g°r,:"‘(“I,y.",'l‘]"" 2‘§4“_ 18;; St.John’s,Ntld. i2 18 9‘ ’r ‘I: L Minneapolis )2 27 Record Low ...... .. I 19:2 aasmarck 12 23

NDP plans convention

TOlt0N'l‘0 ((,'Pi A convention to select a successor to Stephen Lewis as Ontario NDP leader will likely not be held before October or may not be scheduled until next year. Penny Dickens. the party's provincial secretary. said Tuesday.

She said the'party's provincial council will set the con- vention datc at a meeting in Septcmlier.

Lewis announced his resignation of the leadership be- cause he wanled to spend more time on other activities and with his family.

Isle said he will remain in the legislature. representiiig the Toronto riding of -Scarborough West.


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